Wednesday, May 29, 2013

a walk around my yard

Welcome, sunshine. I have missed you so. 
Clouds and rain have their place, but not for days on end.
It felt so good to putter and work around my yard again today,
 so I thought I'd take you on a little tour.

 Walking up to my front porch, there's a table full of spider plants
basking in the sunshine.

 A vintage pot of purple and yellow pansies by the front door
greets you with its cheer.

 But, watch out for Mama Robin! She always has her eye on you
while you're lingering on the porch.

 This is the south side of the house. The paved walkway leads to the patio.
There's still work to be done here. I'd like to paint the bench that's by
the fence and we need to put the patio rug on the patio. We're waiting
until all this rain is done though. When the rug gets soaked, even though
it's an outdoor one, it stays wet for a long time. There's too much
shade on this side of the house with all the trees hanging overhead.

Walking around to the back yard, you will see I started lining the little garden
in the middle of the yard with large, round rocks. I dug those out of our
front ditch area this morning. There's a few more to dig out, but I think I'm
going to fall short. I will have to hunt for roadside rocks on my walks.
The dirt patch to the right is what used to be our fire pit. Brian needs to get
rid of the cinder blocks (they won't go in the garbage, of course...we'll either find
some kind of unique way to use them {little planters?} or put them by the roadside
with a "free" sign.) The barrel you see is our composting barrel. Which we love, BTW.
We don't have to buy any dirt or potting soil. This thing makes the most beautiful
dirt you've ever seen. My plants thrive in this stuff.

 Against the back of the house is an herb garden that is constantly threatened
to be overtaken by the mint and the lemon balm. That's lavender at the back left,
with rosemary and parsley in front.

We planted some lettuces against the back area of the house too,
but it doesn't look so great. Lettuces like cooler weather and I think we
planted these too late - near the end of April.

Walking around to the north side of my house, you will find what I fondly call
"the plant from hell", AKA a comfrey plant, and a pot of tomatoes. The comfrey
plant was just a tiny cutting from my mom's yard last year. She had warned me
that it grows huge and pretty much takes over everything else. Moms are
always right.

One of my favorite flowers is begonias. They remind me of little roses. This
abundant basket hangs by the side door that leads into the kitchen.

 And then we have this row of flowering bushes that desperately need
trimming right now. Brian does that job with a power hedge trimmer.

 Well, I hope you enjoyed my yard tour. Thank you for taking the time
to share this beautiful day with me. We are grilling pork tenderloin for dinner
and I made a homemade BBQ mole sauce to go on it. We'll also have asparagus
with a buttery balsamic vinegar glaze and macaroni salad.


  1. Pretty, pretty, pretty! A lot of our plants are dying due to all of the rain! Too much - didn't think I'd ever say we'd had too much rain but we have this year!

    Your gardens are beautiful!


  2. I truly enjoyed my tour! I love to see people's homes and yards so I can picture them there. Great shot of the robin. She's not going anywhere. I envy you your patio. I don't have a little spot like that here.

    1. I like seeing people's yards and the insides of their houses, too. Helps to get to know the person, doesn't it? Our side patio is the only place we have to sit - we don't have a deck. Sometimes I sit on my little front porch but it's not private.

  3. Pretty yard! I love the side yard landscaping. I so need to do something with mine.

    Thanks for the inspiration :)

    1. You're welcome, Anne - and thanks for visiting!

  4. Everything looks so pretty, proud of all your hard work! I love your herb garden...I think mine are just in too much shade. I also love all of your ground cover. Do you have the names of the plants?

    Positively going out for flowers tomorrow. Planting them...not sure! ;-D


    1. Thanks, Jane! Believe it or not, that herb garden doesn't get a lot of sun. Just partial. That mass of ground cover in the middle is pachysandra. It's perfect for the shade and spreads like crazy. Mine's about 10 years of growth though. The plants towards the front area are dead nettle and vinca. And then the plants towards the back near the patio pot are...something that just appeared last year that I didn't plant! lol Seriously, one day there were a few plants sticking out of the ground and I was like, "Where did these come from?" and now they're spreading like wildfire.

  5. Wow, you have a beautiful yard! Those hostas are fantastic. I wish I had a green thumb but have so much trouble keeping things alive!

    1. Thank you, Heather for such a nice comment! I don't do anything to the hostas - just stuck them in the ground and they grow. Maybe it's our soil!

  6. Thank you Melanie for taking us on such a lovely stroll around your yard. My Mom and I used to do this when I would go home for a visit. I always enjoyed seeing what she had tucked here and there and what had survived the harsh winter. Your Mama Robin is absolutely precious-she has made herself quite a home. Your yard is so interesting with it's diverse plant collection. Very, very relaxing, a glorious spot to sit, sip on tea and reflect.
    Thanks Again!

    1. Thank YOU, Jemma ~ you are always incredibly sweet with your comments.

  7. Your flower gardens and yard are looking fabulous, Melanie! Tuberous begonias have always been one of my favorite flowers, too.

  8. Your yard and gardens look beautiful, Melanie! I love this time of year when everything is so lush and green.
    Mary Alice

    1. Thanks, Mary Alice. I love this time of year, too. Wish it could be this way year-round!

  9. Melanie, after seeing your beautifully flourishing garden, I am missing the rain of Canada and what greenery it brings! I love begonias too, exactly for that reason! I bought a pot of them last summer that I needed for a corner in my kitchen and was told that they would do fine indoors. But, they died after about two weeks! Can they survive indoors or did I over water them? Thanks for the lovely tour; very refreshing!


  10. Mint and lemon balm both come from the same family, and really should be contained in the garden or they will indeed take over. A good trick is to cut the bottom out of a plastic pot, then sink that pot into the ground with mint planted in it. It keeps it contained better. And that begonia you love so much? You can take cuttings into the house over the winter, or even the whole plant. It actually makes a good houseplant, just make sure there are no bugs in it. Then you can put it back out next summer. Mine even bloomed inside mid winter.


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