Wednesday, November 13, 2019

how to make a "faux-yer" when your house doesn't have one

A couple of weeks ago, my friend and I visited a local shop that we enjoy exploring. The owner of the store fills it with all kinds of found vintage treasures, as well as some creative handmade art pieces of her own.

You might remember my "new" quilt from my last post. This was found at the same shop.

The quilt wasn't the only thing I came home with. As we were browsing around...

I came upon this coat rack.

I have been toying with the idea of hanging a coat rack on the wall inside our front door for a long time. I knew I wanted something handmade and/or vintage; not anything from a commercial store. I had looked on Etsy several times and never found anything I really liked. I took measurements of the shelf and went home to measure the space on the wall.

Our house doesn't have a designated foyer. When you walk in the front door, you'e right in the living room. I made this little area right inside the door into a "faux-yer" (you heard it here first, folks) by using a bench where guests could sit down to take off and put on their shoes. Coats always went into the small hallway coat closet, which wasn't a bad thing, but I always thought it would be better to have some kind of coat rack in this space.

I bought this mirror years ago and always liked it and thought it went well in this faux-yer space, but it competed with the large, round mirror above the fireplace. And I love the mirror over the fireplace, so that wasn't moving. Anyway, I measured the wall space for the coat rack and...perfect! Buh-bye round mirror.

Hello coat rack!

Here's a view of my small living room. See the round mirror over the fireplace? Now you can see why the round mirror that was previously in the entryway competed with the fireplace mirror. (That's Monkey in the cat tree and Clementine on the blue chair.)

Looking into the living room from the other side.

There's other changes I want to make in the living room, including new furniture and painting the interior door white ~ but for now, the faux-yer was a good start.


  1. Smiling at the term "faux-yer". Brilliant! The new coat rack is really cute and fits perfectly in it's new home. Hello to the kitties. They look so comfy.

  2. I just love your home so much. It is exactly in person what it is on your blog. Cozy, filled with loving touches, and so special. LOVE.

  3. That coat rack does look just perfect there. Good find! I would like your blue chair! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. The rack is perfect there...creates a wonderful entryway! Love it, Melanie!

  5. As the others have already said, it really looks perfect there. I need something like that inside my front door for coats, etc.

  6. Great new word Melanie! The coat rack looks great there. What did you do with that lovely round mirror? Your home looks so nice and inviting. Have a wonderful holiday season. ~ FlowerLady

  7. It's perfect there. Love seeing your kit-kats at peace too!

  8. Ok girlfriend you are genius. I added you to my fave blog list on my blog and I could get in this way. So when I get a notice you posted I will do it this way. I think you figured out my problem for me. Thank you.

  9. PS I love the new vintage coat hanger. Looks amazing. Love seeing your room. So pretty and cozy.

  10. Your living room is charming. The floors are amazing and the fireplace, too. I noticed the glass pattern in the door and window, they are gorgeous and the unique way you hung the curtain on the door is delightful. I love rooms with personality and you have certainly created that. Adding your new "faux-yer" is like that special little touch, like the cherry on top of the sundae, perfection :) Great finds are the vintage shop . . . I hate cookie cutter decorating, where everything is matchy-matchy and designed to go together. Your home is warm, cozy and inviting. Just the way a "home" should be :)
    In the comment you left on my blog you mentioned how the leaves on dandelions are nutritious. I've been reading about how good they are for you. In fact, when I was a child I remember my grandma having a space in her backyard that was fenced off, it was a place when she encouraged the growth of dandelions. The fence meant no chemicals and no dogs . . . she would cook them into greens. saying that, I also need to say that I have never tasted them, but I have the room to do a dandelion patch and have been thinking about :)
    Wishing you a lovely weekend.
    Connie :)

  11. I love your "faux-yer"!! The decorating and your inventive wordsmith-ing!!

  12. What a great use of space! I've lived in houses with no foyer too, and this is the best idea I've seen. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Love the new word "faux-yer!" Love peeking into your living room, it is as warm and inviting as I'd imagined it to be from all of the little glimpses we've had in the past. That shop looks fabulous.

  14. Brilliant new word, Melanie! I can't believe no one has thought of it yet as it is so perfect. Wish you could sell it to some big time designer and get credit for it.

    That coat rack was just meant to be in your house! I'm so glad it was waiting for you when you returned to the store. The other round mirror is beautiful over your fireplace. I always love the pictures of your living room. All of your rooms always look perfectly styled.

  15. You house is so inviting and warm. Love the new purchases. Enjoy!

  16. That's perfect, Melanie!! My home doesn't have a foyer either....and no room for a bench inside the kitchen door, which is the one we use all the time. Sweetie to the rescue....I had him build me a wall mounted fold up bench so I can sit down to put my boots on!!

  17. Melanie,

    Such a great idea and it looks like you have a foyer now. Loved the title of this post too.



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