Wednesday, April 10, 2013

a new wall arrangement ~ and soon to be new range

 You might remember that one of my kitchen walls looked like this
(minus the white stool; now a black table is in its place)...

 I never felt like the left side was balanced, so then I tried adding
the two flowered trays ~ and didn't like that look either.

So, yesterday I decided to take everything down and move the "share a moment" 
picture to the left and add something new to the right. A little better so far?
I'll show you in a moment what I did with the smaller coffee print and the red
metal coffee sign.

What do you think if I then added two plates - one blue, one red - to the
 side of the white shelf? (That's Brian, helping me out.)

Or, two red plates? I think I like the blue and red better.

 As for the smaller coffee print and the red metal coffee
sign, I put them on the wall by the coffee maker.

 Speaking of kitchen stuff, we have to get a new range. Our 15-year old 
Hotpoint gave up the ghost. The serviceman told us it was the circuit board. 
With the price of parts and labor, it wasn't worth repairing. So I spent a lot
 of time online last night and today, researching different brands, prices,
 and reviews. When every dollar counts, you gotta do your homework!



  1. Yep, you have to do your research when you're spending money on something that you have to use every day!

    Cute changes! I like red and blue plates.

    1. We research things to death when we have a major purchase to make! Thanks for your "vote" on the red and blue plates.

  2. Decisions, decisions . . . I doubt if I am the best help for you. I probably would do less than more and try to remember a "rule of three." I like the plates, the red works for me, and the other plate needs to be the same size, and also with a bit of red.

    I feel creating and decorating in our home we need to remember our essence, who WE are . . . and then embrace that into what we create.
    Sometimes the trends aren't who we are . . . look for comfort, flow, ease . . .

    Good luck Melanie and in checking out ranges for purchase.

    1. It's not just the rule of 3, there's also 5 & 7. Always the uneven number in groupings. That's why I liked the white shelf & 2 plates...that's 3! :-) The blue plate is the same size as the red plate. We found the range we want; going tomorrow night to Sears to order it.

  3. We may buy a new refrigerator. We just purchased our home and the refrigerator is smaller than what we were used to. Guess we will have some homework to do on that.

  4. I like the last looks less "busy" and more cohesive. I do love the look of plates on walls, I've always wanted to try that if I just had the wall space. Maybe if you hung them so we could see. There are industrial strength adhesive velcro strips by 3M you can use if you don't want holes in the walls. I do like where you put the sign my your coffee maker, that's really cute.

    Glad you are doing your homework, there are a lot of styles out there. I hate picking out appliances, Hubby has done it all, and I mean all!


    1. Now I don't know what to do regarding the plates! I have two of those blue plates too...wonder if they would look better than the red! I rarely put holes in the walls anymore unless it's something really heavy; otherwise I do use those 3M strips. I hate picking out appliances too, but since I'm the one who uses them most often, I'd better be the one doing most of the homework and choosing! Brian did help a little last night.

  5. I like the change. Definitely like the red and blue plates rather than the two red. And I like the ones you put in the kitchen near the coffee maker. I'm not one for style or decorating rules -- I say the more the merrier. And I never measure. Just eye it and for it. :) Have a great day. Tammy

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks for your input, Tammy. I'm going to "play" with the plates...maybe even some above the white shelf as well as to the side of it - and see how that looks! I don't measure either; I just eyeball.

  7. Very pretty Melanie. What would happen if you moved the picture back over the mixer and use the white shelf over the book case with the red and blue plates on each side? Just a thought. I think the big picture over the mixer balances the height of the book case on the other side. I'm sure whatever you decide will be beautiful. You have excellent taste and lots of talent!!

  8. Oh Susan, Brian would kill me if I wanted to move things back! There's already enough nail holes in the walls as it is. Maybe you'd have to see the whole set-up in person, but the big picture really does look better over the shelving unit than it did on the other side (over the black table). I had Brian hold up the white shelf over the shelving unit/bookcase, and it looked terrible because of scrollwork overload. The shelving unit has lots of scroll work and so does the shelf. Overkill. Oh well, I'll figure it all out! You are very sweet in saying I have excellent taste and lots of talent. Thank you.


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