Tuesday, June 11, 2013

barn sale purchases, a little kitchen reshaping, and baby robin update

 In my blog post from Sunday, I said I'd share what I bought at the barn sale.
This vintage muffin pan was only a few dollars and I knew I could do something
 creative with it. I looked in my stash of candle stuff and found glass votive
 holders and I purchased cheap white votives at Meijer (grocery store here). 
I think it makes a rather unique centerpiece on the kitchen table.

Pinterest is full of all kinds of ideas for repurposing old muffin tins, in case you're
 interested. I have some more ideas pinned on my board, Repurposing and Recycling.

 I don't collect cow creamers, but I thought this cow was so cute. And you
know how I love blue and white. The other side of the cow is marked, "Made in Holland".

 I think Mr. Cow fits in just fine on the kitchen shelf - which I 
rearranged once again!

Speaking of recent purchases, remember the blue glasses I found at
Goodwill last week? They're even more beautiful now that they've been washed.
I'm not sure what kind of glasses they are...what you're supposed to drink out
of them. It doesn't matter to me - I'll drink water or iced tea out of them. I thought 
they looked pretty in the china cabinet with the summer pitcher.

And speaking of the china cabinet, I lightened it up today for summer ~ took out all
 the rooster stuff (except for the blue and white polka dot rooster - love the bright
color of this one) and added some brighter colored things. I used scrapbook paper
to cover the middle back wall of the cabinet, just to lighten it up a bit. I wish I 
were one of those people who had the guts and know-how to repaint this cabinet
white. Anyone want to come over and do it, I'll put you up for a few days
 and feed you. ;-) 

The baby robins are 11 days old today. They're so big, they barely fit
in the nest anymore. They crouch down like this when they see me coming
now. Draw their heads into their bodies. From what I've read, they will fly
away from the nest in 2-4 more days. I will miss them! I've loved watching
them grow and change every day.


  1. I have enjoyed the baby robins. They are following you with those little dark eyes . . . How fast they have grown . . . I hope you'll have a chance to see them fly from the nest Melanie . . .

  2. Your blue goblets are lovely. My last find was a lone margarita glass. The stem looks like a Saguaro cactus. It was the perfect size (for now) to hold my recently purchased air plant.

    The robins are adorable. I had no idea they would fly so soon.

    1. A margarita glass holding an air plant, huh? I think I'd rather use it for a margarita. ;-) Yes, it's amazing how fast birds go from naked little "nothings" to leaving the nest - 2 weeks!

  3. Awww those baby robins are so adorable! I love watching baby birds hatch out and the mama take care of them til they fly away. It's so wonderful!

    I really like what you did with the muffin tin and the candles. It looks so cute!

  4. I like how you're using your wonderful finds, Melanie. It's always fun to tweak for a new look for the new season. Those baby robins are adorable!!
    Mary Alice

  5. Cute little baby birds.

    Love all your finds and tweaking. I seem to notice things people aren't featuring - I LOVE the tablecloth. Is it vintage? Passed down through the family?

  6. Your cute glasses look like Tiara Glass Kings Crown in Imperial Blue. I have some also. These would be wine glasses I think, but you can drink anything you want out of them!! lol! Love the old muffin tins.

    Your baby birds are growing like crazy. We have a wren sitting on a nest of at least 3 eggs. She fusses at me when I try to look!


    1. Thanks for letting me know what these glasses are, Linda! I looked them up on eBay. They sell for about $6+ each. I got them for 99 cents each! Your birds will be hatching soon...when mama flies away, you'll probably be able to get a look at the babies. :-)

  7. I love the candles in the muffin tin! Your little shelf is looking very pretty in blue and white.

    1. Thanks for the compliments, Manuela!

  8. The candles look beautiful in the vintage muffin tray...what a neat little idea!

  9. I love the white shelf you have in your kitchen. The glasses are really beautiful, though I don't know if they are specific to a particular beverage either. I've really enjoyed all the updates about the baby robins and I'll miss them as well.

    1. The glasses are so small, I'm wondering if they're meant to be a juice glass? The baby robins flew away today and so now the nest is empty. I'm actually kind of sad about it!

  10. Melanie,

    These little Robins have been delightful-don't they grow so fast?? Just maybe one or two of them will stay around for you to enjoy.
    Love muffin tins-this is a super cute idea!
    Happy Hugs-

    1. The babies flew away today and they're now in the clump of bushes and brush not too far from where the nest is. Wonder if they'll stick around this area?

  11. Hi Melanie

    Thanks for pointing out that thyme was missing from my recipe. Silly me! I've revised it now to include the thyme. Have a great weekend ahead.

  12. That cabinet will look amazing white! I hate painting furniture but I am always so happy once it's done. Love your winky mugs so much! Who doesn't want a cup with personality?

    1. I have so many other pieces of furniture to paint, that I can't even fathom getting to this cabinet yet...

  13. I really like the votives in the vintage muffin tin -- so charming! And I adore the blue polka dot chicken! I'd say that is one fully-packed nest of peeps!


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