Monday, June 17, 2013

weekend fulfillment

 Yesterday was about celebrating Dad.
My own father has been gone 14-1/2 years. He passed away at age 63 from
heart disease - artherosclerosis, to be exact. This picture of me and
my dad was taken around 1965. I showed the picture to Tim. He stared at it
for a minute and then said, "Dang, that's old!"

I wanted to celebrate my husband yesterday as a father. A lot of you know that
we have two boys - Phil and Tim. And that Phil passed away in Sept. 2009 at
the age of 21. Every day is hard, but I knew Father's Day would be especially
hard for Brian. It sounds cliche to say that he's "the most wonderful" husband
and father, but it's true. He is so devoted to his family and works incredibly hard
for us. He truly puts all our needs first and himself last.

 Since Brian had to work all day and we're not all into presents for Father's Day,
I thought I'd whip up a little feast. The way to a man's heart is through his stomach, right?
Even Tim got a kick out of me posting the menu on the fridge. He said, "You're so cute,
mama." I set the table with a pretty tablecloth and a vase of peonies and daisies.
Sorry, forgot to take pictures of the table and food last night. 

 After filling our bellies, we relaxed on the patio with our reading material.
Brian said he had a really good day ~ and that's exactly what I wanted for him.

And that dang thrifting bug bit me again this weekend. Peskier than a mosquito, but
much more inviting. My usual Goodwill haunt had some good stuff ~ like these
Enzo Angiolini shoes. I only buy used shoes if they look like they're almost-new.

There must be something in my family, my mom, and my aunt all have
a plate addiction. I saw these gorgeous plates made by I. Godinger & Co.  
and had to snag a  couple of them. Where in the world I'm going to put them
 or how I'm going to use them, I don't know yet. The colors don't match my kitchen.

Now this sweet little blue and white pitcher goes perfectly in my kitchen. 
It's just a cheap one - made in Japan - but for 99 cents and matching my
 decor, I'm in!

Ooh...retro Mikasa Pastelle sugar and creamer! Love these.

Little vintage pressed flowers pictures that will be perfect in the fall...

 I love my coffee and have a few coffee pictures around my kitchen. Haven't decided
exactly where in the kitchen these will go yet, but I "play" with decor all the time, so
it will eventually be figured out.

I was thrilled to find this kitty doorstop! Our bedroom door hinges were squeaky so Brian
oiled them, but now the door closes on its own. I was grabbing a milk glass bowl that
holds some of my bracelets to hold the door open, but that didn't exactly look nice. 
The cat is purrfect. And, I can always use more terra cotta planters in my gardens.
Again, at 99 cents each, can't be beat.

 Hope your weekend was lovely and fulfilling.


  1. Your father's day tribute is beautiful. I think you celebrated in the best way! The menu is so good...I'm wondering, you wrote "handmade sausage". Do you really make them yourself?

    You made a killing at Goodwill! The kitty door stop is so cute. I love the vintage prints, too.

    Hope you have a great week!


    1. No, I didn't make the sausages...a local grocery store did. ;-) Thanks for all the sweet compliments, Jane!

  2. Sounds like your hubby had a good Father's Day! Love the menu idea! Made him feel special I'm sure!

    You got some really great finds.


    1. He did indeed feel special - thanks, Judy!

  3. Melanie,
    This is such a delightful post about celebrating Father's Day! Love the picture of your Dad. And Wow, what great finds!!!
    Mary Alice

  4. I'm so sad for you and your family for the loss of your son. I can't even imagine what that feels like - but I am glad you managed to have a great dad's day. Your menu looks amazing - and any day reading a great book is always a great day!

    1. Thank you for your condolences, Kelly ~ and I agree about the reading. :-)

  5. But what a great way to celebrate Father's day. That menu is more than impressive! I caught the thrifting bug on the weekend too and bought a few lovely plates. I'm very jealous of that gorgeous butterfly one you got.

    1. When I'm in the mood to cook, I really enjoy doing so. I have two of those butterfly plates - they're just stacked on top of each other. They're so pretty...I *have* to find somewhere to use them!


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