Tuesday, March 24, 2020

some of the things we did ~ including meeting a blogger friend

We packed a lot of activity into the few days we were in California. One of the places we went was the Museum of Illusions. Such a cool place! 

 We also took a hike in Runyon Canyon Park, despite the light rain. It was beautiful and peaceful. We only came across one other person while we were there.

 Took a stroll on the Hollywood Walk of Fame...

Another day, we walked around the Fashion District in downtown Los Angeles. That was rather umm...interesting!

Our last full day in California, we headed to Ventura...

for me to meet up with Carol at Art and Sand! I'm sure most of you recognize this view of her house.

It was an absolute delight to meet Carol in person and spend some time with her.

I can personally vouch for how sweet Lulu is in person and how soft her fur is.

After Carol and I had lunch, she drove me to the beach so I could see the ocean and take some pictures, even though it was cloudy and rainy.

I am so thankful we were able to go on this trip to visit with our son. It was right before all the stay-at-home orders went into place. One more week and we would've had to cancel our trip.

Hope you all are staying well and healthy.


  1. California is so pretty, I can't wait to someday go back.

  2. That trip looks so great! How lucky you were to get to go and what a sweet memory for you to share with us! I cannot believe you got to go to Carol's house! I would love to do that! Glad you are home safe and sound and hoping you and Brian are staying healthy. Thanks for blogging!

  3. Your timing was perfect on this vacation. Great photos from the illusion museum. That looks like a cool place to visit. How wonderful to meet a blogging friend while you were there!

  4. I love the pic of you and Carol. I am so happy you got to meet her and little Lulu too. Beautiful pic and what fun pics of the Illusion fun. Stay safe sweet friend and hopefully we will meet up soon too.

  5. I'm glad you got to do this and to see Carol. I know they've been in a car accident not too long ago. Hope she's doing well.

  6. I'm so glad you didn't have to cancel your trip! My mom's side of the family is from LA and she is actually there right now. She went down there to visit my aunt and her family right before everything exploded so she's decided to stay down there for the time being rather than risk flying home. We sure do miss her and we are looking forward to when she can safely fly back here!

    LA is certainly a land all it's own! ;) I love visiting but I'm always glad to get out of the chaos and head back home.

    How fun you got to meet a fellow blogger in person! Her little cottage is absolutely charming!

    Stay safe and healthy!

    Annie :)

  7. There are so many different kinds of places in California. This looks like a great trip. How fun to meet a fellow blogger. I have done so twice, but it's been a long, long time. Hiking in a light rain is one of the best times to go in my book.

  8. What a great time you had right before 'lockdown'. How wonderful that you got to meet Caro!! Love the pic of the two of you.

    Be well, be safe ~ FlowerLady

  9. Your trip looks like you had a lot of fun! And how awesome you and Carol could meet!

  10. You all packed so much fun into a few short days and I'm proud of you that you lived in the moment and made lots of memories together. We have to do that with each day, don't we? And to meet Carol is so exciting! I've always loved her pretty house. Her kitchen shelves fascinate me, did you get a good luck at them? I've studied them in the past, hoping to get design clues.

    Think you'd be willing to give up your northerly comfy house for one in California?

  11. Your trip sound s wonderful. So much to see and meeting a blogging friend is just perfect!


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