Sunday, July 10, 2011

a visit to my gardens

Welcome to the gardens of Comfy House!

Where even chipmunks are on hand to greet you.

This area in front of our house is actually a drainage ditch. We filled it with lilies and some other flowers to make it pretty. I love when these bright orange lilies bloom in mid- summer. Wish they'd stay that way for the entire season.

The little front porch of Comfy House...

A neighbor gave me this wrought-iron table years ago. She was going to throw it away simply because it was bright blue and she didn't like it. All it needed was a makeover with spray paint. The wire rooster plant holder was found in a thrift shop and was an ugly gold. Paint to the rescue for the rooster, too!

Wooden crate full of potted begonias on the front step...(you can see it to the right in the full porch picture above).

Hydrangeas (and some potted petunias) line the front walkway. The iron pieces leaning against the side of the house were part of a trellis we once had that finally broke. I was hoping to eventually plant some kind of climbing vine that would climb up these pieces, but never found the right plants. Last week, I found little white lights at Target, and hubby wound them around the iron piece on the right. I need to buy another box of these lights so we can wind them around the other iron piece. It looks really pretty lit up at night.

Here's the walkway on the south side of the house that leads to the patio. The old, ugly privacy fence is not ours - it belongs to our neighbor. It is falling over and rotting and she refuses to replace it. Also, you might be able to see how stained our patio is. That's from thousands of mulberries dropping from her tree and rotting all over our patio and walkway. It's incredibly aggravating (I sweep up tons of rotting mulberries every day) and she won't trim the tree. We hired someone to trim it (it's a gigantic tree) back to her property line about five years ago. We'll have it done again next year. 

You also might be able to tell that the outdoor rug is torn up in the back. My son was mowing the yard the other day and because he "wasn't thinking", he left the lawn mower running while he crossed from the back yard into the front yard. Yes, he "mowed" the rug. 


The old window was salvaged from a home remodel in my neighborhood...

Come on into the back yard. Here's the butterfly garden, though the butterfly bushes, Purple Coneflower, and Black-Eyed Susans haven't bloomed yet.

If you'd like to cook with some fresh herbs, I have lavender, oregano, basil, cilantro, chocolate mint, rosemary, and lemon balm in my herb garden.

This is just a circular area in the back yard that hubby dug out last year. The piece in the middle is actually a huge candle stick, but I'm using it as a base for a bird bath. I've been looking for a large, shallow plant saucer to use as the top of the bird bath - either plastic or terra cotta - and would you believe I can't find one? I've been to Wal-Mart and Home Depot.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend - thanks for visiting and  stay cool! 

PS - I wasn't one of the lucky winners in the Vintage Pearl giveaway. :-(


  1. Your yard and herb garden look great. We don't have anything green going on over here which can be quite depressing at times. All the plants on our bedroom balcony died while we were away for 10 days -- with no one around to water them and temps above 110 every day, they burnt to a crisp. :/ You could always paint that rickety fence from your side and hang thrifted items on it to spruce it up. I like how you recycle things for a new purpose. Funny how others can't see what a little paint can do! Have a great week. Tammy

  2. Your garden is lovely!! (minus the mowed rug part.) How awful our lives would be without plants! I could never live in an downtown, urban setting. I need green space. I've got several herbs growing too: thyme, oregano, lemon balm, sage, rosemary, mint, pineapple sage, basil, chives.... am I forgetting anything? I tried cilantro last year, but I killed it.

  3. Now you know I enjoyed the garden tour! I was going to suggest Walmart, because I bought brightly colored saucers there before. Try Lowe's next!

  4. How fun to stroll around your garden! I had to laugh at your son 'mowing' the What a fabulous idea for a candlestick for the bird bath. You would not believe how long I have been looking for a bird bath that doesn't cost the earth. I am planning on putting a dish at ground level now as we have frogs in our garden even though we have no pond. There was even a mommy, daddy and baby all together under a shrub.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  5. I love seeing other peoples gardens! Your garden is just lovely. I can't believe you can't find plant saucer to use!! How strange - I'm sure I've seen terra cotta ones at HD.

  6. Hi Melanie, I never knew you were such an amazing gardener, you have so many pretty plants and I am so enjoying how green and lush they look.

    it is so hot and dry here, most everything has at least some brown burned leaves and many plants have died.

    if you were closer to me, you could have the sisal rug that is rolled up in our front closet, it is natural color with a burgundy border and fleur de lis in every corners. Maybe someday my backyard will be pretty enough to put a rug in.

  7. Love your garden Melanie. You have a green thumb for sure!

  8. Hopped over here from Rhonda's blog.
    I love your yard! LOL, you must either have a fast camera or a very tame chipmunk. I could never get a picture of one! (Although a few of my squirrels will 'pose.')
    I would think the wire rooster thing is an egg basket. I have one similar to that (actually, I have a few, including a cat!) and never thought to use them that way. You've given me a new idea!
    Try Michael's or another craft store for your 'bird bath' top. Maybe you could even use a round platter with a rim, or a tray? It will be very cute!


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