Tuesday, July 12, 2016

hanging up my superwoman cape

I am naturally a high-energy person. A doer. I get a lot accomplished during a day. I'm not stating this to "brag" - it's simply the way I am. However, it does come with its downside. It's hard for me to relax. If I sit down, my mind constantly whirls with what I could be accomplishing. 

I haven't had bad back pain in a long time. But for whatever reason, these past couple of weeks, the back pain has reappeared. It's been especially bad the past few days, to the point where I've only accomplished half of what I usually do. 

{my climbing roses}

We are having our son's graduation party here this weekend and there is a lot to get done beforehand. But, guess what? I'm taking off that darn Superwoman cape because pain trumps all. And I've called a truce. I'm accomplishing what I really need to, and the rest can go by the wayside. I'm moving slower...but at least I'm moving.

{chamomile flowers}

I've tried all my usual tricks for back pain (I have three herniated disks, by the way) ~ lots of stretches and gentle yoga; soaking in epsom salts; taking curcumin supplements for inflammation. I don't take ibuprofen or any NSAIDs unless absolutely necessary. (Do a Google search how dangerous these are if you're not aware.)

{hummingbird hawk-moth on phlox)

The good news is that my next door neighbor is a massage therapist. He's excellent - I've had him work on my back once before when I had a pulled muscle and another time when I had a stiff neck and a headache. He told me he can fit me in later today. Relief is on its way!

{Monkey - he knows how to relax}

And more good news: both hubby and son will be home Friday, so they can help out with all the last-minute stuff. I just might stuff that Superwoman cape in the trash bin.


  1. I fully understand. I've suffered with back pain since my twenties. At 30 I had back surgery, that gave me relief for 7 months. No more surgery for me. I have back and neck pain daily, but the yoga stretching twice a day for 19 years now has been the most beneficial because I hate pain pills. Good luck with your back!

  2. It is hard to slow down and let your body heal sometimes. I'm glad you took off that superwoman cape. I'm learning how to say no, I can't do that and mean it!!

  3. Yes, those of us who have experienced severe back pain know we have to rest up to get back to near normal - please do that dear Melanie, nothing is worth making your pain even worse, and with your loving family I know they will help and understand that you cannot be Superwoman every day!

    Hope the massage helps too!
    Love that Monkey.
    Hugs - be well soon - Mary

  4. Ugh. I have been there, Melanie. I know how frustrating it can be when you want to get stuff done and you just can't. I hope you are feeling better soon, so you can enjoy your son's party!

  5. This is probably too much information but when my back acted up I would fill a ziplock bag of ice and put it between my undies and my pants. I would ice it all day. I know you aren't supposed to. Also pool excercise helped. I did finally have a laminectomy, weird name, as a vital nerve was involved. I don't lift more than 10 lbs. unless it is a grand baby. I also stop and rest. Good wishes on your party. I hope your back calms down.

  6. Hugs, Melanie. I'm sorry you're dealing with so much pain. I have occasional sciatica which can get pretty bad at times, but has been a lot better in the past few years since my kids got too big to carry around. When they were younger, it was a real problem. I'm glad you've found some things to help. My husband also takes a curcumin supplement, for eczema on his hands, and it helps a lot. I think it must be a wonder "drug" for inflammatory issues. Take care of yourself and enjoy that party!

  7. So sorry you are down in your back. That is miserable. Hope the massage helps and don't worry - everything will get done.

    Take care!


  8. Weren't you just suggesting I relax...I'm like you though my mind is always racing somewhere.. Glad you'll be seeing you massage therapist next door. I think I'll add cucurmin to my list for my sinusitis, didn't know its anti-inflammatory. I hope you pain is in control soon and you'll be able to enjoy the graduation weekend.

  9. Glad to hear you are taking steps back. I've learned a lot since seeing an ortho surgeon for my back. The PT taught me gentle exercises to do at home...much like yoga but if you want to up it a notch, like Pilates. I got my MRI results today...very bad. 5 herniated discs and a ton of issues I don't understand. Hubby-as an attorney who works with bodily injury simply said..."You have one f***** up back. Gentle exercise, weight loss and then an exercise program that I can tolerate. Thankfully I won't have to have a spinal surgery this way.

    So how did it happen? Age. Doing too much? Only if we feel pain while doing it. Severe Pain? Two days bed rest max and anti-inflammatory meds. More than 10 days, see him. I'm so relieved. I hope you find relief in the long run, Mel.

    Jane x

  10. I'm the exact opposite. I do as little as possible. I ran the rat race for so many years and now I've slowed down -- especially since I quite my job last year. Mostly, I do what I want, which may be nothing at all, even though I really should clean and organize and purge. But I keep putting all that off and opt for things that bring me joy, like crochet ... for a good cause, of course. I've dealt with back pain forever because of my scoliosis so I am very careful how I twist and bend. I know your pain. Hope your neighbor is able to provide some relief. I'm with you with the natural remedies. That's always the first route for me. Take care!

  11. oh I hope that the massage techniques will give you some relief!

  12. Take care of yourself, relax and no, I am sorry, you are not superwoman, but you are a super woman and know that and know that you are the best you can be and that being yourself is all you need to be!

  13. I just had a full body massage last week, with my lady doing deep tissue massage in the area of my back that was giving me pain. That helped so much, even though the muscles where she worked were so sore for a couple of days. :-)

    I've been dealing with plantar fasciitis for the past couple of months and that has put my whole body out of whack. The pain has made me just want to stay in bed some days so that I won't have to be on my feet.

    Natural ways of healing is something I believe in also. Someone just told me about Original Blue Emu Super Strength cream that they have been using, and I've been using that on my feet since Sunday. Me feet felt better yesterday and today. It has lots of great reviews online. Bought mine at Walmart.

    I hope your massage really helps you and oh how nice it is to have a neighbor who is a therapist.

    Don't try to overdo things for the graduation party. I know your place already looks fabulous, because you are always working at it. Just relax and have fun.

    Love & hugs ~ FlowerLady

  14. I hope you will be feeling better very soon, Melanie.

  15. I sure hope this helped you. I used to be Superwoman, but my knee and back problem put an end to that a few years ago. I felt guilty at first, but finally learned that I simply could not do as much as I used to. I had to accept it, because as you said, pain trumps all. I can do so much more with my new knee, but still less than I used to. But then I remember that I am 58 years old, a housewife with no children living at home, and I can slow down if I want to! These are lessons you might need to learn. LOL

  16. I sure hope your back feels better after a massage. We must honor bodies when they send us messages that we are overdoing it mentally and physically. Easy to say, but hard to do, I know. Your pics are wonderful - especially the hummingbird moth -- never seen anything like that!

  17. I hope the massage helped and you were able to get through all the graduation festivities, having a party with a bad back in no fun at all.

  18. I hope by now your neighbour was able to give you some relief. Constant pain is agravating.

  19. Melanie,
    I am sorry that you are having bad back pain. You know when the pain becomes this bad you just need to take it easy. I am glad that you have come to terms with not being superwoman all the time. I know how difficult that is especially when we see things we want to get done.
    I know that since this post you have had your sons graduation party and it looked positively fabulous. Congrats to your son and all that has accomplished!
    I wish him the very best and I am sending healing thoughts your way too.

  20. Having the same problem today and have no idea why. I had such plans for finishing my girl's bathroom today but have moved very slowly instead and that's okay. Hope you found your relief!

  21. I hung up the Super Woman cape years ago! It was the first time I bought cupcakes for one of my children's birthday parties at school.

    Take care of yourself. I ended up with back surgery (a laminectomy of L4 L5) because I was doing way too much each day one summer. Although, the surgery did the trick and I was back to normal in a few months.


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