Tuesday, July 19, 2011

organizing makes the world go round

Well, not really...

But it DOES make you feel better.

It was Martha Stewart who said, "Life is too complicated not to be orderly."  So, I heeded Martha's advice and tackled a few problem areas in my kitchen.

Take my kitchen junk drawer, for instance. OK, I know you've seen worse, but it could use some cleaning out.

Ahh, much better.

My cluttered food and spice pantry. 



(I'm starting to collect glass jars from spaghetti sauce, salsa, etc. and use for storage containers.)

Embarrassed to show you my freezer, but here it is in all its glory...

Who even knew I had ice cream hidden in there?!

Martha would be proud.


  1. It makes organizing manageable when you just work on one small area at a time. I feel like I can't think straight when my house is a mess, so I try to do just a little bit of cleaning and sorting every day, and then things never get bad. I keep all my spices in two plastic bins very similar to yours, so I can just pull the whole bin and easily grab what I need. Yum, I'll take a bowl of that chocolate chip mint icecream!

  2. When I get something in order and organize it it is like a drug. Gives me a high. I love to look at my organization too as I walk by whatever I have worked on. Just did my fridge and freezer too.

  3. Good for you! I tried to organize two drawers in my bedroom yesterday that are full of scrapbook supplies and gift items that I pick up so I always having something on hand just in case. It took hours. I need to organize so many spaces but it just isn't very fulfilling because of the time involved. Plus I feel guilty about just throwing stuff so that makes the task even harder. I wish I could just wiggle my nose like Bewitched and have it all done. :) Guess I just need to try and do a bit at a time like Gayle. Have a wonderful Wednesday. Tammy

  4. I agree with you.

    And that's some tasty looking ice cream you found!

  5. Looks just like my freezer, drawers and cabinets! We are about to put our house up for sale. I have the decluttering done and the surface spotless. Next is my refrig, cabinets, drawers, etc. Thanks for the inspiration. I found your blog through Rhonda! I love it.

  6. I love that quote! I am just more at peace when things are organized. Thank you for the kick in the pants. I'm going to tackle my linen armoire today just because of you.

  7. My, you have been very busy! We are generally very organized, but my junk drawer looks awful. I'd better clean it out sometime!

  8. Organizing makes a big difference. It not only helps you find things but creates space. And you find junk you should have gotten rid of long ago before it ever appeared in a drawer...lol.

    Now you are really making me jealous! Not only do you have mint chocolate chip ice cream (my favorite and we do not have it here) but also chocolate peanut butter cup? Who knew they had that flavor and oh but I am drooling. I guess I will go eat some plain ice cream that I have...snick...do you feel for me...lol.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  9. My junk drawer never stays organized! Too many hand in there plundering! Nice job on all of your organizing!

  10. Martha is so right (isn't she usually). Looks great - I did my freezer yesterday too!

  11. I so need to do this to every hidden space in my house.... :)


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