Monday, January 3, 2011

it's a start

I have quite a few books. OK, I have a lot. These are the ones that have been piled on the floor in the spare bedroom (which, "one day", will be a guest room/office). I've been waiting until our basement was finished and we got new bookcases before I brought all these books downstairs.

Well, the basement is now finished - but we don't have the new bookcases yet. Hubby and I went to IKEA the other day and we really liked their "Billy" bookcases in black. But, then my "hey-i-have-an-idea-how-we-can-save-some-money" thinking kicked into gear. I thought we could take our old bookcases and spray paint them black. However, hubby pointed out we'd have to wait for warm weather so we could do it outside. And let's face it, in northern Illinois that probably won't be for another four months. And, he also pointed out that he doesn't like the cheap, flimsy fiberboard backing on our bookcases. BUT. We didn't check out the backing of the IKEA bookcases - and I have a feeling it's the flimsy stuff, too.

Sooo...being the rather impatient sort and wanting to get started, we hauled all the books  (umm, I also have 2 bookcases full in the spare bedroom!) downstairs and put them on the bar.

Hubby took one of the old bookcases from the garage and hauled it downstairs for me. I then piled it with at least some of the books.

See? I DID make a dent. There's actually clear spot on the bar!


  1. It looks like they are multiplying! :)

    Won't they be so lovely all arranged and displayed on a nice book case?



  2. You can never have too many bookcases... you made a good start on it!


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