Monday, April 16, 2012

of family rooms and ottomans

 Finally found a leather ottoman for the downstairs family room!
(That's Clementine sneaking around by the black chair on the right.)

 It's nice to be able to put our feet up while watching TV or to have a place 
to put snacks and drinks.

The ottoman is also sturdy enough where it can serve as extra seating.
I like how the legs curve inwards. Different!

Now, if I only had the ambition to do something about those bookcases ~
like paint them! And yes, they are overflowing. I have a ton of books.

 I am now working on another little area downstairs where my son's
drum set is. Hopefully, I'll be done with that area soon so I can
post about that. Thanks for visiting!


  1. Good things can come from bad and it was awful when you had the flooded basement but look at it now! It is just such an inviting space and your new ottoman is perfect with your other furniture. You must be so pleased how it has all come together.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  2. What a gorgeous ottoman! I'd love a smaller version of the same please!

  3. What a great space. Love the color of the walls and yes you have to have a place for chips and dip.

  4. How pretty! I love your whole room - so inviting!

  5. The round leather ottoman is perfect for your room!! Leather is fairly easy to keep clean, too.

  6. What a great space! The new ottoman has wonderful lines and is very versatile! Even though I use a lot of vintage...I really love modern pieces like this, too! Thanks so much for stopping by my fun finds post!


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