Monday, April 9, 2012

new bookcase!

When I say that I work on a room slowly, I mean s-l-o-w-l-y.
As I mentioned before, I am turning Phil's old room into a guest room/office.
Here's what we've done so far:
  • Painted the walls and had hardwood floors and new windows put in.
  • Took Phil's wooden corner TV stand and got that set up (with a new TV).
  • Moved all my scrapbooking stuff from the basement to this room.
  • Found a distressed white nightstand at the local antique mall.
  • Thought I was going to use Phil's old desk for my workspace, so last fall I sanded the desk, primed it, and spray-painted it black. Fail!
The paint job looks horrible and blotchy. I think it's because the desk is not real wood.
So, the desk is still sitting there in the room with no drawers because
 I knew I wasn't going to keep this desk - so why bother going on with the project, right?

Thus said, I have been looking in stores and online for a desk, bookcase, blinds,
curtains, and the "perfect" round rug. I won't buy just anything. 
I know what I want when I see it! And I'm willing to wait.
So, when I came across this bookcase at, I knew
it was THE ONE.

 I love the scalloped edges and the brown top.
Even the sides are pretty with almost a wainscoting look.

 This is the room thus far. I know. Looong way to go.
I won't put up any blinds or curtains until I prime and paint
the window trim white. I hate doing home projects like that,
so I procrastinate.
See how the desk has no drawers?!
Oh well, I'm keeping the desk until I get a new one,
as I do use the workspace on top.


  1. Looks good so far. I can't wait to have a room for an office and some extra space. I just need three kids to move out so I think I will be waiting a while.

  2. Love the bookcase! I haven't purchased anything from them yet but I do enjoy looking through the catalog they send me. The room is coming along nicely!

  3. Slow and easy is good. I have many projects I would like to tackle but I am always procrastinating. I would keep the desk and then just decoupage all over it. I've wanted to do something with all these postcards I've collected from around the world. Had a friend who did the inside of her wardrobe doors and it looked great. Have a great week. Tammy

  4. I think your room is looking wonderful. And from a previous post your kitty's sure enjoy "their" room also.

    blessings, jilly
    visiting from Rhonda's

  5. I love what you have done so far! I can't wait to see it all finished. I LOVE the bookcase!


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