Monday, May 15, 2017

full weekend

Ever hear anyone say they were glad it was Monday? Probably not, but that's how I'm feeling today. Granted, I have a busy week ahead of me, but I'm almost glad to be back to my regular routine.

I thought Friday was going to be a good day. We had tree trimmers coming out here to trim our neighbor's trees that overhang both sides of our property. I don't want to get into too many specifics because I don't like to dwell on negative crap, but basically our nasty neighbor to our south had a conniption fit and was threatening both me and the tree trimmers. (We had even sent her a certified letter ahead of time, letting her know what was going to be done - back to her property line. And she signed for the letter, so she knew what was coming.) After the tree trimmers left, I went to the police station and talked to an officer about what was going on, though he said it becomes a civil matter. The whole thing was very stressful.

Enough of that...onto a much better day: Saturday. Brian and I decided to "get the hell out of Dodge" and headed to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. 

We spent a few hours walking around, going in and out of shops, and stopping for lunch. It was cool and windy by the lake in the morning (as evidenced by the waves above and my hair below), but the winds calmed down and the sun came out in the afternoon.

If you walk around on the side streets of the shopping district, you'll find most shops are in beautiful old homes, like this one.

This house wasn't a store - it belongs to the historical society - but I love its cottagey charm.

Look at that porch! I told Brian I want a house in the country like this. 
No. Close. Neighbors. ;-)

We found a new shop where the chalkboard sign outside said, "Like a live etsy shop!" Sounded interesting enough to draw us in. Inside, there were a bunch of different consigned booths. Everything from home decor...

to pottery...

to custom jewelry.

We also wandered into a few antique shops, but most of the stuff was over-priced. We weren't surprised - Lake Geneva is an expensive, touristy town.

I loved this old, hand-stitched double quilt. It was in immaculate condition. The shop owner was kind enough to unfold it for me and let me take photos.

It actually wasn't priced too bad - $145. But I have nowhere to put it. Look at that detail on the underside!

The one thing I ended up purchasing was this hand-crocheted runner. I'll show you the whole thing another time. This is just a teaser photo. Isn't it lovely? The shop was running a 15% off Mother's Day deal, so I got a great price on it.

One of our favorite stores in Lake Geneva was this bookstore - The Breadloaf Bookshop. It used to be in a beautiful old white house on a corner across from the lake. We thought it had gone out of business several years ago, as when we were up there one time, the shop was gone. Imagine our delight when we were walking around and spied this door on the side of a used-to-be church building!

It was smaller than the old store, but still interesting to look around. Though we didn't get much of a chance because the shop owner was way too chatty. Perhaps that's why we were the only ones in there! 

I bought a book just to get the shop owner occupied with a transaction instead of nonstop chatter, though I do like supporting independent bookshops. We were then able to make our hasty exit.

When we'd had enough of Lake Geneva, we got in the car and headed a little further north to check out The Elegant Farmer.

Inside the store, we ended up getting some food items and then we checked out the greenhouse. I wasn't ready to purchase annuals just yet, but we did get some herbs for our herb garden, tomato plants and Kentucky pole bean plants.

Sunday was a gorgeous day. My wonderful husband worked out in the yard for eight hours. He dug out more garden space, dug out invasive plants, dug out weeds, trimmed bushes, and planted a peony bush, Bluebells, and the Celadine Poppy and Bishop's Cap plants I got at the native plant sale last week. Tim weeded the herb garden and planted sage, oregano and parsley. Good thing I have my guys - I still can't crouch all the way down nor kneel just yet. (Still healing from meniscus surgery.)

You can see the peony plant in the foreground; then my clematis (which is so healthy and growing like crazy!) and the newly dug garden space. We'll plant the tomatoes and pole beans there.

Brian got the ladder out of the garage and set it up in its usual spot; then I planted basil and dill in pots and put them on the ladder, along with a pot of pansies and the vintage metal carrier that I got at the antique shop last week.
This isn't the complete look with the ladder, but it's a start.

Bishop's Cap...

Celadine Poppy...

We had a pretty little visitor on the patio, too.

Of course, it was also Mother's Day - one of those holidays I have mixed emotions about, especially with the loss of Phil even more apparent. For dinner,  Brian barbequed bratwurst that we had gotten in Wisconsin, plus a grill basket of mixed veggies. This gift was in the card from Tim. Isn't that great? I can't wait to work with him on a header design for my blog.

The one mishap during the day was when I slammed my pinky toe into the leg of a nightstand. I can't tell you how many times I've smashed my toes on furniture, but this time was different...soon after my klutzy encounter, I noticed the toe was really swollen. I iced it, but a few hours later, it started turning purple on the inside and outside of the toe. I have a feeling I fractured it. 

Happy Monday, indeed! 


  1. Holy cow! I hope it's going to be okay. I smack my pinky toe all the time and it's the worst.

    I'm sorry about your crabby neighbor. I had one of those a few years back and they're no fun. Glad you went out and about though. It sounds like a great time :)

    I can't imagine what you must go through on Mother's Day, but I hope it was as good as it could be.

    hugs, my friend,

  2. It sounds like you chose just the right time to get the hell out of dodge :). Geesh that neighbor sounds like a royal pain. I do hope your getaway went far in lifting your spirits and taking you away from it all. Lake Geneva looks like a fun place to explore. Glad you found something pretty there and I look forward to seeing it in it's entirety.
    What a great and thoughtful gift from your son.
    I am so sorry to hear about your toe. Yikes! I did something similar a few years ago right before a vacation. It turned purple and sure enough was broken.

  3. Wow...that is one crazy neighbor. We have huge trees and our next door neighbors have paid half when we get them trimmed.

    I do love Lake Geneva and we have gone so many times I can't remember. I do love that bookshop and have spent a lot of time in it. I'll remember it has moved. Abby's boyfriend's family own a few condo's in town and they go quite a bit. Their fave place to hang out is Hogs And Kisses and we agree!!

    Your gardening is going along well with your two helpers. I need them!! I'm slow going with busyness all around and then few days here and there of that sneaky virus getting me down and tired. I guess it will take time to strengthen my immune system. And I'm on Prednisone again trying to get through until my insurance company makes a decision on my appeal.

    Hope your toe feels better soon. Keep icing it.

    Jane x

  4. I hope your toe is okay. :( I've broken the little toes on both of my feet in the past few years. Both times, I tripped and rammed them into a coffee table. I've got two coffee tables and I've broken one toe on each of them now. :( Sorry to hear about your neighbor. She sounds difficult. My neighbor hacks off our trees' limbs himself when they come over his fence even just a tiny bit. I wish he'd just say something and we'd do it properly right away. But no, he'd rather do a hack job with what could very well be a butter knife, if the damage to the trees is any indication. I'm so glad you got away for a bit. It looks like you had a really nice time and your garden is looking great so far.

  5. I love your blog because it's like taking a Sunday drive for my soul.
    First, we love LG and go there all the time as our little "get the hell out of dodge" too.

    Second, we were up in Mukwanago (probably not how you spell it) on Mothers Day heading to Delafield. I love that area, so pretty and probably a lot less expensive to live than here. Eh, maybe not.

  6. Melanie, so sorry to hear about your toe . . . as for your neighbor, I would have wanted to get out of town, too. I hope that she has cooled down by now. Why would she be worried if you removed limbs hanging over your property. I've cut those kind of limbs off before (many times) without even asking my neighbors . . . I guess that i've been very fortunate. Who knew? I also received coupons in the mail for Mother's Day. One for breakfast out and one for a kayak adventure . . . next time I see our sweet daughter, I will be cashing them in :)
    Here's to a lovely week . . . a toe that feels better and a neighbor who turns her frown upside-down.
    Connie :)

  7. After a 'rough' start, it looks like you had a very good weekend!

  8. What a nice get-away you had from the tree trimming fiasco.

    Things are looking good in your garden.

    Have a great week ~ FlowerLady

  9. It sounds like your day started and ended not so well, but the rest of it must have been lots of fun. I do hope your toe is ok and that you're wrong about it being fractured.

    Neighbors are a pita when they're unreasonable. You had every right to trim that tree!


  10. I thought about you on Mother's Day, Melanie. I am glad you had a sunny day filled with your guys. And I'm sorry about your toe. It's always the little one isn't it? ;)

  11. I enjoyed reading about your lovely weekend (sans the neighbor story:( I hope she's cooled down and you are able to put it behind you). Lake Geneva looks like a great place to visit. I like the ladder that you put in your garden -- I remember it from last year, and have been keeping my eye out for one for our yard. Looking forward to seeing what your son comes up with for a new header!

  12. Now you know I love to hear about people's gardens!


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