Sunday, May 15, 2011

decorating with pillows

I like pretty, decorative pillows for my bed and couch but at a minimum of $20/each, decorating with pillows can get pretty pricey. I'd been eyeballing some white, lacey pillows at HomeGoods last week but due to the price, I held off.

I stopped at my neighborhood thrift shop the other day and lo and behold, I found a couple of lacey pillows - and at only $2.00 each! This white one is my favorite and helps make the bedroom look summery and romantic. (OK, and feminine too, which my husband probably doesn't appreciate. On the other hand, most likely he hasn't even noticed!)

I'd been trying to lighten up the living room by adding lighter-colored pillows to the couch. In the fall and winter, I have plenty of dark green and burgundy pillows. This lacey beige pillow is perfect for the warmer months.

I just have to make sure I leave enough room on the couch for Clem. ;-)


  1. what a score...lucky you!!!! Love the pillows!

  2. Very sweet pillows. I too love decorative pillows.

  3. Very pretty! You seem to have a good thrift store too!


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