Thursday, September 6, 2018

time flies ~ a lot of little things

It's been awhile since I've posted. Nothing is wrong; just things in life that are taking up a lot of my time lately, where it's hard to find time to sit down and write a blog post. Then I was having phone and computer problems. Long story short, I use OneDrive for my photos and my photos from my phone weren't syncing to my laptop. I obviously need my photos for a blog post. I spent many hours Googling the problem and trying to fix it. Which I think I finally did late last night. However, when I went into my photos in OneDrive today, I found that I couldn't edit them. But all the photos also went into Dropbox and I could edit them there. Sometimes technology can drive one nuts!

Here in the US, last weekend was Labor Day weekend, which signifies the end of summer - though technically, we still have two-and-a-half more weeks to go. I went to a friend's BBQ on Saturday, though we were all crammed into her small house because of the rain. And on Sunday, I went to another friend's house and we were only able to sit outside for a little while (though it was so hot and humid, we were drenched in sweat) until more rain came. Monday, of course - more rain. In fact, the storms were so severe here that we had a tornado warning. I didn't even know there was a warning - I never heard the sirens go off, nor did the weather alert alarm go off on my phone. It wasn't until my mother called me and asked if I was in the basement, that I found out about the warning! It was a short-lived tornado warning this time - the storm passed us quickly with no damage. Driving past houses and cornfields this week, there's standing water all over the place. The Canada geese are having a ball, splashing around in the "ponds" in some of the now-empty cornfields. We only had a couple of light sprinkles today and it looks like dry weather is finally in the forecast for the next week, though much cooler. Fall is on its way, though I'm still in summer mode.

I had a very unpleasant experience with TJ Maxx yesterday....I will start out by saying that I normally like shopping there because of their decent prices and the ability to find women's clothes that aren't the cookie cutter ones from department stores. Last week, I had picked up a few tops and a lightweight zip-up cardigan. I don't try clothes on in the store, so I brought the clothing home, tried them on, and found the cardigan and one top fit. The other two tops needed to go back. I washed the cardigan and the top that fit on the gentle cycle and in cold water. Then I hung both to dry instead of putting them in the dryer so that they wouldn't shrink. I noticed after the top dried, it looked smaller. So I tried it on again, and sure enough, it was very tight. I was angry and disappointed, as I followed the label instructions for washing and drying. Of course, I didn't have the store tags anymore, since I thought I was keeping this shirt. 

I returned to the same TJ Maxx store to return the tops that didn't fit, plus the one that shrunk. I explained to the clerk what happened to the shrunk shirt and why I wanted my money back. She automatically said that because I washed it, I wasn't allowed to return it - period. That the store return policy was even posted on the front door. I could feel myself getting angry, but I remained calm and firmly stated again that I didn't even wear this shirt. That it was not my fault that the shirt shrunk when I followed the exact washing and drying instructions that were on the care label. And this was not a cheap shirt: it was a Michael Kors. At this point a store manager walked over and reiterated what the clerk had said, but that she'd "make an exception this one time." I said to the manager, "I'll even take a store credit instead of you crediting this back to my debit card." While this store manager was talking to me, she never made eye contact with me and the expression on her face was one of annoyance. I was polite enough to thank her. The clerk then said, "I guess it's your lucky day." I bit my tongue but I wanted to say, "Excuse me? Your store is selling defective merchandise; you don't want to accommodate a customer; and you're saying it's my lucky day because a manger 'made an exception' to your awful store rules?!" 

I have returned clothes to Kohls and Burlington where I found problems with them after they were washed and tagless with no problems at either store. No fuss, no hassle. Instead, an apology and my money back. Guess who has lost a clothing customer?!

On to more positive things...

I won a giveaway from Linda at Itsy Bits and Pieces

I love this huge ball of blue and white vintage twine...I think it'd look great under a cloche. And then Linda also included a bag full of all kinds of vintage pieces, bottle caps, Bingo cards, children's flash cards, a hankie with the original Woolworth's tag still on it, a spool of thread, etc. If you're not familiar with Linda's blog, head over and take a look. Her decorating is beautiful; she does some really creative projects and makeovers; and she always comes up with amazing thrift shop finds.

Hope you all have a great weekend!


  1. I know it's been ages since I blogged but I keep hoping I'll get back to it. Glad you won the giveaway, such pretty ephemera! I would be so angry at TJ Maxx also. Clothes are expensive and when you do exactly what the label says and it shrinks, well it should be taken back and money returned. Enough said. Hoping you have a wonderful weekend. I'm hoping for some sunshine and cooler temps! Hugs!

  2. I admire you for staying calm during that store exchange. I'm surprised that TJ Maxx has a policy like that -- that any store would in this day and age. So disappointing! I do like that store, so I'll remember "buyer beware." Your weekend sounds like lots of fun, Melanie. Enjoy!

  3. So glad you liked the giveaway goodies, Melanie!
    Too bad about the customer service issue...whatever happened to trying to please the customer? Must have been very frustrating!
    Pretty early fall photos!

  4. Well, no clothing for me from TJ Maxx. Thanks

  5. Oh Melanie, I hear you about those frustrating tech problems! I have no idea what to do when something goes wrong. My computer hadn't been updated since new in 2012 and I was having all kinds of problems with it. When our son came in this weekend for a visit he spent hours updating it and then more time in walking through the changes with me. After he left I sat down and practiced until I thought my head would explode.

    I'm so glad you and your mother were safe during the tornado warnings! But I'm so sorry about your TJ Maxx experience.

    Oh I love the purple flower behind your Autumn Joy! Is it a coneflower? We're trying to use purple flowers in our garden and I'd love to try that behind our Autumn Joy.

  6. I'm sorry for your horrid experience with the store. I only buy clothes maybe once per year, and always online. However I buy the same things over and over again. I hate clothes shopping. I read that there have been problems with bed bugs with clothing in stores. One of the many reasons I'm happy to shop from home and not deal with people at all. However, I realize that I'm a bit weird and most women like to shop for clothes and makeup and jewelry. Just not me. Customer service is sure not what it once was.

  7. Hi Melanie, More and more stores are forgetting that their customer service is exactly what can make or break a business. If I'm giving you my hard earned money for something I expect it to live up to the quality that the price reflexes or at least treat me with respect and dignity while returning my money. When a store does this, I return again and again, but I'm with you . . . if they don't I stop shopping there. There are many other places to shop, especially in your area. I'm sure just about every town has a mall. Then there is always the internet. Well, I'm sorry to hear about how you were treated and sorry to hear that your rainy and stormy weather is still underway. It sounds like you might be in for an early Autumn season. Your cone flowers are beautiful; I'm sure that has to do with the humidity . . . mine look sad and a bit cooked. I would be happy to take some of your rain and I know that you would be very happy to share.
    Have a sweet week.
    Connie :)

  8. I guess it's your lucky day... lol. I bet it was hard to bite your tongue!
    Sorry about your computer problems.
    Have a great sunday.

  9. I think customer service is becoming a thing of the past. Most of the young people working behind cash registers don't even make eye contact unless you really talk to them. Sorry about the mess. Have a wonderful Sunday.

  10. Customer service policies come from the top down, but there is always wiggle room and there is always room for kindness. I'm sorry that you were not treated better. Seems to be a trend lately, that I hope turns around. And I'm still in summer mode, too!

  11. Uggghh how aggravating! I'm surprised....I have quite a few Michael Kors tops and they have never shrunk when I washed them. Weird!

  12. It seems customer service is lacking in so many stores today.... sorry you had that experience. The lack of professionalism in some places always bothers me too. It's like people have just stopped caring. :-( Hoping you have a great week!



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