Monday, August 5, 2013

busy busy and no signs of letting up

 More togetherness with two of my favorite ladies this weekend ~ my mom and my
 aunt. We first had lunch in Aunt Suzie's beautiful back yard...

Then we hit some beautiful thrift shops...

Love thrift shops that have books to peruse, too.
(That's Aunt Suzie looking at the books.)

 I came home with this made-in-Spain aqua teapot and red trivet...

And a really cute cow butter dish...

 A stop was made at my fifth Target store, looking for this particular runner.

Did a little more tweaking in the house...adding some framed prints to this 
display above the buffet in my living room...

Added more aqua ~ this time an aqua tray ~ another clearance summer item
 found at Michaels.

 I moved an old bench to the back of the butterfly garden and put that roadside
board on top of it for now. I know it would look much better if the bench were
painted, but no time for that right now.

I did take a moment to appreciate beauty in the garden, like the Joe Pye Weed
starting to bloom...

Made pesto from my bounty of basil...

And turned it into something luscious, such as this grilled cheese and tomato
 sandwich with pesto on Ezekiel bread...

Made a pot of this delicious, fresh summer soup. Recipe here. She calls
it corn chowder, but it's really more of a refreshing veggie soup.

 And fun on a Sunday...having a new water heat installed because the old
one finally bit the dust. We knew we were living on borrowed time though, as
the old one was the original of the house - 25 years old!

So, this is what I feel like lately (and maybe should be drinking?!)...

And this is what I wish I were doing!

PS - this is NOT a complaining post. I love being busy with get-togethers and doing
things in the house (sans the water heater). I'm off and running now to go put in
a catering order (Italian sausages and fried chicken - I will make some side dishes
 and my family will bring salads, as well) for a family get-together I'm hosting this
 coming Saturday. Tim - my "baby" is moving out - going away to school - on the 
16th  of this month. So I'm having a "fare-thee-well" party for him. Not to mention
 that my extended family has not an all-together party this entire summer, so I'm 
stepping up to the plate. Oh - and it's my birthday on Saturday, but I'm at the age 
where I pretty much ignore that now. ;-)


  1. isn't it amazing how busy we housewives are? I never have time to watch soaps or eat bon bons.

    how did we ever have time to go to those paying jobs anyway?

    1. Ha ha, Rhonda...I haven't watched a soap opera in 25 years! The only TV I watch during the day is sometimes catching Jeopardy. I rarely even watch TV at night. I think how I kept up with all the stuff at home AND working outside the home was because I knew my time was so limited, that I was very wise with my time and was very productive. I do much better with having a schedule. ;-)

  2. I had to laugh when you said you stopped at your 5th Target for something. I have done the same thing when I want something, not Target, but other chains. We actually have 2 Targets in our small town- no one can figure out why when there is a third 5 miles away and a 4th 15 miles away.

    Have fun at your "send off to college" get together.

    1. I was obviously on a hunt for that runner, wasn't I?! I couldn't find it online and I wanted it before the party. Every town here has a Target, also - that's how I was able to stop at so many of them!

  3. Your thrifty finds are wonderful! I've done the same thing with Target stores, and it was also for rugs! I wanted these little scatter rugs for my kitchen and only one store out of three in my area had them. I loved those rugs so much and used them for over three years until they finally died! I couldn't ever find anything like them again. I love your pictures in the window frame; I was actually contemplating buying a postcard of that same Van Gogh chair print just the other day. :)

    1. That's funny that you had the same Target quest for rugs. I think that Van Gogh print is pretty popular. I found mine in a thrift shop, of course.

  4. Oh wow.....I can almost taste that sandwich!

    Loving the rug. I have been looking for something for my laundry room. May have to check that one out. Does it have rubber on the bottom side to keep it from sliding?

    1. That sandwich is so darn good that I just had another one for a late lunch! I love the also comes in an area rug and smaller size. It's very thick and cushy. It has a little bit of a rubbery bottom, but not enough to keep it from sliding. I had to put a rubber rug thingamajig (what do you call those things?!...middle-aged moment here) under it.

  5. I wish I was there to go shopping with you three! Looks like fun! Love your butter dish. Your sandwich looks delish!!

    Love that runner also.


    1. Judy, like I've told you, if you're ever in the Chicago area, we must get together and go treasure hunting! There are so many awesome places to do so around here. :-)

  6. Melanie,

    What beautiful additions to your home-I savoured the wonderful sandwich and all of the pretties too!
    Love the rug and oh, the Tea Pot!
    Happy Hugs,

  7. Hi Melanie,

    I loved this post! It has a little bit of everything; great variety. It must be so relaxing spending time in your living; so cozy, especially with those fun hits of turquoise! And, your garden is looking very sweet. What is Ezekiel bread? Never heard of it, but that grilled cheese and the soup look very yummy. Hope you have a wonderful party for your son and your birthday! Yay! You are a busy bee, and blogging to boot!


    1. Ezekiel bread is bread made with all sprouted grains...check out their web site:

      I don't care for the bread "plain", such as for use in sandwiches, but it's delicious toasted.

  8. Sounds like you're busy with a lot of fun stuff!! Cute finds, beautiful garden, and delicious looking food!!!
    Mary Alice

  9. You do sound busy! But sounds like a fun kind of busy. Your sandwich looks delish! We tried Ezekiel pasta - yuck! Have you had it?

    1. Definitely a fun kind of busy, which is a good thing. Never tried Ezekiel pasta - think I will pass!

  10. It's the good kind of busy when you find things as adorable as that aqua teapot and I always say it's better to be busy than to be bored!

    1. I've never, ever bored - there are way too many interesting things to do and see in this life! :-)

  11. You always look like you have such great fun with your mom and aunt. That thrift shop is awfully nice looking. No wonder you find such perfect things.

    I will wish you a happy ignorance day for your I never celebrate mine. And since my older brother decided when he turned 30 that we all had to drop the first number of our age, we no longer grow old Big brother are smart and have to be listened to right? ;-)

    I am sure something will twist in your heart as Tim leaves home very soon but remember that he is never really gone. He will be visiting his mom for his dose of unconditional love and good food. Enjoy the day of being all together.

    Hugs from Holland ~

    1. I do always have fun with my mom and my aunt. That is one of the nicer thrift shops we go to; it's a bit far from our houses so we don't get there often. Yeah, I don't care much about my birthday anymore - I just celebrate being alive every day. My visits with Tim will be extra-special now, that's for sure. Thanks, Heidi.

  12. Fist, happy birthday that we ill ll ignore! I don't see how Tim is old enough to go to college when you are barely 25 yourself!! I wish I could go thrifting with you. You always find such cute things!

  13. I love, love, love thrift shopping! You always find the most amazing things!!! I feel like I need to change the shops that I frequent because I never find anything like you do! lol (which my wife is probably happy about lol)

  14. A couple thoughts on your roadside finds. Don't paint them! They look so cool and vintage just like they are. I like the piece of wood just where you have it, and was going to suggest putting at the front of a flower bed like edging. As for the window, I don't have a great idea, but I immediately thought about leaving it on the floor and leaning it against a wall, maybe with a large heavy vase in front of it to hold it. That way Brian doesn't have to fret over the nail holes and you can move it around at will.


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