Tuesday, August 28, 2018

a little rearranging and reorganizing

It's been hot, muggy and stormy here in Illinois these past few days. Thunderstorms woke me up way too early this morning. I'm also "recovering" from getting a crown at the dentist yesterday. This was my fifth crown and for whatever reason, this one was the worst. Maybe because it was the back bottom molar. My gums and jaw are still a little sore today. I'm eating soft foods...healthy smoothies, scrambled eggs, soup; rinsing with warm salt water; and taking healing supplements ~ which is part of my normal routine, anyway. Then in three weeks, I get to go back to the dentist, have more injections (the dentist told me this was the hardest spot for a dentist to have to inject numbing medication ~ thanks a lot for making my dental phobia even worse, Dr. T!), the temporary crown removed, and the  permanent one put on. Oh well, at least the worst of it is over.

On to better things...our spare bedroom - what used to be Phil's room - is used for my yoga room, a quiet reading spot, doing paperwork, holding extra clothes (in a dresser and in the closet), and corralling my scrapbooking and art journaling supplies. I never liked the look of the plastic storage bins under Phil's memory shelf and the clutter of my yoga supplies in the corner. 

I wanted the plastic bins to go and perhaps put a small dresser underneath Phil's memory shelf instead. I was going to organize the scrapbooking and art supplies in the dresser drawers. But I didn't have a small dresser, so I shopped the house to figure out what else I could do.

This black IKEA cube was in the basement. It used to be in Tim's room when he was away at college, but when he moved back home, he didn't want it in his room. At first, I put this cube in the spare bedroom closet. I thought I could organize some of the art supplies and yoga gear in here.

After moving the cube into the closet (and by this time, I had a lot of things organized in the cube, too), I realized it didn't leave enough room to get into the other side of the closet. And I needed to store the vacuum cleaner in this closet. That would mean having to lift the vacuum cleaner up and over the cube every time I needed to vacuum. Not such a good idea.

I took all the stuff back out of the cube and moved it underneath the memory shelf. Much better! I also removed the garland of heart lights that were hanging from the shelf, which gave this area a neater look. Brian's Crosley record player was also in the basement, so now there's room for that on top of the cube. 

I still have yoga mats and a bolster, and now a basket of my purses in the corner, but once Tim moves into his own apartment (which should be soon), we'll have his bedroom and closet for more storage space.

The plastic bins went into the closet. We don't have doors on this closet, but when the bedroom door is open, it covers the opening to the closet, so you can't see the inside.

And now I have enough room for the vacuum cleaner! (As well as more art supplies and boxes of photos.)

Next organizing project is to clean out my files in the desk drawer, which is the perfect project to work on while I don't feel like going anywhere and it's too hot and humid to work outside.

Have a great week!


  1. Melanie, this is really a great look for your pretty room! I can understand how you want the focus to be on Phil's photographs and not be distracted by plastic bins that are very efficient but better not in that particular spot. It looks like you have good light in the room for your projects and your wonderful plants. And sweet memories.

    I remember us talking about what to do with the vacuum cleaner, so now you have that problem solved. There usually is a solution if we study on it enough, right? And my goodness I'm so sorry you're having to go through all this crown business. I wonder what PR person thought up the name "crown" for it? It's been a few years since I had that done but I remember hating it--I hate that rubber thingy they stretch across the lower teeth during it. And then the injections and those hours afterwards before the numbness wears off. And then there's the bill. Just not what we enjoy, all in all.

  2. I've been in the "move things around" mood too. But I ended up moving everything back because my living room just doesn't accommodate many changes.

  3. This room is awesome Melanie. The light that comes in this room looks fabulous. I have a room like this that is used for different purposes. So being organized is key. I have had 4 implants done in the last few years followed up with crowns. One of my back molars always gives me problems and they keep tweaking it but it seem to never just be normal anymore. Geez!!! It is always something. So I feel your pain on your tooth in the back. Those are the hardest. Sometimes I think it is better if it is in the way back to pull it and let it heal and do not replace a crown. No one sees the missing tooth back there and you do not have to worry about the crown discomfort. You can still eat and function. I am thinking about having my problem back molar pulled if I do not get it to settle down soon. Just frustrating. Hope you have a better week. Those storms we have had are pretty wild. I actually lost two of my flowering pots with the last storm. They were wicked.

  4. Looks great! I’m in the process of moving my sewing things into a previously guest room.

  5. Sometimes just moving things around is the answer! I think the cubby cubes are so versatile, and the plants add so much to a relaxing ambience. Hope you are feeling better real soon, Melanie!

  6. I love seeing how other people organize things, it gives me ideas. Phil's memory corner looks really nice the way you've redone it. Overall your room is so calm and well-lit and inviting. I'm getting the itch to reorganize my little study. I think the change in seasons inspires me to do these kinds of projects, especially fall. Now that I have my scrapbooks caught up, I'm ready to take it on:)

  7. I love the changes. We use dressers and shelves and crates in our closets for storage, too.
    As per usual, the impending change of seasons has me also wanting to move things around.

  8. I think that looks great. I've come to love cubbies and how you can store and hide things in those bins! If it ever cools off I need to get in my craft room and go through all my supplies and organize. Ugh!

  9. Great fix! Those plastic shelves are handy but not the prettiest in the world. I have some too. They're functional that is for sure and certain. Your room looks more relaxing with the cubes . . . that should help when you do your yoga.
    I'm sending good wishes your way for your tooth ordeal . . . the last one that I got was sensitive for weeks, but finally felt normal and I could forget all about it.
    Have a sweet day.
    Connie :)

  10. Oh gosh, Melanie, I feel for you with that crown. It makes me anxious just reading about it :). Hope you are feeling better by now.
    I enjoyed seeing the process of your closet organization. I think you found a great and attractive solution.

  11. Hope the soreness from the new crown has subsided by now. Your organization skills are enviable.

  12. This turned out really nice! I have a big project of organizing and rearranging my office but I've been avoiding it, lol... I walk in...get too stressed and walk out, lol. Funny thing is I really like being neat and organized but this particular task overwhelms me! :-) Have a good night!


  13. Doesn't it feel so good to get spaces organized?? I just love that feeling! I'm overdue for those kinds of projects...I never get to anything like that during gardening season, sigh.

  14. Wow, what a great difference, looks awesome Mel.
    Bet you're anxious to have that extra room to play in soon - but hope Tim is not going too far away!
    Good luck with the dental work - at least the worst part seems to be over.

    I emailed the recipe to you today!
    Mary -


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