Friday, November 2, 2018

hello november

Hello moody skies and beautiful, changing trees ~

Hello filtered sunlight ~

Hello to the outline of the neighbor's maple tree ~

and to the red leaves that are now carpeting the ground ~

Hello vintage hand with the chipped nail polish that I found in a little shop ~

Always a hello to my kitties, especially when they're snuggly ~

(Zippo and Monkey)

I'm not quite ready to say hello to the holidays and Daylight Savings Time, though I know it's all coming...

What are you saying hello to this month?


  1. November is beautiful where you are my friend. Right now it is raining, a cool front coming in so it seems dark and Autumnish out. Tomorrow a high in the 70's then back up to the 80's. I'll take it even though our leaves are green and still on the trees. Have a beautiful weekend.

  2. Oh these fall days are perfect for naps. Zippo and Monkey have the right idea. I am loving all the trees in our neighborhood at peak now. So pretty when you drive down the street. Happy Friday and have a great weekend.

  3. Aww, I think Zippo and Monkey have the right idea. How sweet they are.
    November is looking very pretty around your area.
    As for me, I'm saying hello to the month that will find us moving into our new home.
    Happy November!

  4. Same things that you are and a few projects that are finally finished. Thank. God. lol


  5. Hello to cold days and a fire in the fireplace. Hello to soups and stews and casseroles. Hello to pumpkin pie and apple bars.
    Hoping you have a wonderful weekend, Melanie. Loved this post- xo Diana

  6. Our November here is still full of fall color and 60 degree days. So we are still saying hello to hikes in the woods and fires in the outside fire pit.

  7. Lovely photos, Melanie. I'm saying hello to family coming to town for an early Thanksgiving:)

  8. Snuggly kitties are the best part of fall!!

  9. I'm saying hello to cooler days and nights. Beautiful leaves, birds filling up at the feeders, snuggley cat and wearing a sweater!

  10. Hello to rainy November days punctuated with colored leaves, days that thrill me the way sunny summer days do you, Melanie. And hello to time change Sunday that I would have never change back next spring!

  11. Hello fall and winter with a cat!

  12. First of all I'm ready for one extra hour in my day, even if it's only one day, LOL. I love wearing coats and sweaters and always having lots of pockets when I'm out and about. I'm an outdoor person, but the chilly weather makes being inside seem cozy and gentle on the soul. I don't get that feeling in the Spring and Summer when all that I can think of is being out in the sunshine.
    Wishing you a wonderful November.
    Connie :)

  13. I'm saying hello to cozy nights at home by the fire! Gorgeous pics, and those kitties....too cute!


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