Monday, April 2, 2012

busy weekend ~ and more treasures!

 This is me right now. 
 It's been a loong day of housecleaning, laundry, and running errands.
I thought while dinner was cooking (pork tenderloin, roasted baby potatoes, asparagus),
I'd say hello to you all.

I had my niece for the weekend ~ what a joy!
I don't get to see her too often and we have so much fun
when she visits. Like most teenage girls,
she wanted to go shopping. She loves the brand-name,
Pink so I took her to Victoria's Secret where they have
the Pink line of clothing. Got her a pair of yoga pants
and some Pink body spray. She was a happy camper.
(P.S. - She'd kill me if she saw I posted this picture ~ she doesn't like it.
Her eyes do look kinda squinty in this one. I think it's the way she's  looking down.)

I had a chance to go to one of my favorite stores this weekend as well ~
Scored a Liz Claiborne sweater...

Laura Ashley cardigan-thingy (what DO you call this piece?!)...

And a brand-new (still had the tags on it) cardigan from Bon Marche.
Looks fuzzy in the picture, dunno why. It's not fuzzy or pilled in "real life".
Love the little stitching around the collar and by the buttons.
It's around the bottom of the sleeves, too.

And then there were canisters. Not just any canisters, mind you.
I was in the women's clothing section and happened to look towards
the housewares. My eyes zoomed straight in on these babies...

Here's a close-up so you can see the hand-painted details.
They are hand-painted Italian pottery (Cassa, Italy) ~ and numbered.
I can't find anything like them online. 
Technically, they don't match my kitchen but they are so pretty
that I'm using them for now.
Will probably sell them on eBay at some point.

 Also found some other little things...this beaded necklace shown below,
a couple of collector plates (which I will sell on eBay),
books, a little glass frog, and a bunch of wicker baskets to organize
some of my scrapbooking stuff.

 Which reminds me ~ I'm going to head into my office now to get a 
start on that scrapbook organizing!
I go back to work tomorrow ( work outside my home)
and then all bets are off for getting any organizing done until
my next day off. Thanks for visiting!



  1. Sounds lik you had a fun weekend with your Niece! I love the gray Bon Marche sweater with the white stitching. You just never know what fun surprises will be waiting when you go in a place like that. :-)

  2. You always amaze me with your thrift store finds! One day I am coming to visit you and let you take me around to all your favorite thrift stores and teach me your secrets!!!


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