Wednesday, May 25, 2011

spring has - finally - sprung

Here in northern Illinois, it seems like the warm weather will never get here. Sure, we've had a few warm days here and there. But, the emphasis is on few. Just this past weekend, we planted our veggie garden. And I'm just now planting flowers around the house.

These little purple and yellow violas ("Johnny Jump-Ups") are the first flowers I plant every spring. They're so cheery!

Fuschias in a hanging basket...

Look at the colors in this begonia. Hand-painted by the Creator.

Hostas are very popular in my area. You basically just stick them in the ground - and they grow. What could be easier? These are only two hostas - and they'll get even bigger as the weather gets warmer.

I have just one lilac bush and was surprised to see that the flowers are more white instead of the traditional purple.

While I was outside photographing the flowers, Monkey and Clem were watching me through the living room window. I love how Clem is trying to smush her way in. :-)


  1. Melanie, Hostas are a carefree favorite for my shady garden areas. I love things that come up every year! :-) Love your fuschias... those are one of my mom's favorites. Lilacs come in various shades of purple and blue, pink, white and light yellow, and I think they are all so pretty!

  2. I'm glad our weather isn't holding you back, Melanie. It looks like I won't get to much gardening until next week. Hot then cold..the weather is crazy, but we are so fortunate compared to the South.

    All of your flowers and plants are so pretty. Yes, hosta's are big around here, my house is surrounded by them!

    Have a great holiday weekend. {love the kitties}.


  3. Beautiful flowers and such sweet kitties!

  4. Love all your blooms Melanie including those last two with 4 paws each. :-)

    Hugs from Holland ~


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