Tuesday, May 31, 2011

summer fireplace vignette

I love having a fireplace - in the winter.
But, what do you do with an empty, black box in the wall during the summer?
Sure is a boring space when there's no fire burning!

I've seen ideas such as pillar candles (been there, done that)
and stacked white, birch logs (pretty - but can't find any).

Sooo...I decided to make a vignette in that black box.

Here's a picture with the screen open - with two pillar candles in front.

Here's the same set-up without the candles.
 I think I like this look better. 
The candles with everything else was just "too much".
I tried putting the candles on top of the green, glass candlesticks (from Goodwill, of course!)
but it made the look too tall.

Oh, and I found the monogrammed platter at Tuesday Morning.

The overall look when you walk in the front door...

What do you think??


  1. You make the cutest vignettes! The little R platter is too great. Gotta love that store!


  2. Looks nice Melanie! I've also done the candles. And I've done white Xmas lights, which I liked quite a bit for summer (and winter too).

    Linda in VA


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