Friday, April 6, 2012

fur babies

It's been awhile since I've posted any pictures of my kitties.
Can't believe I managed to get a shot of the three of them together today.
They love sitting on top of the desk in the guest room/office.
Perfect kitty perch with a great view.

L to R: Clementine, Zippo, Monkey

MAJOR nap time!
Love that little brown spot under Monkey's chin.
 It's like a little goatee. ;-)
Clementine has the sweetest little face.
You sure can tell she's a girl.
Clem is Monkey's mama, by the way.

 And Zippo...well, let's just say he rules the house.
He's almost 13 years old now and he was here first.
And he lets Clementine and Monkey know it.
He's my cuddle kitty though and very much a "mama's boy".
Here he is with his favorite toy - a catnip pillow.

 All three cats are rescues ~ Zippo showed up in our yard with his two
brothers (whom my friend adopted) almost 13 years ago when he
was only four months old;
and Clementine (pregnant with Monkey) showed up on my doorstep
in August 2010.
I've taken down the Welcome sign!


  1. they are all 3 handsome kitties.
    I knew you have had Zippo I think ever since I have known you, 13 years is a long time.

  2. They are all so sweet and I really love their unique names. Jingles will be 8 years old the end of this month. She came from a friend who had the mom and dad (who were rescue kitties, too). Wishing you a blessed and beautiful day. Tammy

  3. Your kitties are adorable!! That desk does make a perfect kitty perch! :-)


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