Saturday, March 8, 2014

weekend happenings

Well, I survived the root canal yesterday. My anxiety was so high that I was up
most of the night beforehand. Was happy to find the doctor had a terrific bedside
 manner and was very reassuring. But then I got freaked out all over again when
 he showed me the digital xray on the computer screen and pointed out how one
 of the roots was mostly blocked. He wasn't sure if he'd be able to get all the way
 down in there - and that would mean the tooth couldn't be saved and that I'd have
 to go to an oral surgeon to have it  removed! He very calmly said, "Oh, it's not bad. 
They just put a metal rod in your gums and put a fake tooth on top. You'd never
 know it wasn't real." But I'm thinking, "That's not the point! Who wants more
 dental surgery?! And I can only imagine how much all of this would cost!"

 When he was almost done with the procedure, they took more xrays to see if he
 indeed got all the way down to the root tip. He had - totally clear! Whew. The tooth
 is saved. Now I have to go to my regular dentist in a few weeks and get a crown. 
Yippee - more Novocaine and tons of drilling. And of course, they only put on a temp
 crown and then you have to go back again and MORE Novocaine and the 
permanent crown. And...another bill. 

Anyway, you all were right. The procedure itself wasn't bad. The Novocaine shots
were the worst part. And I had a lot of discomfort afterwards yesterday and I'm
still pretty sore today and just feel worn out. Oh well, this too shall pass.

In other (better news)'s a few of my latest thrifting finds. This gold mirror
is a beauty. It was hard to get a good photo. It's about 17" across and 23" vertically.

 Of course, I couldn't resist this silver kitty ring holder.

I love using scarves as accessories for outfits, but I refuse to pay retail prices
for a simple piece of material. These three scarves are so pretty and were only
$2 - $4 each. boy is home for a few days! He's on spring break. It's so nice to
have his presence back in the house again and to make him some good
food. I hadn't been in a cooking mood the past few days, but now I am.
I was in the kitchen all morning, making Tim a nice eggs, bacon, and toast
breakfast then slicing onions, peppers, and skirt steak to marinate in a 
combination of olive oil, fresh lime juice, cilantro, garlic and cumin to make
fajitas for tonight's dinner. I also made a pan of Tim's favorite blonde brownies.

Sir Zippo ("The Million Dollar Kitty") has an eye infection. Out of the blue, he
 started having a green discharge from his eye. We took him to the vet this
 morning and he's now on antibiotic drops. I asked the vet how this happens - he's
not an outdoor cat. She said a lot of times it could be from allergies. Interesting,
because Zippo does have a lot of sneezing fits, so I always wondered about that.
Who would've thunk - a cat with allergies!

Hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!



  1. I am glad you are done with the worst of the dental procedure. Modern dentist are not usually painful, but you are right that the soreness from the shot is very uncomfortable.
    I always tell you I am not a cat person but that ring holder is so cute, I've never seen one like it

    Enjoy your visit with Tim and feed him lots :)

    1. I liked that the ring holder was still in the original box, too. I'm definitely enjoy having Tim at home again and he's been eating very well. :-)

  2. Poor Zippo! I've had them done and I didn't think they were that bad. Probably you're also worn out from the anxiety!

    1. I think it also depends on how many canals they have to clean out and how hard they have to work to do so. Remember, one of mine was almost totally blocked - plus I had an infection in the bone. I was worn out from no sleep the night before, the anxiety, the procedure, and the discomfort afterwards.

  3. I hope your cat isn't allergic to humans. :) I would have been up all night too if I was having a root canal.

    1. I hope he's not allergic to humans either, because I'm keeping him around! :-) I found out the hard way that a root canal isn't worth losing sleep over.

  4. I think you came out of the appointment with flying colors. Both times I had root canals they took a few visits, and then a filling, not a crown. I guess every situation is different. But I'm so glad you rested and are feeling better. You are NOT many people fear being stuck in chair and having pain inflicted on them.

    I'm so happy Tim is home...I always love the company of my kids. Cook On!!


    1. I think the root canal procedure has improved over the years where it only takes one visit now. You're lucky you only need a filling afterwards and not a crown. This tooth had already had a massive filling and barely any original tooth left, hence me having to have a crown now.

  5. Is your cat allergic to people? Wouldn't that be something. Oh having the chick back in the nest is sweet...Mike was gone for a few days and I was so lonely. Then the girls came today and I was lonely no more. Couldn't wait to get to bed at 9:00, now it's 1:40 and I'm wide awake! Miss you too Mel... Talk to you soon. Love, Penny

    1. LOL, you're the second person who said maybe Zippo is allergic to humans! I'm glad you had your girls to keep you company - they're so cute. I know little ones are tiring though. Hope we can see each other soon.

  6. Glad to hear that it went as well as it could have at the dentist, I hope that the other procedures go well too. You have my full sympathy on the horrors of dentists! All of your lovely thrifting finds are great, especially the scarves, what a bargain, they can be very expensive can't they, but they are so lovely to wear!! Hope that you are starting to feel more yourself again if not already, then very soon. Take care of yourself and your kitty. xx

    1. I wore the blue scarf the other day with a black top and it added such a nice dose of color. I was feeling fine from the dental work by Sunday - thank you!

  7. Glad that part is behind you! The Novocaine has always been the part I hated. I used to get a little bit of laughing gas before the Novocaine to calm me down. But my new dentist has a machine that gives you the shot and I think the needle is really skinny or something because it doesn't hurt. They can also rub a bit of an analgesic on the area before giving you the shot and that helps tremendously with the pain.

    1. A machine that gives the shot? Hmm, now that is something I've never heard of! Interesting that it doesn't hurt. My dentist uses the numbing gel before the shot but I don't think this endodontist did that.

  8. So glad your root canal is over. I think that's the worse part. Take it easy.


  9. I'm glad your root canal is over. It wasn't too bad when I got my crown in February; they numbed me and shoved the crown into place, then they had to drill it to give it the right shape. The whole thing took less than 30 minutes. It was sensitive for a few weeks but now it's like it never happened. I hope it's easy on you too. I have that same blue scarf in the middle in your photo. You must have the best thrift stores ever where you live, I never find anything this good! I hope you had a great time with Tim at home. :)

    1. I've had three crowns before. They didn't drill out your old tooth before fitting the temporary crown? And didn't they take an impression of the area after the tooth was drilled out so they could make a permanent crown? That's how they've done it with every one I've had and it took about an hour. And then the area was only sensitive for 24-48 hours. But then I've had to go back 2-3 weeks later to have the temp crown removed and the permanent one put in. Sorry to hear you don't have any good thrift shops near you. We have a lot of good ones - they're very popular in the Chicago suburbs!

  10. So glad to hear your root canal wasn't worse than expected. I'm not a big fan of the dentist either!! I know how wonderful it is when your kids are you said, just their presence fills the house in a good way.
    Mary Alice

    1. Yes, it does. I'm enjoying every moment. :-)

  11. I'm so glad to hear that root canal wasn't too bad!

  12. It’s great to hear good result from your procedure. In my opinion, it’s really not bad, especially when you have a good and a very friendly specialist that would do everything to make you feel comfortable during the procedure. How are you feeling now, btw?

    Calandra @


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