Monday, August 12, 2013

this post needs some wine!

 I almost didn't write this post today. In fact, here it is 11:00 p.m. and since I usually 
post on Mondays, I'm quite late. My emotions are quite flighty right now, knowing Tim
is moving out on Friday. Not only that, but I'm a little panicky about him getting
 everything done. He hasn't even started packing; he has to pick up his drum set
 (lots of pieces!) from his friend's house and he doesn't have a truck, so it means lots
 of trips with a car...and speaking of cars, his old Honda is in pieces all over our garage.
 He has taken on the task of doing all his own repairs lately, which is great. I commend
 him for that. He teaches himself by watching youtube videos. Well, his latest project
 has been to replace the heater core, timing belt, and head gasket. It's been nothing
 but one problem after another. He's had friends helping him and Brian even had a 
mechanic friend come over the other night and help Tim out a little bit. 

Insert cute picture to break up the monotony...

 This morning I went through my usual routine and did a little housework, but I was
restless and tweaking and knew getting out of the house would do me some good.
I should've just went for a walk in the State Park, but I needed a few groceries so I
headed up to Trader Joes. I had emailed Brian at work beforehand and asked what
he needed. It was just a few produce items. I only needed a few items myself. Oh, ho
ho, I kill myself. Who buys just a few items at Trader Joes?! I don't think I've ever
gotten out of there without spending about $100. The really bad part about this? I 
hadn't seen Brian's line in the email that said the balance in our checking account was
only $78. AND, to make matters worse, I also went to Goodwill and bought a few
things. Talk about GUILT! I felt like such a dolt. We have a little bit of money in savings
that we can roll over to cover my "mishap", but that savings is supposed to be for
Tim's schooling. Double stab in the heart. Guess this is what I get...I got caught in
an unexpected torrential downpour when leaving Trader Joes with a cart full of 
groceries. The drowned rat look is not attractive. My pissed off look says it all.

Enough of that - on to better stuff. The party for Tim on Saturday went pretty well.
I was disappointed that an aunt and uncle had other plans so couldn't come; and
another aunt and uncle were sick, so backed out at the last minute. And please don't
tell me I'm not the only one who obsesses over the house being perfectly clean and
presentable before having company, but then realizes how silly that is when your
house is pretty much in shambles within an hour? Since we had so much food, Tim
called some of his friends to come over. There went the leftovers!

I had mentioned in my last post that Saturday was also my birthday. I got
cards from family and friends, and cash from Brian and my mom since I'm saving for
a camera lens (Tim gave me his first DSLR since he has a nicer camera now), but
that's about where the excitement ended. No going out for dinner or anything because
 of the party, and no one ever bakes me a cake. (OMG, I just realized this post sounds
incredibly whiny!) I'm just trying to explain how my birthday usually isn't a big deal...
last year was because I turned the big five-oh.


Brian and I were taking a break from party prep on Saturday. We were sitting at the
kitchen table playing a few games of Backgammon. We heard the cats making
some noise in the living room, so we went to investigate. I heard a voice at the
door saying, "Hi Brian, it's Melanie's friend, Penny!" I couldn't believe was none
other than Penny from At Home in English Valley! She decided to pay me a surprise
visit for my birthday and came bearing a gift...

I had admired this vintage parsley keeper jar that I saw on Penny's blog and had
made a comment that, "If I were with you, I would've fought you for this!" I am 
actually tearing up just writing about loving of a gift is this when you admire
something that someone else has, so they give it to you? And tucked in the jar was
a gorgeous blue and white Laura Ashley tablecloth that I had also admired on her blog.

 I'm using the jar on my countertop to hold onions and garlic - love it!

And if you will please excuse my lousy, temporary centerpiece ~ 
the tablecloth is just beautiful in my kitchen. Thank you, again Penny -
you are such a blessing in my life!

Oops, can't forget that Tim and his friend gave me bottles of wine for my 
birthday. Wine is always good. Goes well with my whine. Thanks for reading
and indulging me if you got this far.



  1. Melanie,

    You delight me with your story telling! I have been smiling and nodding my head at the events of your day-your rainy day picture tickles me-but by the end you have recovered and are ready for a glass of wine!
    Happy Belated Birthday!

    1. Glad you liked my story-telling! I think I'll need to be cracking open that wine soon...

  2. How wonderful of Penny to surprise you like that! My heart felt so happy for you!

    1. She really made my day, that's for sure. :-)

  3. Funny how it is sometimes . . . it can feel like the walls are tumbling down and then in a blink, something comes around the corner like the face of a friend, a Parsley jar, something blue and everything turns into wonderful.

    Happy car fixing days, enjoying Tim's excitement of a move and celebrating fifty one years of Melanie!

    That Penny gal is truly Golden . . . isn't she . . .

    1. She sure is, Lynne! I'm so glad she's in my life...girlfriends really know how to cheer a girl up, don't they?

  4. Oh I think we have always had days like that. Glad things picked up and you got a few awesome birthday gifts. Wishing you a good week!

  5. What a wonderful surprise from your friend! You deserve it! I know that Tim leaving will be emotional for you, I hope he gets that car fixed and when he figures out how to change the timing belt, please send him my way! Happy Belated Birthday, my friend. I got an alert on my cell phone on Saturday, after I had bought groceries at Trader Joe's that our balance was low! I scrambled to figure out how to get some money in the account since it was the weekend and I made Don drive to the bank immediately! That darned Trader Joe's isn't good for bank balances!


    1. Ooh, I need to figure out how to do that - an alert on my phone when the bank balance is low!

  6. Oh Melanie...what an honest but sweet post.As I read it, I hoped that your day would get better...and what better than a visit from a lovely friend with such a nice gift.
    And now about Tim....Kids always seem to put off things until the very end...I know mine always did. They do seem to come through with flying colors. I read somewhere just this week... that if we worry too much about how our kids handle shows that we don't have confidence in their ablility to work things out on their own. Maybe he's a little nervous about leaving home. I know how you feel and how you will feel on that day....but this is life and after all your guidance and loving care..this is what you have been preparing him for.
    And Trader Joe's...oh how I have wished that we had one here, but after reading how this store affects your pocket books...maybe I'm better off without one :)
    Have a nice evening...Birthday Hugs...Balisha

    1. You know, Balisha - you are absolutely right about what you said about kids handling things. I need to have more confidence in his ability to handle things on his own. And the "funny" thing is, he's done a lot of packing today. I need to back off a little bit! You would love Trader Joes and they have fantastic prices, but they have so many tempting items!

  7. Dear Melanie, This week will be a hard one. Men just do things differently, calm and unaffected when we get nervous and upset. Tim is a sweetheart, his smile is just like yours. You will always be close, no matter where he is. Take care dear friend. You made me feel loved too! Love, Penny

    1. I guess men's calmness balances out our nervousness, doesn't it? You are so sweet to say his smile is like mine. He looks like Brian, but I'll be happy with him having my smile and wavy hair. ;-) Yes, we are very close...both Brian and I have a great relationship with Tim. Like I said to Brian tonight, at least he's leaving on good terms. It's not because he "wants to get the heck out of the house" because of his relationship with us, or that we're kicking him out for some reason.

  8. Dear Melanie,
    I've been reading your blog for a few weeks now, and I have to say - I really like you. You're honest and down-to-earth and sweet and funny. It makes me happy to read your blog.
    Happy belated birthday, and good luck with Tim leaving - I know how hard that is as I've had two children go away to college.

    1. Wow, Jenny...I'm blown away by your compliments. Thank you so much! I feel blessed and humbled by what you have to say about me. I'm trying to open up a little more and let the "real me" come through my blog. I feel that a lot of my earlier posts were a little too stiff and formal. I'm glad you relate to my feelings about kids leaving the nest!

  9. Bloggers are the best friends! Kind, thoughtful and caring. Love them!

  10. Hi Melanie,

    I loved this post! Firstly, you look GREAT with your hair wet! Secondly, LMHO with justifying the kitty pic! And thirdly, your sweet personality and sense of humour made this account of 'the day after' a cheery start to my day TODAY! How kind of Penny to visit you like that with such a thoughtful gesture! Rained on yes, but what a parade it was!


    1. Ha ha, you are too kind to say I look great with my hair wet. Ugh. I can take an emotionally rainy day once in awhile...because the sun does come out after that! :-)

  11. What a lovely thought from Penny. The table-cloth looks perfect in your kitchen. I adore that wall in your kitchen, anyway.

  12. Melanie, I hope your year is one blessing right after the other! A belated Happy Birthday.

    And NO laughter at the soggy look. I came in with just such a look myself this morning and it was only partly due to rain (dropping peaches and chasing them through mudpuddles, ack), most of my soggy look was due to major major hot flash that left me looking like I'd just showered and put on clothes without drying off!

    I've read previous post so know that it all ends fairly well. I'm so glad! Terri

    PS I think with the tablecloth your little table area now looks very English country.

    1. From your lips to God's ears on the blessings! LOL, I think I'd rather have the soggy look from rain instead of a major hot flash. ;-)


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