Monday, July 4, 2011

thrifting weekend with my mom

Last weekend, me and my lovely mom went antiquing and thrifting out in her neck of the woods. Take a look at this lovely shop we found...

Vintage watering cans and pails...

I loved this patio set, but it was a little pricey. And I didn't like the material used in the upholstery. I have no problem changing out seat cushions, but the material was also used in the back rest.

We loved this adorable hanging chicken basket, but it was too big for Mom's kitchen.

So much stuff to explore!

Well, we didn't find anything in that antique mall, so of course I had to hit Goodwill on the way home! I'm drawn to small pieces of art, especially if they're old...

I'm now using this unique basket in my bathroom to hold cotton balls and some lotions...

I don't normally collect teacups and saucers, but this one was SO beautiful. It's hand-painted, Mikado, Japan. I'm using it on my bedroom nightstand to hold some bracelets.

Love blue and white dishes and kitchen pieces. This beautiful pitcher is from Portugal and is hand-painted and numbered.

I know this little shelf isn't exactly pretty the way it is, but I'm going to paint it (probably green) and use it in the guest room (in progress).

This vase is much prettier in person. It's very thick and heavy. I'm going to use it outside on the patio table to display bunches of summer flowers.

Bonus! It was brand-new and retailed for $10. Score for 99 cents!

Cute little tin basket which is now hanging outside in a display on the wooden privacy fence.

Love the way the pink flowers "stand out" on this votive candle holder...

How do you like this sweater? What a great find - it's made by Ava - which retails for an average of $150! My price? 

Books, books, and more books...what I need like a hole in the head.

Blessings, Melanie


  1. You found some really great things! What goodwill do you go to? Ours never has great stuff like that!

  2. Hi Melanie
    I do like your purchases, the sweater looks so nice on you, I like the ruffled-ish hemline.
    your mom is adorable!

  3. I wish i had been with you, I see so many pretty things! Looks like your found some real wonderful goodies! The teacup is really pretty. Love the blue pitcher from Portugal!! You'll have to let me know if the books are good. I'm always looking for good reads for my book club.

  4. Now that chicken planter is something! Your sweater is so cute - I love the shade of green. I wish I'd find some vintage watering cans as I'd really like some. Looks like my kind of fun day!



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