Monday, May 27, 2013

new kitchen table ~ and Mama Robin update

Happy Memorial Day! We'd normally be grilling today but the weather here has
been so cold and rainy. Instead, my friend is going to be joining us this evening
for pizza, sangria, and some rousing rounds of Scrabble.

In the meantime...when my mom and I were out thrifting the other day, I found
a beautiful drop-leaf table. As I mentioned, I've been looking for one to put in front
of my living room window. The one my mom gave me a couple of weeks ago is too
small. This one looked just right in the store. I figured if it didn't work out, that I could
use it for a kitchen table and get rid of the modern teak one that we have. (It's "OK", it
just doesn't go in my cottage kitchen.) I hemmed and hawed about the table, as I
really don't have the extra money to spend right now. The store was having a 50%
off sale, and the tag on the table said $250, so that made the table $125. Still
too high for me. So I asked the owner if she'd come down to $100, but she held firm at
$110. I kept walking away and going back to look at the table. I really wanted it.
You guessed it ~ it came home with me. The cats immediately had to check it out.
 Oh - and it endedup that I don't like it in front of the living room window.

Brian took apart the teak table that was in the kitchen and we set up the drop leaf
one in its place ~ only we put the leaves up to make it a small, round table.
I love it! It's perfect for the two of us. And it takes up so much less room in the
 kitchen than the bigger teak table did. I just need two new chairs now. These 
are temporary. Though they might look better if I paint them. I'm playing it by ear,
 depending what other chairs I can find in resale shops.

I also need a new rug. This sisal one with black trim does not "go" in my kitchen.

In my May 17th post, I wrote about how a robin built a nest in my hanging basket
of flowers. And that she had laid one egg thus far. Well, she has now laid four eggs
(the most robins lay at one time) and is busy laying on her eggs, which robins do
for two weeks. I love watching her and can't wait to chronicle the rest of her story
when her babies hatch out of their eggs!

Aren't robin's eggs the most beautiful blue you've ever seen?

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  1. Although I can't really make out the colours in your pretty tablecloth, I love the way the robin's blue eggs and reddish pink petals complement it!

    Kudos on the table, very cute!


  2. The tablecloth is red, white, and kind of robin's egg blue! :-)

  3. I LOVE that little table in your kitchen!It's the perfect size and I love tables that have wheels to easily move them.

    1. Thank you! I love the wheels on the table, too.

  4. I like your new drop leaf table . . . sounds like it was a good buy.

    Exciting to watch the momma Robin . . . love the color of their eggs! Keep us posted on the progress . . .

  5. Melanie I do love that table in your kitchen!! I think it's a great find! Oh Mrs Robin let us see those babies when they hatch please!!

    1. Thank you, Linda. I try not to disturb mama robin, but maybe when the babies hatch and she's away from the nest finding worms, I can get some pictures of the babies. :-)

  6. I had an almost identical drop leaf table in my dining room at our old house. It came with me to our little cottage, but we just did not have the space for it. I was sorry to sell it because it had been my grandmother's. She kept it in the basement as a folding station.

    Enjoy your table - since the cats love it, it was meant to be.

  7. Your new table looks perfect in your kitchen and it gives you a lot of room to walk around. Great find.
    I think you should try painting your chairs, what do you have to loss :)
    Have a great week,
    Connie :)

    1. Exactly! Though I have so many things to paint right now...a couple of side tables, 2 nightstands, 2 picnic benches, an outdoor metal table...

  8. I think that's a great price for the table! I'm glad you were able to bring it home with you :) And the robin looks so cute on her nest. Robin eggs are just about the most beautiful thing in nature!

    1. I think it was a decent price, too. I agree with you about the robin's eggs!

  9. The table is really nice. I like that it's on wheels. I bought more than one piece that didn't end up in the spot I bought it for! The robin nest is adorable and tell Mrs Robin she has the most beautiful eggs ever.

    1. Glad to know it's just not me who has bought furniture for an intended spot and it didn't work out! ;-)

  10. Hi Mel, How about Robin's egg blue for the chairs in your kitchen? You did a beautiful job on the wall with the frames...Your photo of the nest is BEAUTIFUL. Hope to see you soon. Love, Penny

  11. Hi Melanie, thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog and, Congratulations, those five years will past very soon, and if you had been renting, where would you be. Whether to stay in your home or move, you have a home to sell and probably pay off the new one :) My heart goes out to those who have always rented. Oh, in five years you will have to have a celebration, we did :)
    God bless,
    Your blogging sister, Connie :)


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