Friday, February 28, 2014

thrifting treasures and friday chat

 During my outings the past couple of weeks, I've popped into Goodwill a few
times and came home with not only two pairs of Champion yoga pants
that look brand-new ($3 each!), but a summer top and these things for my home ~

This silver container is very heavy. Has a little sticker on the bottom that says
it's made in India. I filled it with cotton balls and it's in the hallway bath.

I love this bowl. Aren't the colors beautiful? This bowl has a sticker on the
bottom that says Design Guild, made in Thailand. I can't find anything online
like this.  I'd love to know more about this bowl, if anyone has any insight. 
I'm using it as a fruit bowl in my kitchen.

Found this small mirror - cool design, ugly color. Will be easy to spray
paint and make it pretty.

Of course, couldn't resist these cat bookends!

I love this cubed shelf ~ I'm hoping to use it in Tim's room, AKA the the guest
room when I decorate it. You can hang it either this way...

or, this way. I think I'm going to hang it this way because what could you put in
a diagonal cube except small books or CDs? (Which I hardly have anymore of,
anyway. Most of my music is digital.)

This was a brand-new lampshade, still wrapped in its original cellophane, from
Target. I thought I'd try it out on a lamp base in the living room, but nope.
Not right. Darn.

It definitely needs a white lamp base and I'm not sure if I want to paint
this one.

Here's the original lamp shade to that base, which looks much better.

Well, I scheduled that root canal. It'll be next Friday morning. I go between
feeling calm about it, to being very nervous. I hate any dental procedures
and have never had a root canal, so I suppose some of it is the fear of
the unknown. I did go online to read about it and that helped. I'm at the point
where I just want it to be over.

I went for my second acupuncture treatment for my shoulder a couple
of days ago and so far, so good. It has really diminished the pain, but I
still have a ways to go with range of motion. We're hoping just two more
treatments does the trick.

We think we've found a used car for Tim. There's just a few questions that
we had where we're waiting for the answers, then the possible negotiation
begins. Tim recently had two job interviews and we're hoping he gets hired
at one of them since he lost his job last Christmas. He's a full-time college
student but still needs that part-time job for living expenses. We're hoping
and praying this all comes together soon: employment and a car - which he'll
need to get to his job!

Brian got some good news the other day at work. His supervisor is taking an
early retirement and they automatically appointed Brian to take the position
temporarily until they officially hire someone. He was very honored to be
chosen - even if it's just temporary - plus it comes with a 8% increase in salary. 
Will he officially go for this new job? He's not sure. The positives are the salary
increase and that the job is Monday - Friday, 7-3. He has never had a M-F
job. He's always been in the field where he's worked rotating shifts. It's rare
that he has a weekend off. The negatives? He's not sure at this stage of his
life if he wants the responsibility of being a supervisor. Like he said, sometimes
that's nothing more than being a glorified babysitter. But the biggest negative
is that he could easily lose his job as a supervisor. The field he's in (sorry I
can't be more specific - I'd rather keep these things private on social media)
has been consolidating with other towns, making one big department. One 
department only needs one supervisor. Sooo...lots to think and pray about.

Have a good weekend, everyone. I still don't have any good weather news
for you in my neck of the woods. It's been frigidly cold all week again, with 
temperatures in the single digits during the day and below zero at night.
And guess what's coming this weekend? Yep, more of that nasty white stuff.


  1. As always, I am delighted when you post. We share the misery of this relentless, frigid winter. Visiting you is like stepping into a bright, warm , friendly house and chatting a bit. I had a root canal and I too was apprehensive, but really, it was nothing! I think once its over with, everything else will seem easier for you. May all be well!

    1. That was one of the nicest compliments I've ever received - thank you, Rinske! Also, thank you so much for reassuring me about the root canal. It really does help.

  2. It's fun seeing the things that you bring home from Goodwill. I'm sure that you have shelves to hold all these things when not in use.
    I've never had a root canal...although I've heard that it's not as bad as it once was.
    Have a nice weekend...Balisha

    1. Glad you enjoy seeing my treasures. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. You found some really great things while on your trip to the thrift store. I especially like the bowl, which really does look good with the fruit in it, and the kitty bookends. So cute!

  4. I love GW, and really like you finds, especially the ugly color mirror, but what a great style! the glass bowl has such pretty colors in it! I've had three root canals and they really are painless, hope yours is too! I love my acupuncturist, she really is helping me so much! Take care.

    1. I know you're a great thrifter too, Cathy! I think I'm going to work on the mirror today. I'm glad to hear from someone with experience about the root canal that they are painless. I don't do well with Novocaine though - when it starts to wear off, I get a terrible headache and I start chewing the inside of my cheek, not realizing it because I can't feel it, then it becomes raw. :-o Isn't acupuncture amazing?

  5. That's a beautiful bowl, and I love the cat bookends too.

  6. Hi Melanie - Love that bright colored bowl - the fruit looks so good in it! Hope your dental procedure goes well.

    The weather continues to plague the USA and other countries also. But, I think everyone is about ready for Spring.

    Take care.


    1. The bowl looks beautiful in my kitchen. And yes, I think everyone is ready for spring now.

  7. I know Brian (and you) have a lot to think about...I'll keep you in my prayers. It will be great for him to have normal hours for awhile, you both will enjoy that!

    You found some great things at Goodwill. I really love the bowl you are using for fruit! The other finds are great, too. I once mentioned painting a lampshade and someone commented that the heat from the bulb and the paint were not the healthiest thing to combine. I'm sure you will check this out.

    Have a great weekend!


    1. I didn't mean painting the lamp shade - I meant painting the lamp base. I've tried painting a lamp shade before and it turned out terrible. Then I tried decoupaging over it - do you remember that one?!

  8. Root canal...not bad at all. Basically you get the novocaine and then that's it...if you are there just for that and no drilling or anything else, it won't be a big deal at all :)

  9. Hi Melanie,

    You always find such neat stuff on your thrifting excursions! Love the design of the mirror and it will look quite unique after it's given a spritz of shabby chic colour. The kitty bookends are cute and I really like the lampshade, which, I think, looks quite nice with your existing base.

    Fingers crossed that Tim gets the job and the right car! Re: your hubby's situation, I agree, it's different at this stage in his career, what he desires from his professional life; only he can make that final decision, I guess. Hope everything turns out.

    Were you guys hit with -22 °F with that nasty windchill factor that overstayed its visit in Toronto?!! I sincerely hope I see some spring temps when I arrive there this month!

    Happy weekend!


    1. Thanks for the compliments on my thrifting stuff and for your well wishes with Tim and Brian. Oh, we sure were hit with that nasty wind chill...for a few days in a row, at night it got down to -20 to -30F.

  10. Yes, we are getting more of the nasty white stuff tomorrow. Love that bowl, the colors are so cheery! I know you will get the right answers to your prayers about your husband's job and Tim's needs, as well. I had my first root canal a couple of years ago (and you know I am petrified of the dentist) and it wasn't at all bad. The hardest thing was keeping my mouth wide open for a long period of time as it was being done to a back molar.

    It will be fine!


    1. Thank you for the reassurance about the root canal. I've heard that too - about keeping your mouth open for such a long time. Mine's a back molar, too.

  11. You've got some great finds. I didn't realize the bowl was so big until I got to the photo where it had fruit in it and wow, it's a nice size! I wish you lots of luck with the root canal. I've never had one but I did have to get a crown recently, which was my biggest dental procedure aside from having wisdom teeth removed years ago, and I was nervous too. I am sure it will all go fine and you'll be back to normal very soon. Good luck to Brian in his decision, that sounds like a bit of a dilemma, but I'm sure you'll decide together what's right. I hope you're having a great weekend, Melanie. :)

  12. Congrats to Brian on his temporary promotion! Those are all good things to think about. My husband got a promotion a few years ago only to have that whole position across the US eliminated and fortunately was able to get his old job back. Sometimes it's better to be in the field.

    I didn't even feel my root canal. My doctor prescribed a valium for me that I took and hour before so I was mellow and I had no pain during or after the procedure. It'll be over and done with before you know it.

    Love all your thrifty finds especially that Target shade!!

  13. Such a small world-root canal 3 weeks ago on very last back molar-it was more tiresome than anything-and a tired jaw.
    So thankful for Brian's promotion-looks like 2014 is going to be a positive and good year.
    Love your finds-you have such a great eye for treasures!


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