Friday, May 17, 2013

beauty all around us

 It's amazing how, when spring gets going, plants seemingly grow overnight and
bushes and flowers burst into bloom. The cilantro in my herbal fairy garden is already
taking over much of the pot! And I've even clipped and used some in my cooking.

My lilac bush is blooming now and the fragrance is heavenly. Outdoors, that is.
I have allergies and if I bring the blooms indoors, it makes my schnoz very unhappy.

My fern plant unfolds a little more each day.

 This wicker rack is on the patio. I'm not done with it yet; I'm still filling it
in with plants and decor. See the three flowered pots in the blue wooden box?
I got those at the Dollar Tree yesterday.

I was hunting around in the garage for other items I could possibly use outdoors
and I found this wicker stand. It was faded with wear, so I spray-painted it 
bright blue to liven things up. I only had time for one coat yesterday though.
Still needs another coat or two. And more plants too, of course.
I got this pretty pot at the Salvation Army thrift store. If you're looking
for plant pots, thrift stores and dollar stores are the way to go! I couldn't
believe how expensive plant pots are even at Wal-Mart.

 I like how the wicker stand adds dimension and interest to the flat ground coverings.
Will be even prettier when those day lilies by the fence start to bloom!

I went to water my hanging fuschia plant a few days ago, and was surprised to find
that a bird decided that the plant would be a good place to build a nest!

It was still muddy inside....mama bird was obviously still building. No nesting
material inside the nest yet.

Well, imagine my surprise and delight when I peeked into the nest today and found
not only the nesting material, but one blue egg, too! A robin's egg!

There's a big lake only a few blocks from my house and I was down there the
other evening with my camera, so I was able to capture a couple of beautiful
photos. I'm not sure what kind of tree this is (I'm terrible at remembering names
of trees and plants), but it sure looked pretty, especially with the cat tails in the 

And then I was able to capture this photo of a lone fisherman.
So peaceful and serene, isn't it?

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  2. Melanie - Beautiful photos. Your flowers look great. Love that wicker piece blue! The Robin's egg is so pretty in her next. Isn't nature wonderful?


    1. Yes, it is, Judy! Thanks for the compliments.

  3. You've created some really cute ways to display your flowers and garden things. I really like the white wicker shelves and the blue stand, they add a little whimsy. I need to get to work on my patio here, it looks like it did all winter except I threw the big hibiscus trees out there to fend for themselves! lol! How about that egg? That mama bird sure had to work overtime to finish that nest in time to lay the egg! Now you have to figure out how to water that fuschia! ;-D

    Love your lake pictures, the one with the fisherman makes me want to get back to the lake and take a boat ride at sunset.

    Hope you had a good week!


    1. I love whimsy around the house and garden. I'm wondering if mama bird is going to lay any more eggs. I'd be surprised if there was only one.

  4. That's an Eastern Redbud tree. We have one in our yard and I LOVE it. Your lilac is gorgeous, too. Sorry about your allergies, though. I love all your pretty potted herbs and annuals mixed into the garden bed and along the patio. This is such a wonderful time of year, isn't it?

    1. Thanks for letting me know what kind of tree that is! I definitely love this time of year.

  5. Great pictures . . . I hope we will see a baby Robin soon . . . I like the fishing man serene photo!

  6. Beautiful photos! I need to work more on my deck. It's a mess still. I've had a horrible time with my allergies this year ugh. A bird is building a nest on my shelves so I will have to be careful until they are done! LOL!


    1. I'm glad you like the photos, Linda. Seems everyone's allergies are really bad this spring. I take Allegra D, but only if my allergies are really bad. I don't like taking it everyday; plus, it's pretty expensive.

  7. Melanie, I loved all these shots of spring. That wicker etagere with the primary colors on it is darling. And i love the fairy garden, too. And those lilacs! How I wish we could grow them in Florida! And the nest with the tiny blue egg... SO cute. These all just speak spring to me!



    1. Thanks, Sheila - I'm still working on that wicker etagere; it's starting to come together! Lilac bushes are lovely, but unfortunately, the blooms don't last very long.

  8. Hi Mel, I love that pop of blue in your garden, and that ground cover looks so lush. I always call Robins the hardest working birds in show business;-). It all happens so fast...building the nest, laying the eggs, the caring for the young...just like for us, it's over before you know it! Enjoy every moment...what a gift to watch it all unfold! Have a great Sunday! Love, Penny

    1. I love the ground cover, too...that's pachysandra. Great for a shady area. That's about 10 years worth of growth from a handful of plants. I like how you compared the work of robins to us human moms - you're right! I did indeed have a great Sunday, thanks! :-)

  9. Melanie,

    You have taken my breath away! Your flowers are TOO cute! I love the little assortment in the painted blue wicker basket among all the greenery! But, that pic of the flowering tree by the lake is pure art!

    Poppy :)

  10. Your yard art and flowers are looking so pretty. I don't even have my cilantro seed planted yet. I am so far behind that behind will soon be in front! I like your white wicker stand and the colorful little watering cans on it. Nancy

  11. Thank you so much for all the sweet compliments, Nancy!

  12. Yes, it's amazing how when Spring arrives, everything starts growing like crazy, and add a little rain and the grass is so green that it hurts the eyes! Love all of your pretty photos, especially the robin's nest. We've been watching baby robins in a nest on our garage, and it's crazy how fast they grow!
    Have a great week!

  13. Hey, I'm sorry I had to build my nest in your planter....Ha ha!


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