Thursday, February 7, 2013

around my house today

 I'm finally feeling human today and can actually breathe though my nose!
I still have a lot of head congestion and coughing, but it's slowwly getting better.
I got out today for the first time since this past weekend. We needed cat food
and some groceries. I got home just as it was starting to snow heavily, and good thing I did ~
we're now under a severe winter weather warning with up to 6-9" of snow expected.
Worse yet, it's a wet, heavy snow. What they call "heart attack" snow.
I'm so thankful that I have my husband and son here to do the shoveling.

I took this picture out the office window about an hour ago, so I apologize for
the window and screen shot ~ but I'm not going back outside!

 I got a lot of comments on my living room arrangement the other day.
I had wondered about a smaller, round rug by the window to soften things up and
a reader asked why not an area rug? Well, in the photo below you can see that I already have an
area rug. It's in the sitting area of the living room, directly across from the window.

Late last night (I'm a night owl), I moved a few things again. I put the two round leather ottomans
 in front of the fireplace. You can see from this picture that my living room poses some design
difficulties. For one, you walk right into the room - there is no foyer or entryway.
The only window is close to the front door. And the fireplace is on an angled wall.

I also put the black table and chair in front of the window. I like this arrangement better.
However...I just received another comment suggesting that I take the sideboard that's under
the gold mirror, and putting it under the window. And to put the black table (I could probably
fit the black chair, too) under the mirror! Genius! Guess I'll be doing some more furniture
rearranging tonight!

Tim found this antique paddle in an old, abandoned house a couple of years ago.
He had gone into the house to take photos and brought this paddle home.
It's just been sitting around in his room all this time. I've always wanted to do something
with it, but wasn't sure how to display it. I put it on top of the window frame
and really like it up there.

Another night owl activity I did last night that was inspired by Pinterest browsing
was to make a heart picture. I simply used a large heart punch to cut out some hearts
from scrapbook paper and used the little, round 3D dots to raise the hearts on the paper.
I really like how this turned out on a whim. Now I just need to get up to Michaels 
or Hobby Lobby and get a mat and frame.

 The three kitties were the smart ones this afternoon, all curled up together in Tim's bed.
Zippo is the darker, striped cat on the right, Clementine is curled up next to him on the left,
and Monkey is hiding under the covers in the background. :-)

 Brian's on his way home from work now (very slowly and cautiously) and I'm getting
off the computer now and heading into the kitchen to make dinner. We have a big
container of leftover chili in the refrigerator, so I'm going to spread it into a baking pan,
make homemade cornbread and spread that dough on top of the chili, then bake. Think
I'll serve that with a green salad. Happy Thursday, everyone ~ stay warm and safe!


  1. Your room just keeps getting better and better and I love that you listen to some of your commenters and try new arrangements..... isn't Bloggyworld simply the best!

    1. Yes, it is! I truly value my blogging friends ideas and comments.

  2. We are just expecting light snow. You are Northwest of us so I can see why you are getting more. Be safe. And glad you are feeling better.

    Your living room is very pretty and I like how you have it arranged. The fireplace angle would be tough to work with I can see but you've worked everything just fine. We don't have a foyer either and it drives me nuts! I love your heart projects...I am toying with making a banner. I am just not creative. I am trying to join Pinterest but it keeps saying my email address and password are already in use yet I can't sign in!

    Abby and I just shared a frozen pizza...Al is at his fantasy baseball draft. Love a night off from cooking. You dinner sounds delish! :)


    1. We got all your snow...about 6" so far and still coming down. Isn't it a pain not having a foyer or some kind of entryway? I hate walking in a front door right into a room. Weird about Pinterest...what happens when you try to sign in?

  3. I do the same thing with left over chili and it's one of our favorite cold weather food!

    It is hard to work with a fireplace at that angle but it looking good!

  4. Well....supper sounds wonderful!! And I love how your kitties all sleep around each other. Hope you are staying warm and cozy and safe in this snow storm. :)

    1. Supper was wonderful, Lynn! No snow storm here in northern IL...only the east coast!


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