Thursday, July 30, 2015

for the love of houses

In my previous post I said that last Sunday we took a day trip to Evanston and that we walked around a neighborhood so I could take photos of beautiful houses and gardens. I have always had a fascination for houses - inside and out. Even as a child, I loved going to look at model homes with my parents.

These are some of the ones that really caught my attention...the architecture, the colors, the details, the gardens. All so stunning and so much personality.

 Love the red door on this house.

This to-die-for porch. Why weren't the owners sitting out there, sipping their lemonade and watching the passers-by?

This house has so much attention to detail. Check out the window box full of flowers on the upstairs window.

Looks like they divided this stately home into two living quarters. See the two front doors and address numbers with the low wall in-between? I wouldn't mind living on just one side. ;-)

A purple house? Somehow, it works.

This house was a few blocks away, right across the street from Lake Michigan. And, guess what? It can be yours for just $2.2 million, because it's for sale! Click here for all the details. (The back yard and interior are gorgeous.)

You cross the street from the above house to a tree-lined, grassy park with this view.
That's part of the Chicago skyline to the right.

 And now for some of the gorgeous gardens.

Something unique we noticed while walking around neighborhoods and even in the shopping district...colorful knitted yarn pieces wrapped around tree trunks...

hung on fences...

and even wrapped around utility poles.

We were wondering what this was all about. Through a Google search I learned that Evanston's Public Art Committee did their first "yarn bombing" this past winter. You can read about it here if you are interested. I love the color and whimsy it adds to the city and thankful that vandals have left this art untouched. Hope you enjoyed the tour!


  1. Oh my goodness! I would have loved to walk with you through this neighborhood. The houses and gardens are gorgeous. I checked out the brick one that is for sale. I would be happy just living in the carriage house. Thanks for sharing the pictures. It was fun.


  2. I'd love to yarn bombing in person, and of course, I'd like to join you on the garden portion of the walk!

  3. I too, love to roam around and look at houses! The houses and gardens are spectacular! The yarn thing is interesting.


  4. Gorgeous homes, and so interesting about all the yard work, kind of looks like crochet? got me thinking to put some yard bombing in my yard. Love that purple house, actually loved all of them! Of 2.2 million is nothing :-{

  5. Hi Melanie, hey if you'll carry the loan for me, I'll just move right into that 2.2 million dollar home. Can you even believe the luxury in that home. I may have drooled on my keyboard. I'm sure that the carriage house is for the help . . . no one with that kind of money does yard work or cleans their own house, LOL. This was a fun post and yes for some odd reason that purple house does work :)
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Your blogging sister,
    Connie :)

  6. What a neat little cyber walk. I 'love' the purple house. My little cottage will hopefully have a fresh coat of a plum color come cooler weather. Right now I've got paint samples in several different spots on the walls. What fun!

    I loved seeing the crocheted bits spread around town. That's cool!

    Thanks for sharing the beauty you saw, it's like a mini vacation.


  7. Those houses are so beautiful aren't they. Just the sort of place that we all love to dream of living in!!! I would certainly be happy to live in any of those houses!! Love the yarn bombing, it is so much fun isn't it! xx

  8. Yes, the purple house does work. There is a lilac one here in Richmond, IL. I was born in Evanston, at St. Francis Hospital. It is a wonderful city and the yarn bombing shows it is creative and progressive. Every town along Lake Michigan has its share of incredible houses, as you know. We lived in Glencoe so we often walked along Sheridan Avenue. Thank you for reminding me, Melanie! -Ginene

  9. Hi! I came to visit you from Connie's blog. Does Evanston happen to be in IN? If it is we live in IN and I would like to visit there! Thanks for sharing! Nancy

  10. My college roommate's parents moved to Evanston, Illinois when she was a freshman. She told me that Evanston was a pretty cool town so I loved looking at the pretty houses.

  11. I love houses too. These are so beautiful! I miss this kind of architecture since moving to the southwest. We have a little of it, but not much. That house for sale is amazing, wow. What a gorgeous home. Maybe it's your next one? :) Thanks for sharing.

  12. I could walk around looking at these dream houses forever! I love visiting lakeside towns with old character filled homes, too. Thanks for sharing, Melanie!

  13. I would love to go inside any one of those houses. They are all so charming. I love to look at a house and try to imagine what the inside would be like. Thank you for the tour!

  14. Those houses are all beautiful, Melanie. Thank you for taking us with you :)

    Oh and I think it's sweet that she named you after Melanie Wilkes, but I do believe you have a lot more verve than she did ;)


  15. Love that old house with the large porch and then the gardens! So much eye candy. What a great idea about the yarn..I'd have had to Google that too; the curiousity !! : )

  16. I loved seeing these beautiful houses and gardens! These neighborhoods are treasures and I'm so glad the owners keep them so beautifully. I would have loved to walk up to the doors and knock, hoping for a tour. I wonder if anyone ever does that? Not that it's safe to have strangers come in.

    I guess that's why house tours are so popular. I used to go on them whenever I'd see them advertised and I still have vivid memories of my favorite rooms.


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