Monday, June 24, 2013

weekend treasures

 Good morning, friends! I hope you all had a good weekend. It's been hot
and humid here in northern Illinois, with lots of rain and thunderstorms. 

I was on the hunt at both Goodwill and Savers this weekend, though this
milk glass pieces is from the antique shop in Evanston where I got the
 butler's table back on the 14th. I have a small collection of milk glass and
couldn't resist this piece for a few dollars.

This coffee/teapot is one of my favorite finds from this weekend.
It's made by Taylor, Smith, Taylor and is the daylily pattern. I don't have any
 green in my kitchen and I don't have a separate dining room, so this beauty
 is going to my mom. It will go perfectly in her dining room.

 I like the versatility of this lace could go on a kitchen table, buffet,
dresser, or side table.

These beautiful red vases are from Crate and Barrel, made in Poland.
They're quite thick - as you can see from the rim - and heavy.

I have one of these French-style soldered ornaments (made by the English
artist, Sarah Lugg) hanging from my china cabinet.

I'm normally not into figurines OR angels, but there was something about this
little Lefton figurine that I thought was really precious.

I put it on Phil's memory shelf ~ which I'm going to clean up and rearrange this week.

More music to put on my computer and iPod...

A wooden sign for the laundry area. Now if I could only find one that said,
"Don't forget the clothes in the dryer."

Some women are into shoes; I'm more into purses. But I never pay full-price.
This one's a Franco Sarto.

 I also went to a library book sale this weekend and got seven novels,
a non-fiction book, and a cookbook. Hope your weekend was filled
with treasures of one kind or another, too!


  1. I could use that sign too Melanie! Lol! I put them in as I should and remember them the next day. :-) I just bought a metal sign that says Laundry 15cents which I told Jos I was going to start applying to his wash...15 cents a

    Did you know that the stitch used in your lace is called a spider? It is a fun stitch for us to make when doing bobbinlace and it does look like a spider with legs.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  2. Lots of great finds. I really like the pot you found that will go to your Mom's. Pretty colors.

  3. You found some great stuff. And that little cutie looks great on his shelf. It's looking like the first book, the lighthouse book, is going to probably win the book poll.

  4. Wow Melanie - You found a lot of good items this weekend. Love everything. The red vases are particularly nice. They'll be great for Christmas and Valentines.

    Good buys.


  5. Hi Melanie,

    You are a great hunter (and gatherer!:)) Love the red and white teapot and the red vases! You know I can't resist that passionate primary! Fabulous finds; congrats and enjoy!



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