Tuesday, March 31, 2020

a few minutes of diversion ~ decorating

Hello friends, how is everyone doing? I'm definitely going stir-crazy and have moments where I feel sad and/or anxious, but I know everyone else is feeling the same. The main thing is that we all stay well and healthy. I'm enjoying reading on blogs and social media what everyone is doing to stay sane and upbeat...there's a lot of good ideas out there. I've been puttering with decor and rearranging some things, walking every day outside every day even though the weather is still pretty crappy (it feels good to get some fresh air and exercise; grateful we can at least go outside!), practicing yoga, cleaning out drawers and closets (ho hum!), talking every day via text or phone with friends and family members, reading, and doing even more cooking. I even tried my hand at acrylic painting, though it pretty much looked like a five-year old got into the paints.

To take your mind off the pandemic for a few minutes, I thought I'd share some of my latest putterings with you...

I didn't do much decorating for Easter. If we can't get together with family or friends, I feel there's not much of a point. I do like some of my bunny decor though, so I made a vignette on the dresser in the guest room.

I lightened up the china cabinet for spring and used washi tape to line each shelf.

The washi tape was such an easy, quick way to add a little cheer, so I stuck a couple of strips on the shelves on the kitchen wall, as well.

This yellow spring chick that I've had for years adds a little whimsy under the spider plant.

That's a new philodendron plant on top of the china cabinet. I grabbed a couple of plants when we had to run to Home Depot a few days ago for specialty light bulbs.

Here's the other plant - some sort of succulent - on top of my fridge. 

 The console table in the living room got a couple of small changes. The blue bottle used to be on the ledge of the wall cut-out, and I also added a couple of little bunnies.


Do you remember my lamp dilemma in Brian's office? I couldn't decide whether to keep this lamp, as it wasn't the right height with the "window" above the black cube unit. Well, once I put a couple of books under the lamp and added decor to the cube and the shelf, I decided I liked the lamp after all. Brian likes it, too and said the lamp gives off the perfect reading light for when he's sitting in the arm chair. We still need a rug for this room, but I haven't found "just the right one" online yet.

Back to the Coronavirus (my few minutes of decorating diversion are up), Brian and I have been playing cards and board games on the days he's home from work. He's in the emergency services field, so yes, he's still working outside the home. Clementine loves to be wherever we are, which often means right in the middle of one of our games.

Lastly, I'll leave you with this piece that I just read on Facebook.
Love to you all!
We (all of us) are currently going through
a collective traumatic experience.
Trauma is often thought of as "too much, too fast“…
which is exactly what’s happening.
Of course you’re exhausted. Of course you’re afraid.
Of course you’re overwhelmed. Of course you’re
clinging to certainty in the midst of so much unknown.
Of course you aren’t as productive, feeling foggy,
or wondering how you can possibly go through
so many waves of emotions all in the same day.
This all makes so much sense in the context
of our circumstances. Be gentle with yourself.
Have compassion for your process.
Give yourself grace. You are good,
no matter how you are managing
this completely new experience.

(Lisa Olivera)


  1. Melanie, you have so many lovely decor touches in your home. I noticed a lot of pretty items I don't believe I'd seen before. Pardon the peeking, but I love decor! That washi tape touch is genius. I've never seen it used that way, but I may have to copy you now! Also, cats. Haha! I remember our kitties always needing to be right in the middle of the game, pawing their way though without every knocking over ever one piece. The dog however was a different story. No grace whatsoever!! Thanks for the distraction!

  2. You home looks so cozy and welcoming. A perfect place to shelter during these times.

  3. It looks very cozy, Melanie! Loved that last bit too. I think we're all a bit traumatized. Please don't go out to Home Depot or anywhere. Order it and stay safe.

  4. Such a great idea to boost the lamp up with some books. It looks great. I put out very few spring items this year, too. Just don't have a lot of interest in it right now. I dug out a jigsaw puzzle, but it's still sitting on the dining room table waiting to be put together. I was so charged up to do things when this all started, but I've lost my momentum in the past week. The piece from facebook is perfect. I think we all need to hear that right now.

  5. All your decor items in your house are super sweet. I am with you on needing to find a rug. That seems to be hard task for most of us. Your sweet kitties wanting to play cards and be part of the game time. Too sweet.
    Have a good evening and good Wednesday tomorrow. I am signing off on comments now wishing a good Tuesday or Wednesday etc. so I know what day it is lol!

  6. Decorating IS diversion. I think I am not doing much of that right now because I have kids at home and I am picking up after them. That for me, is healing in some way. I used to complain about it and make them do the work but now I am happy for that distraction. :)

  7. It is supposed to warm up a bit for us in the Chicagoland area so that will be a treat for our walks! Love your little touches and the pretty yellow tray that you framed - clever idea! Thanks for posting!


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