Monday, February 10, 2014

  It's another frigid day here in the Chicago suburbs: -7F when I woke up.  So when it
 warms up to 31 whopping degrees on Thursday, it will seem positively balmy, right?

 How was your weekend? I ran into a couple of resale shops and also saw the 
movie August: Osage County with a friend. One of my favorite actresses is Meryl
 Streep and she certainly didn't disappoint in this movie. But, talk about a
 rather depressing movie! It'll make your own dysfunctional family seem almost normal. 

I only found a few things on my thrifting adventures this weekend, but that's
OK. The one "big" thing I found - which I will share near the end - was thrilling
enough for me. 

I love this wire basket. The checkout lady even said how pretty it would be with
 glass bottles full of flowers in it. I told her that's exactly what I was planning on 
doing with it. 

Since I love hearts, this wooden Swedish heart caught my eye. I'm not
sure what it says...I ran it through the Google Translate site and part of it 
comes up as "No matter where I am" and "happiness in God". If anyone out
there is familiar with Swedish and can translate this, please let me know.

Another thing I love and collect...nesting dolls. I thought these Santas were
really cute.

I had to dig through bins full of silverware to find all the matching pieces, but
I loved the hammered ends on this silverware. I only have one set of everyday
silverware and seems we are always running out of spoons. I figured I could
use this extra silverware for now, and then someday when Tim gets his own
place, this set could be his. And the entire set was less than $2!

So, here is my big find. Target donates their leftover clearance items to a local
Goodwill store. This table had the original Target sticker of $79.99 on it and a clearance
sticker of $55.98. Goodwill's price was $14.99 but I had a 30% off coupon, plus 
another 5% off for spending $20 in total purchases, so I got this table for $10!

I walked by it a couple of times, trying to decide if I should get it or not. I noticed
a couple of other people eyeballing it too, so I grabbed it before one of them
could make off with it. I wanted to use it somewhere in my living room, but after
playing with it in a few different spots, it just didn't work in there. So I'm going
to use it as a nightstand in the work-in-progress guest room.

Now I must get busy with some things around the house and a quick errand.
I have yoga class tonight so I want to make a pasta dish and salad ahead
of time. Happy Monday - enjoy your day.


  1. Great find and yes, that table is a real treasure and wow, what a great price. Hugs, Marty

  2. That wire basket is cute! Looks like you had great success at the Goodwill too. Excellent find!

  3. We are short on spoons too. I had 2 full sets of flatware but both sets are now missing multiple small spoons.
    Nice finds, I think both the basket and table have many possibilities.

    Our snow should start melting Wednesday

    1. The missing spoons are probably in the same place as missing socks...

  4. All of your things are lovely, but that table is the nicest and the best value!! xx

  5. Wonderful finds....Did you happen to see the story about the Russian nesting dolls? They took us to a place where craftsmen were making them by hand and the ladies were painting them. They were beautiful. I imagine that many visitors to the Olympics will bring them home.

    1. No, I did not see this story. Sounds interesting!

  6. Wow you scored! That silverware for $10 definitely the find of the day! But all your treasures are so nice. Oh the table is pretty cool too. Speaking of cool...the weather is too. Wonder when this will all end, but not rushing it. Stay warm, and when it 's warm on Thursday head out and find some more great finds, I am so addicted!

    1. The silverware was under $ was the table that was $10. We need to go thrifting together!

  7. Melanie, I think you did pretty well with your thrifting! I have a similar wire basket with almost the exact same handle and it holds various things during the throughout the changing seasons. The silverware is very pretty; neat design and you totally lucked out on that amazing table!! I agree, I think it will make a very unique night stand for your guest room-in-the-making! You have a good eye, my friend!

    Have a lovely week!


    1. So kind of you to say - thank you, Poppy!

  8. Great thrifting! I love all of these finds. The heart is beautiful and right up my alley. I would hang it in my kitchen. That table is gorgeous and what a bargain! You're very good at the thrifting thing, lady!

    1. So far I have the heart hanging (suspended on a thin string of twine) in my office window. Thanks for the compliments!

  9. "Travel as I may the whole world over, my life is always in God's hands" My mother was from Holland and her language was a little like Swedish. That IS a lovely painted heart! Rinske

    1. Thank you so much, Rinske for translating the language on the heart for me! What a beautiful saying.

  10. I love the flatware. All my sets are thrifted. Here GW buys their Target stuff by the pound. The table is beautiful. Its a shame Waterlouge
    will not work for Android. Stay warm-its even going to snow here again. xo, olive

    1. Glad you like the flatware - I've been enjoying using it! Tim may not get it after all! ;-) I think the entire US has had very weird weather this winter.

  11. Love the wire basket, but I am most impressed with the hammered flatware. I have lots of colorful flatware, but I only have one full set of silver flatware. I think I need to stop by the Goodwill store to see if I can gather up another full set of silver.

  12. I love the flatware you found: you didn't loose your time watching for all the different pieces, they are fabulous!

  13. What great purchases. I love the silverware and the nesting dolls too.


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