Monday, March 3, 2014

monday morning at comfy house

 It's one of those cleaning and organizing days today. Guess that's fitting, seeing
it's Monday. I've already cleaned the kitchen, emptied the dishwasher, cleaned
bathrooms and washed one of the floors, vacuumed, did a load of laundry (one
more to go), scooped cat boxes, made the bed, and rearranged a few things.
I still need to plan dinners for this week, find another handyman, and call another
guy found on Angie's List to put in a new bathroom vent fan. 

I'm not happy with the first handyman I found through Angie's List. All I wanted him
 to do was come out here to give me an estimate on replacing the rotted
 floorboard underneath the kitchen sink. The floorboard rotted due to all the sink pipe
 leaks we had last year. Well, this guy went back and forth on several dates to come
 to my house. We finally decided on this past Saturday. He then emailed me last Thursday
to say that he was expecting a repairman at his house anywhere from 9-12. He
wanted to know if he could call me when his repairman was done, to see if he 
could come then. I said sure. On Friday I received another email from him saying
he couldn't come out after all - that he had to be home by 1:00 for something else
that came up. He wanted to know if perhaps he could come out the next Saturday.
I'd had it. I told him no, that I had other plans - and "thanks, anyway". I figure
if someone is so wishy-washy about nailing down a date to merely come and give
an estimate, then imagine how they would be when it came down to doing the
actual work? I'll give the business to someone more dependable.

I was also cleaning out old bread and crackers from the freezer this morning and instead
 of throwing them away (they were old-smelling - past usage for us), I tossed the
 goods outside for the birds and squirrels. I looked out the window a little while later
 and saw this guy enjoying a snack. He had previously been digging a tunnel with his 
face through the snow in order to find food on the  ground - that's why his little furry face
 is still dotted with snow.

 Remember those cat bookends I got at Goodwill last week? I put them in the 
bookcase in my office. Perfect (purrfect) with my cat figurine collection that sits
on top of the bookcase.

 Tim is coming home this weekend for spring break and we were really hoping
to have his room ready, as far as the hardwood flooring being installed and
the bed and furniture set up. Turns out the flooring still won't be in for 1-1/2
more weeks. So in the meantime, we're going to at least clear out the room,
set up the bed, put the TV from my office in this room, and put a big rug
over the plywood floor. That way at least Tim has a semi-decent room to sleep
 in all week instead of having to sleep on the family room couch.

My plants have loved it in Tim's room. Even the Christmas cactus is finally
blooming. I hadn't been able to get it to bloom in the nine months that I've had it.

Other little putterings around the house...I added the hanger underneath the
mirror in my office. The white knob is an old one from my desk. I just used
a little 3M sticky strip to put up both the hanger and the knob.

Remember the gold table that I had found at Goodwill? It was brand-new,
originally from Target. I moved it into my office in front of the window, right
beside my red chair.

Clementine loves to lie on the heat vent underneath the table. She actually
loves to lie on any heat vent in the house. Her body is just the perfect size
to fully fit over the vent. ;-)

I have to share with you a delicious dinner we had one night last week.
Jane from Blondie's Journal had shared in this post that she enjoyed scrambled
eggs with a bunch of add-ins for breakfast a few times a week. We sometimes
like a breakfast-dinner, so I decided to make this for dinner one night. It's a 
great way to clean out the veggie bin or even last bits of meat scraps. For our
meal, I sauteed chopped onions, peppers, and tomatoes, then added the
whisked eggs. As they were setting, I added handfuls of baby spinach and some
feta cheese. When the eggs were done, I topped with a drizzle of salsa verde
and sliced avocado. The bacon is nitrate and nitrite-free. Healthy, quick dinner!

 Happy Monday, friends. It is still very cold here, with wind chills below zero
again - after another weekend snowfall. I'm starting to hear more birds chirping
outside though, so I'm hoping that's a sign of warmer weather on its way.


  1. I love the cat books! Very cute. I happen to have a bunch of dog books. I agree about the handyman - next. My mother had the perfect windows for blooming plants - they needed just the right amount of sun but not too much sun - looks like you found that magical windows for your plants. I hope your son and you and your husband enjoy the visit with your son - boys don't seem to mind rooms not being just right - I - am sure he will enjoy your company regardless of where he sleeps - but it is nice to have his own room. I hope you all have a great time! Those floors will be in before you know it.
    Patty at Home and Lifestyle Design

    1. You're right, Patty - I don't think Tim cares about the room not being finished. As long as he has a comfortable place to lay his head at night and a TV, he's all good! I can't wait until the floors and trim are in and then we can start decorating that room.

  2. Your bookshelf is so nice and neat. The cat bookends are a perfect touch. That guy sounds like he gave you a real hassle, what a pain. I hope your new guy is better. I'm sure Tim will love his new room when all is finished. Yay for the blooming Christmas cactus! I'm so excited to see that flower. :)

    1. Funny you should say that about my bookshelf - one time I posted a photo of my library bookshelves on Facebook and someone said the same thing!

  3. Covered in snow here. Love how the cat bookends look. Great find! I have found that if there is a good handy man anywhere in the US, he is hiding under a rock. No such animal from my personal experience. They are always on their own time frame and yours is not very important. I can't tell you how many times I have sat for days waiting for a handy man. Not so handy.

    1. That's crazy, Brenda. You'd like the high-rated ones on Angie's List would at least be dependable. We could use our contractor - he and his staff are very dependable - but his rates are higher since he's a contractor.

    2. Thankfully I know a really good handyman- my son! he is mostly a stay at home dad in OKCity but he also does the upkeep at his wife's big salon, and he just comes running whenever we need him. I would clone him and send him to help you if I could.

    3. That would be so nice, Rhonda - I wish!

  4. Melanie - Sounds like you've put in a week's work already girl!! Love your cat book ends on your shelves.,


    1. Nah, I was just getting warmed up. I'm a pretty energetic person. Most days. ;-)

  5. I am not sure I would trust a repairman that needed another repairman to fix something. I know a few handymen and they all take care of everything at their own homes. But who knows, just because the first repairman can do wood stuff doesn't mean he is also skilled at plumbing or whatever.
    Hope you get your projects done soon.

    I know you will enjoy Tim's visit.

    I am not a cat person ( I like cats but don't own any as they make me sneeze so much) but I like your cat book ends, they look like they are concentrating so hard to hold up all your books.

    1. I could only assume that when this handyman mentioned a repairman, he was probably talking about some kind of appliance repairman, or like you said, maybe plumbing. This handyman does have good reviews on Angie's List, so go figure. My kitties make me sneeze too, but not bad enough where I'd ever consider not having a cat. I love them too much. Guess I'm used to it since I've lived with cats all my life!

  6. Clementine like our cat, the little one, loves to lay over the heat vents. There is one vent right by my chair and she lays there snoring! I've not had very good luck with handymen, usually ends up costing me double, cause I lose the down payment and hire another. Love your cat bookends, so cute. Boys don't care about a room being finished, I can attest to this since Mr. C doesn't mind sleeping in an unfinished bedroom :-{. By the way the room you seen in my Master Bedroom was my Sleeping room, not my bedroom.

    1. It's funny, I never had a cat do that (lie on the heating vents) until Clementine. I've never had a problem with a handyman doing work in our house - in the past, we've only hired a couple of men we knew through friends. Oh, I know that room you showed on your blog was your "other" bedroom, not the master bedroom.

  7. Melanie, Everything looks so nice and fresh at your house. Thanks for sharing.


  8. Melanie - your house looks JUST like mine! We're in the process of ripping up carpeting in all 3 bedrooms to put down hardwoods. We have one room done and we started on room 2 today! We're also having windows put in to replace our DRAFTY windows. Your omelette looks fabulous. I do an Egg Beater omelette about 3-4 times a week with baby spinach, onions (or scallions), peppers, feta cheese, and salsa. SO similar to yours - and SO good! I put the avocado in my evening salads so I don't put them on the eggs, but that looked so good I'm going to have to try that some time! Loved the picture of Sammy squirrel eating his cracker! I also love your bookcases (as I've mentioned before). The cat bookends are perfect. And your kitty is so sweet!! We are still FREEZING here. I'm beginning to wonder if spring will ever arrive! Stay warm!


    1. Our master bedroom is the last room that will need the old, disgusting carpet ripped out and hardwood flooring put in. But, we can only afford to do one room at a time. We need new windows, too. The avocado on top of eggs was actually very good. I agree that spring still seems very far away!

  9. In the first shot, the little cups with the aunt had a set like that. Suddenly I transported back to sitting in her kitchen looking at them in her kitchen : )

    Your kitty on the heat vent is too cute. Here I have radiators and that is where you can find mine in the winter.

    My Christmas cactus usually bloom around the holidays and then in July and this year did not bloom at Christmas at all..perhaps it was just too cold of a winter for them :)

    Your omelette dinner looks delicious!! :) Cute little squirrel with his snowy face :)

    1. Those cups are from Bailey's Irish Creme! I got mine at Goodwill, but I've also seen them in antique shops.

  10. Your cat bookends look like they were made for you. That dinner looks so yummy....I saw it at Jane's too. Have a good day and enjoy your son's spring break.

  11. Quite a productive morning I would say! Definitely do not go with a wishy washy handyman. Don't know how he plans to get business being like that. Yusef has Spring Break later in the month -- he is hoping to go to California to visit friends. Much warmer there than where he is at in Colorado. Enjoy your time with Tim. Warm wishes, Tammy

    1. Yep, I was totally turned off by the wishy-washy personality. That's OK, there's lots of handymen out there who'd be glad to have the business, so it's easy to call someone else. Lucky Yusef going to California - I'd love to be going there, too!

  12. I love those cat book ends! When you get tired of them, let me know! I am a cat lover, too, and so are all three of my adult kids. I am new to your blog and am enjoying it very much. I live in the northwest corner of Iowa, so not too far from you, and that means I am still waiting for robins and warm temps too. We didn't get the snow like you did, but winter has been far too long. (oh my, I used 'too' too much! LOL)


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