Thursday, July 9, 2015

my decorating style

Hi there! Sorry it's been awhile since I last wrote. I've just been busy with everyday life...projects, housework, gardening, out with friends, yoga classes, haircut, learning how to use my new phone (amazing how much technology changes in two years!) and best of overnight visit from my son. 

As I was reading Rue's blog post today about being trendy (or not) and different decorating styles, I was wondering what my own decorating style was...  

Cottage? Vintage?

 (Oops, there's a sneak peek of the hallway gallery wall I'm working on in the background.)

Hmm...I see a couple of mid-century modern creamers in this collection.

Another pairing of old and new...

 There's a modern ladder shelf in the living room ~ and a few modern vases, but then there's milk glass pieces and old books in the mix.

On the opposite side of the living room, a vintage magazine rack graces a corner next to an antique mahogany buffet.

Then it's back to modern with the lamp and end table...but what about the baskets underneath?

The opposite side of the couch has vintage suitcases as an end table, but I used a metal (modern!) basket on top to hold books. (Isn't the cover of that gardening book pretty? Found it recently at Goodwill. Yes, I bought this book for its cover. I also may or may not have bought wine because of the label. Don't judge. I'm a visual person.)

One thing's for certain ~ cats will always be part of my decor. :-)

 And so will books. Lots and lots of books.

This is my main book the basement family room. Those of you who are new to my blog might not recognize this space. It's definitely modern compared to the rest of the house. I don't show it too often simply because I'm rarely down there. We mostly "live" upstairs on the main level.

 Well, I guess I can't put my decorating style in a box and call it anything certain. I've got old stuff, new stuff, and in-between stuff. I like it all! Eclectic, maybe? But like Rue said, "Stop apologizing and love your own style, no matter what it is." I couldn't agree more. I love to decorate and do so for myself and my family. As long as my home is comfortable, welcoming, a safe haven and filled with love, that's all that matters.


  1. I would say that your style is "eclecticly Melanie"!! I think that you have a lovely style and your home always looks very pretty and that is all that matters as long as you enjoy it too!! Do what you want and how you want and enjoy it - as Rue said! I love that you mix and match things and styles, that is what makes a home real because it is really who you really are! Love those mid century mod creamers! xx

  2. Isn't wonderful when someone can almost give us permission to decorate as we please! My daughter did that for me last week. We were chatting over lunch about our new home, I was fretting over wanting white wash wood floors. I said wonder if the "look," changes it would be too costly to refinish them. She said-"Mom, this will be your style, it doesn't matter what everyone else does, this will be YOUR look!" So, Melanie this is YOUR style, this is you, and it is perfect and wonderful!

  3. I love your home. It's comfy, colorful and a great mix of items you love. I think my home is much the same, including the cat!!

  4. Hi Melanie, I would say that you have an eclectic style, with happy whimsical vintage collections mixed amount your contemporary comfortable home. Your home is so comfortable that anyone who visits would feel right at home. Too, many homes are designed as show cases and they loose that warmth that yours definitely has. To me the word home doesn't mean take off your shoes and don't touch anything . . . it means come in, sit down and put your feet up, if you choose too. Your style is perfect and very welcoming.
    Have a marvelous weekend and go out and find some great books or another whimsical little planter, like that little bird on the top shelf above your cream pitcher display . . . so darn adorable.
    Keep Smiling,
    Connie :)

  5. When you are decorating with things you love, I just call it home. xo Laura

  6. I love your decorating style too! So inviting and comfy, just like the name of your blog implies! I am drooling over your vintage magazine rack,it is so darn sweet!
    Have a great weekend! Looks like our area is going to be warming up this coming week.

  7. I love your decorating style too! So inviting and comfy, just like the name of your blog implies! I am drooling over your vintage magazine rack,it is so darn sweet!
    Have a great weekend! Looks like our area is going to be warming up this coming week.

  8. Your decorating style is nice. Eclectic is what I am too, so was hubby. I love your white wall shelf units in photo #4.

    Have a wonderful weekend ~ FlowerLady

  9. I don't know what I would name my style, but I like the definition you found for yours - eclectic is good!

  10. I love when people are true to themselves when decorating. How boring a world it would be if we all did what designers on HGTV said we ought to do. No thanks!

    Love all the books by the way. Books make homes look cozy.

  11. I had guessed Eclectic before you even said it!

  12. Melanie, the way I see it, your home is beautifully you. Years ago, I used to try to define my decorating style. I stopped doing that because it was driving me crazy. I just buy what I love, regardless of style or era. The funny thing, it always seems to work out. Besides, as long as you smile when you enter your space, that's what matters the most.

    Have a lovely weekend.. :)

  13. Eclectic for certain and I love it. Being an individual is more interesting for me when I'm looking at the homes of others. Our homes are our nests, why would we want them to be like everyone elses?

  14. I think collecting things you love and placing them lovingly throughout your home is a style in and of itself and a wonderful one at that. That is what a true home is made of! I love all of your accent pieces, but truth be told, I am very partial to the cats! ;)

  15. Hi Melanie, I found your blog through Claudia's place. I love coming across new blogs and yours is a real find! I love your decorating style, whatever you might call it. Your home is one of those that must 'hug' people as they come through the door. Also, enjoyed all the photos from a previous post on your garden! Oh, my gosh. We are starting over with a new yard (and an old house) and your post is like a Pinterest board. . . SO many great ideas.

  16. Fun post, Melanie! I love the mix too because if something speaks to me loudly, it comes home and I'll have a spot. Like you, I decorate with things I love so it works! Your home looks totally "put together" as well as interesting, comfy, and welcoming!
    Mary Alice

  17. Comfy House Style, by Melanie. Original, fun, thoughtful and totally you! xxoo Penny

  18. I think you've got it all figured out, Melanie, and your blog name couldn't be more perfect! And, oh my, that sweet mirror with the hanger holding little pieces of art is just adorable! A person can have the most trendy decor and furnishings, but if you're not surrounded by things you love, you may as well be living in a hotel. :o

  19. I don't know what my decorating style is either, but I hope it tells the stories of my loves and interests as well as yours does. And book lover is definitely one of my stories too!

    You have such a talent for grouping things together!

  20. Eclectic was my first thought, like so many others have already said. To me, that is the best kind as it makes it comfy and lived in. The picture perfect houses (can't call them home) are just that, a picture not to be lived in by a family. You have style in the way you arrange the things you love.

  21. When I wrote that post, I was hoping that at least one person would be affected by it and understand. I'm so glad you did! Your home is a reflection of you and it's cozy and sweet and yes, eclectic. Love that magazine holder ;)

    Thank you my sweet friend :)



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