Tuesday, May 9, 2017

antiquing finds

A local antique shop had a gardening event this past weekend, so I went to check it out.

I was hoping to find a bistro table for our little front porch, but no luck. 

Instead, I found a few pretty things inside the shop. I love milk glass, but I normally pass on the vases. I thought these three were unique enough to purchase, especially for only 99 cents each.

I also picked up this metal carrier...maybe it was one a milk bottle carrier? For now, this is how I'm using it - notice I stuck a couple of the milk glass vases in there - but I'll probably move it outdoors in the warmer weather to hold small pots of flowers.

I put the third milk glass piece in another carrier that I had. The lilacs are from my yard.

I don't know if these vintage pottery pieces are candlesticks or bud vases. Unfortunately, I didn't notice the entire leaf was broken off on the piece on the left until I got home. When the shop owner was wrapping these pieces, he said that one of them had a chip and asked me if that was OK. I said, "sure" without even really looking. Lesson learned.

The bottom of the candlesticks/bud vases have an unreadable signature and label. 
Any ideas?

I love this bowl. It's made by Harker Hotoven Pottery. I now have it sitting on my kitchen counter with fresh fruit in it.

Another find were these horseshoes. I hung them on our fence over nails. I posted the photo on Instagram and someone said that I have them hanging upside down! My question was, how do you hang them the other way? You certainly can't drive a nail through them.

I also went to a plant sale where all the plants were native to our region. I ended up getting a big poppy plant, bluebells, bishop's cap, and a variety of herbs. I can't plant any of these plants yet though, because it's still too cold. We've been having frost warnings at night. We also are changing up a couple of our little garden areas around the house this year. So once we do that and get these new plants in the ground, that'll be another post for another day.

Have a wonderful week!


  1. You found some lovely scores....if I lived closer to you I might have to steal your Harker Hotoven Pottery bowl.. Love the colors. I've done the same thing brought something only to realize when I get it home its broke...ugh. Wish it would stop raining and the sun would stay out for more than one day!

  2. I'm always missing chips on things, too! They are pretty with a nice style though! When I saw the comment on Instagram about the horseshoes, I never thought about it...how would you hang them the other way? LOL!
    I love your fun carriers with milk glass and lilacs!

  3. Great finds! Love the bowl and the milk glass vases...how nice to go to a garden event!

  4. Your Harker bowl is really lovely. I hate it when I buy something to then discover a big chip or crack...and I do it way too often. It's ok if its really thrifty but if I've spent a few $$ makes me mad at myself. They are still pretty but I have no idea of the maker. I'm getting my bird collection together for the cubbies, Spring is here! Hugs!

  5. To hang the horseshoes... get three nails with large flat heads, hammer two on both sides of the bottom and one in the middle on the other side of the bottom. If you hammer them in flush against the metal of the shoes, it should hold them in place. Make sense? I have one hanging above my side door :)

    Great finds and that shop is adorable. It looks like something you'd see n England.


  6. Great finds. Glad to hear Rue's idea for hanging horseshoes. Makes sense.


  7. Rue's way of hanging them does work. I always heard the luck runs out by hanging them "upside down" like you have them. Guess that is only if you are superstitious. Love the milk glass vases. Great buy at 99 cents each!! I will be happy when we can finally put some things in the ground. My garage runneth over with new hanging baskets and pots!!

  8. I think it is so much fun the way you explore your area and find so many unique places to shop. I love the looks of this shop, you would almost think it was in a little village in Europe. My heart skipped a beat at that bowl with the fruit on it. I love bowls . . . don't know why, but I surely do, LOL.
    Have a wonderful week.
    Connie :)

  9. Great finds, Melanie! And the plants also, nice job! We have frost warnings, also - ugghh. I'm wearing a sweater and boots again today, I thought I was done with that for the season!

  10. That little bowl just speaks "cheerful kitchen" to me! Love it. And the calla lily faces are still lovely as a pair. You can always let greenery in the vase droop down to hide the broken piece, which I would never have noticed if you hadn't mentioned it.

    And you have an abundance of lilac! You're so lucky!

  11. I love milk glass, but of course, cannot find it here since a)there are no second hand shops and b) new ones don't even sell reproductions! So, to me, it is a North American treasure. Yours are very pretty. I agree: I think the metal basket will look charming filled with adorable blooms.

    Happy weekend, and Happy Mother's Day!


  12. Great finds! And, that little shop is so picturesque.

  13. Lovely finds! When looking for second hand things, we usually find something else that what we were originally looking for!


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