Wednesday, November 6, 2019

for today ~ november edition

I haven't done this series in a long time, so thought I'd give it a try again. I hope you enjoy this...and perhaps you'd like to join in if you have a blog.

Looking out my window ~

It's dark, gray, cold and gloomy. That's how November tends to roll around here. Add in the time change where it now gets dark at 4:30 and you have a nice recipe for Seasonal Affective Disorder. This photo was taken yesterday out my living room window when we actually had a rare day with a little bit of sun.

I am thinking ~

That I need to buy one of those light therapy lamps for SAD. On my to-do list!

I am thankful ~

for my yoga community. Not only do we have an amazing yoga teacher, but the people in this class (mostly women; two men) are down-to-earth, friendly, supportive, and humorous. We all talk before and after class, sometimes go out for coffee after class, and join together in community events.

One of my favorite things ~

I found this gorgeous, full-size, vintage quilt (at a bargain price!) this past weekend while treasure-hunting with a friend. I'm not going to be using it in our bedroom as shown in the photo, as it doesn't "go" in this room. Where I'm currently using it is coming up.

I am creating ~

Soup! It's a staple in our house all through fall and winter. Leek and Potato is a favorite and is sooo easy to make. It's incredible how something with just a few ingredients can taste absolutely delicious. Magic and nourishment before your eyes.

3 T. olive oil
3 large leeks, white & pale green parts only, halved lengthwise & thinly sliced
2 large organic Russet or Yukon Gold potatoes, peeled & diced
4-1/2 c. chicken or vegetable broth (if you're using veggie broth, be sure it doesn't contain
tomatoes, as it makes the soup look & taste weird)
2 T. chopped fresh chives, for topping

Heat oil in Dutch oven over medium heat. Add leeks; stir to coat with oil. Cover pot; cook until leeks are tender, stirring often, about 10 minutes. Add potatoes. Cover and cook until potatoes begin to soften, but do not brown, stirring often, about 10 min. Add broth. Bring to a boil. Reduce heat; cover and simmer until veggie are tender, about 30 minutes. Puree soup with a hand blender or in a regular blender until smooth. Thin with additional broth if soup is too thick. Season to taste with salt and pepper. Optional: can stir in a little bit of cream. Garnish with chives and serve.

I am wearing ~

black leggings, turquoise and white striped shirt, gray vest.

I am reading ~

I just finished Olive Kitteridge and give it five stars. One of the best books I've read this year! It's hard to get into at first, and I wasn't sure where the story was going, but then it all came together and I couldn't put the book down. I feel like I personally know Olive (the sign of a great writer when the characters seem real!) and I want to know what's in store for her next. I'm so glad the author, Elizabeth Strout, just published the follow-up book, Olive, Again which I'll be starting tonight.

I am watching ~

The Amazon series, Modern Love

I am hoping ~

That my son's chronic tinnitus gets better. Anyone that has experience with this miserable condition have any suggestions that have worked for them? 

I am learning ~

That our problems are not unique. Sometimes when you're in the middle of something, you feel like you're the only one. But the more you talk to other people, the more you find that others are going through ~ or have gone through ~ the same things. It's all about connection and support.

In my kitchen ~

Like I mentioned before, there's been a lot of soup making going on around here! Yesterday, I made a pot of Minestrone. Tonight, I'm making my famous chili recipe.

Shared quote ~

A moment from my day ~

This room used to be Tim's bedroom. I'm slowly transforming it into an office for Brian. I love the way the sunlight was streaming in the window yesterday morning. (OK, so I'm a day off on this prompt.) That's mine and Brian's baby pictures on the wall. Phil and Tim's baby pictures are on the other side of the curtain. The "new" quilt is on the chair.

Post Script (add a favorite link that you would like to pass along. It can be someone else's website, etsy shop, Instagram feed, Facebook link, OR it can be your own) ~

If you've ever considered starting an art or junk journal, check out Art Journalist. Full of how-to's, free printables, painting and journaling tips, and all sorts of other helpful and creative tidbits.

If you would like to create your own daybook, check here for the guidelines and list of prompts.

Be well, be happy, be peaceful.


  1. Hi Melanie,
    I need to look into a SAD lamp too. Last winter was rough for me.
    I’m sorry about Tim’s tinnitus. Jeff has it too, from shooting artillery before ear protection was used. He says it just makes him feel crazy on the bad days.
    I like the chair with quilt, the cobalt blue bottles and the plants on the sunny table in Brian’s new office. It looks very cheerful

  2. Thank God for sunlight and soup and happy lamps. I am looking into getting one this winter as well.

  3. So many inspiring ideas in your post today! Love that quilt you found and also enjoyed the many views of your home. What a lovely, inviting, warm nest you have created. Thanks for sharing and getting me thinking!!

  4. This was such a lovely cozy post, Melanie. I loved the glimpses into your life...and I need to try the leek and potato soup! I just finished Modern Love and really enjoyed it...maybe they'll do more. Hope you get more sunshine...the time change has been hard for us this year.

  5. What a fun post Melanie! I enjoy reading bits about what my friends are up to...and a good recipe is always appreciated!

  6. Quilts and soup are two of my favorite things about fall and winter. The winter blues are the thing I hate the most. I came here from The Simple Womans Daybook and would love to see you stop by my blog too at God bless

  7. What a treasure you found with that quilt! I do enjoy this format for your posts and I need to glean some hints for myself as I am in a bit of a rut.

  8. I enjoyed reading about the day to day musings of your life. Love that first pic!

  9. I love soup and chili for fall especially with our temps of late. Love that beautiful quilt you found. I loved reading your post today. Happy Thursday.

  10. I love reading Daybook posts of my blog friends! It does reveal a lot about our friends that we only meet online. Your new quilt is lovely, such nice colors in it. It looks so nice by the sunny window in Brian's new office. I believe your soup is almost identical to my favorite Lee Bailey leek and potato soup except that he calls for celery too, something I try to add to any soup I can. You're lucky that Brian likes soup a lot too. RH will eat it but he's more a meat and potatoes on a plate not a bowl kind of man. I could eat soup every day.

    I watched the Olive Kitteridge TV series years ago! Was fascinated by them although I couldn't stand Olive, wanted to shake some good sense, and manners, into her. So are the books depressing? Do they make her seem more likeable than the television series did, if you watched it?

    After having Amazon Prime for nearly a year I finally signed up for the movies this week, thrilled to have some new things after Netflix is beginning to run out of things I enjoy. I haven't tried Modern Love yet, have just been watching movies--the first one was The Bookshop, such great acting. Your white stove makes me wish I'd held out longer for a white one myself since I chose white for my other appliances. So pretty! The quote you shared at the end is one of my favorites, always reminds me that we need to remember that kindness is what we really need.

    Happy weekend to you, Melanie,

  11. So much I love in your post. Love the quote, really jumped out to me so thank you. Your soup looks lovely, we had the same soup this week also.
    I have chronic tinnitus have had it since I was 14 in 39 now, really not nice for anyone. I find the quiet really hurts my ears so either always have low noise playing or place headphones on (not ear phones) I have free white noise apps and apps for tinnitus. Hope that helps.x

  12. Oh I truly enjoyed your post today, Melanie. Loved the picture at the top, with the jug of leaves peeking through the window. And I love the kaleidoscope of colours of your quilt -- so pretty and cheerful. The soup looks yummy, and I see we wear similar things (black and turquoise). Oh my, I love-love that cozy reading nook in the new office. The quilt looks perfect on that comfy looking chair with ottoman. Upon your recommendation, I'll go in search of the two Strout books.

    Wishing you a beautiful day and a wonderful week ahead.

  13. Super post Melanie - covers so much of interest and so well compiled.
    I just need more 'me time' so as to keep up with everyday life - I'm afraid I'm feeling my age lately as life i becoming somewhat challenging at times!

    Stay young my dear and keep sharing your lovely posts. I read them all, even when traveling, but can't always comment.
    Thanks, Mary

  14. Beautiful pictures. Have a happy week. Hugs.

  15. Melanie,

    Sorry I'm late but you know about Peanut. Getting better but still taking care of her.

    I didn't realize it's often cloudy in the cooler months for you. Time change doesn't help either.

    Your soup sounds delicious. I'm not much of a soup eater. I'm thinking maybe a bit more organic potatoes for ours

    I'm going to check your chili recipe too. Thanks for sharing


  16. I enjoyed reading your answers to these prompts! Love your quilt and it's new location. Stay cozy, friend.

  17. I thoroughly enjoyed your Daybook, Melanie. Filled with good stuff. I added Olive Kitteridge to my TBR list. One of those books I've heard good things about and just haven't taken the opportunity to read. I love the yellow glass pitcher in the first photo. With the branches and yellow leaves it looks like sunshine..That quote is one of my favorites. And I have a collage of Dan's, mine and my kids baby pictures in our bedroom. I love the old black and white photos. Hope you are having a good weekend.


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