Monday, July 20, 2015

twenty-five years at comfy house

Thank you, Comfy House ~ for 25 years of providing us with a safe haven from the world.
For keeping us warm on sub-zero days and keeping us cool when the heat and humidity are relentless.
For just the right amount of space to raise a family.
For being an attraction to stray cats.
For all the family and friend get-togethers held under your roof.
For your cute charm and pretty gardens.
For your long-lasting water heater and HVAC system.

 Twenty-five years ago today, I moved into these walls with my husband, our two-year old, our baby-in-utero, and two cats. Now it's just me and the husband (and three different cats). There's so many memories tied to this place: some good, some bad, one tragic. We talk about moving in a few years, but we'll see. It's hard to think about starting over in a new place after all these years at Comfy House.

"Home is the nicest word there is."
~ Laura Ingalls Wilder


  1. You have a lovely home and I really enjoyed this tribute to it. We moved into our house six years ago this week. I hope we can stay as long as you have in yours because I really love it here. Happy birthday to Phil tomorrow and good luck at the dentist too (I saw your comment over at mine just now). Hope you have a great week. :)

  2. We left our previous home after 24 years, and as painful as it was at the time, all our memories came with us. Isn't it hard to believe how quickly the years pass by? You've made your home comfy and cozy and if you start over you'll do the same in a new place.....with maybe a little less energy. :o)

  3. This was written for sweetly...very heartfelt and much the way I feel about our home where we have been for 30 years. Is it sort of ironic, but for some of us the 'starter' home is just perfect after we are empty nesters. Maybe the families that have moved to larger homes as their families grew are now looking for smaller homes and perhaps a new mortgage? At one point we did about 15 years ago. So happy npw that we didn't. I love my home and wonderful memories.

    Jane x

    Just saw the comment on Phil's birthday and the date on your sidebar. Smiles to that guy up in heaven and a warm hug for you.

  4. It is a wonderful thing to live in a place you love.

  5. Congratulations on twenty-five years in Comfy House. Home, shelter, beauty and love - it's all there within the walls of your lovely home.


  6. Such a sweet, sweet post. I would have liked to have lived in the same home for all of my adult life, but we moved so often. We opted for the corporate scene and it was such a challenging lifestyle in the early years because I grew up on a farm in the Country. I suppose I feel as though I have come full circle now with the new property, and it comforts me-just like your comfy home comforts you:)

  7. What a lucky family, 25 years in comfy house! Sweet post!

  8. Thinking of you today Melanie x

    Glad you love your comfy, pretty house still, as we do ours - have been here 28 years! HVAC on last legs though and will be replaced come Fall - a big expense but has to be done!
    Hugs - Mary

  9. Home is the nicest word . . . the place where you can just be yourself every minute of the day, where you can kick off your shoes, pull off your bra and just exhale . . . life is good :)
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)

  10. I love that Laura Ingalls Wilder quote, and it is obviously very true in your case! I hope that you have many more happy years living there! xx

  11. It's wonderful to have a comforting home that you love and are thankful for.

    Home is our haven, our place away from the crazy world we live in.

    Keep enjoying and making memories in your lovely home ~ FlowerLady

  12. We didn't raise our family here, but I think I'm more attached to this house than I ever was back in Michigan. Strange, isn't it? I was sad to leave my garden there, but it was easy to leave the house itself. Like someone said, I brought my memories with me!

  13. I can't imagine having lived in one house for 25 years. In that exact amount of time I've lived in 9 different houses. I think you're lucky to have lived in just one. Maybe it's meant to be the only one and since you love it, there's nothing wrong with that :)


  14. Lots of memories there and it is comfy inside and out so of course you'd want to stay :)

  15. You have made that home what it is Melanie! I can't imagine being in one place so long. My record is 6 1/2 years in our old house but I sure plan to break that record here and hope to have at least 25!

  16. Lovely post....Your home is so warm and definitely looks like your sanctuary!
    I have been in our home for 18 years, but hubster has been there for 45 years!! It welcomes us and holds us tight through trial and tribulation....joyous celebrations, grandma camps, holiday gatherings and everything else that makes real life!
    Thank you so much for sharing today!

  17. Your home is lovely, and twenty five years that hold a lot of memories and warmth. You have made it a real home...and home is the nicest word there is. They are our sanctuary.

  18. Melanie,
    I didn't understand E.Hemingway's book title Paris is a Movable Feast until I went there and carried Paris with me forever after. Home can be movable feast, also. My grandparents home was torn down last year and a McMansion now sits on the land. And, yet, I carry every detail in my mind. ~Ginene

  19. This is so sweet, Melanie. We have been in our home forever, too, and are now trying to decide where to spend our retirement years...hard decisions...xo

  20. Melanie, it will be 25 years for us here on November 1. And it is always a sweet day for me to remember too. When a home shelters you, when it becomes your safe--and "comfy" house--it is part of the family. I feel that I've become a better person because of this old farmhouse. It would be hard to leave but at my age I know my time here is limited.

    I think our houses know that we love them.


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