Thursday, May 4, 2017

in my neighborhood

There's a long, winding, hilly road right around the corner from my house that I travel often. It takes me to and from physical therapy twice a week. It's always been one of my favorite drives as it outlines the edge of the State Park, so the scenery is always beautiful.

There's one particular house that I've always loved. It's a beautiful, well-manicured brick ranch set way back from the road. In front, there's a penned in area with chickens, sheep and llamas. Today I decided to park my car alongside the road and walk over and say hello to the animals and take their pictures. Yes, I do talk to animals. I greeted them with an enthusiastic, "Hi, babies!" This is the look I got from the llama.

The sheep had the same reaction.

Spring is still blooming here. It's been very rainy and unusually cool. What a beautiful view these homeowners - and the animals have - on the side of their property.

Off to the side of this property are these antique farm implements. Aren't they interesting? I like how the owners use them as sculptures in their landscaping.

Back at my own home, I don't have llamas, sheep or chickens to say hello to, but I do have three kitties that I always talk to. Sometimes they do talk back in meows; other times they display the "don't look at me" pose. Furry paws = built-in eye masks.

Happy Thursday!


  1. Omg those kitties....I can't, they are just too friggin cute!!!!!!

  2. I really enjoyed this post, Mel. I never imagined you being so close to farm things, with you also being so close to a really big city. Your photos are so good!
    I talk to animals too. They have ears, so why not?
    I expect those sheep will get a summer haircut soon. They seem loaded with wool.

  3. LLAMAS!!!!!!

  4. I'm smiling at that llama's expression. He doesn't seem to be returning your enthusiasm.
    That looks like a delightful and peaceful place to stop on your way to physical therapy.
    Your kitties are adorable.

  5. Love the looks you got from the llama and the sheep. Tooo funny.
    Isn't it fun to see all the different poses cats do to get their 'cat naps' off to a good start? lol
    Have a great weekend- xo Diana

  6. I love the look from the llama! You have the best kitties, your photos of them always make me smile. Glad therapy is going well. Hugs!

  7. That's the same look I get LOL I talk to animals too and make up voices for them. I'm sure my dogs think I'm nuts ;) It's beautiful where you live.

    Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!

  8. Great photos! I talk to animals too, even when I'm out in public, it's an automatic reaction. :-)

    Happy Spring ~ FlowerLady

  9. I see why you love this drive . . .wonderful and so relaxing. It's funny because back when I was still working, I would drive past the highway turn off and take the slower route home through little farms . . . just to relax before getting home and starting by evening chores. Now I live on that country road :)

  10. Love the kitty pose!! My kids give me that same exact look sometimes. I talk to the goldfish. He's always glad to see me! ;)

  11. What a pretty sight to go by on a regular basis. Love the looks of those animals. LOL


  12. That is a beautiful place to live near and your photographs are excellent. I think it is good for people to be in contact with animals, the country and to have loving pets at home. What a gorgeous piece of property that is. It is idyllic. Hope the physical therapy makes your knee stronger every time.

  13. You are blessed to have 'country' near to you :)

  14. There are several homes in our area that I admire as well, and they too have animals (mostly horses) and tractors and such for lawn ornaments. It's all so very charming and really brightens my day as I'm sure it does yours.

    Your fur babies are wayyy too adorable! When I had a cat it was completely irresistible to me when she did that pose. They're truly such characters lol.


  15. I would be talking to the llama and those cute lambs, too! What a beautiful place to have close by!

  16. The beauty of that drive should make going to PT better.

  17. What a wonderful area to drive through to go to phaysical therapy. I hope this is going well, by the way.

  18. That furry eye mask is adorable!

    Wow, what a beautiful yard the llama owners have! I'd be making a fool out of myself trying to make friends with the llama and sheep. Can't resist them!


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