Monday, January 17, 2011

the basement re-do is coming along

 More bookcases are set up...

Love the new IKEA couch, as the material is a thick, soft cotton - and it's actually a slipcover. One of the cats threw up on it the first day (of course!) and it was so easy to take the cover off the cushion, throw it in the washing machine, then let it line dry. The rug that is on the floor is temporary - I realize it doesn't match at all. We haven't purchased a new rug yet and the cement floor is very cold, so this rug will have to do for now.

 The two black side chairs are also from IKEA and have slipcovers. The floor lamp? IKEA again.

In this picture, you can also see a little bit of the black side table. From you-know-where. Besides rugs, we also need to buy some art for the walls and a curtain for the one little window (not pictured) that's down here.



  1. I like the angle in which you have your furniture arranged. I was just saying to a friend today: Why is that a cat always goes to a rug or couch to throw up? All I have from IKEA are candles. But I love what I'm seeing on blogs. The furniture is really pretty!

  2. Cute couch! I just love slipcovers, they make life so much easier :)

  3. Very nice! Your room is coming along so nicely. Cats and sofa/rugs. We have the same problem here. I keep a quilt over my sofa since it doesn't have slipcovers. I like that slipcover idea!!

  4. I do not know that couch (and I know most of IKEA...haha) but I love it. And you bought the tub chairs! I love them and they are sooooo comfy! Great place to escape with a good books which are happily in reach. I would spend lots of time there as where my books are, I am. Hence they are in our living room. :-) Your basement looks fab!

    Hugs from Holland ~

  5. The basement looks great Mel, and so many books! If you hide down there long enough, you can pretend that winter doesn't exist.

  6. Thanks for your comment on my blog....I have no idea where I got those items....It was a few years ago, but it's bound to have been Michael's or Hobby Lobby! The re-do is coming together! All your books are finding homes! Those pillows are so pretty. Don't cats always throw up in the best places? Amos threw up on my husband's pants the other day.


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