Tuesday, April 30, 2013

adding excitement to the hallway bath

 My main bath is done in neutrals ~ gray, white, and black.
While those colors can look striking on their own, I need color.
 I played up the floating shelves with blue and yellow mini picture frames, a colorful
bird, a bright green candle, and what was originally a (bright blue) cupcake
 stand, now used to hold Dixie cups.

I think these pops of color fit in well with the vivid colors in the towel
and pictures on the wall beside the sink.

See the basket beside the toilet? I was looking for a tall, narrow basket
to fit in this space and found this at HomeGoods. It's great for not only holding
extra rolls of toilet paper, but for hiding the ugly piping that comes off the back of
the toilet and goes into the wall. The basket has a little chalkboard label, so I
suppose I could find a piece of chalk and mark the label, "TP". Naah, that's
too boring and obvious. I think I'll write, "wipe". :-)


  1. Melanie - Love your pops of color in this bath.


  2. Your bathroom looks so pretty with the pops of color. Love the floating shelves. I almost bought that same shower curtain, but then decided my neutral bathroom needed more color. It's a pretty one, though.
    Mary Alice

    1. Thanks, Mary Alice. I love this shower curtain from Target!

  3. Melanie,
    You have totally combined the neutral and color scheme perfectly! Your bathroom has turned out beautifully-you must be
    so very pleased!

  4. This looks fantastic, Mel! You are too funny about the TP! How about "refill when empty"? My family is great for leaving me high and dry (or not) Ooh, TMI!!

    Al is struggling with our floating shelves. Any tips?


    1. I'm always the one refilling the TP, too! Brian did the shelves, I'll ask him and let you know.

  5. Mel, do you know the name of the grey color on your walls? I love it!!

    1. Hi Tracy ~ I will find it and get back to you, OK? :-)

  6. I do love the pops of color! It looks great and you tweaked it perfectly :)

    Thanks so much for the sweet comment on my blog!

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