Wednesday, October 21, 2015

midwest autumn beauty

 My neighbor's maple tree is shouting, "Showtime"! I know this is the grand finale and that the tree will be completely bare in less than a week.

I took advantage of another warm day today by taking a walk in the State Park. I know these last days of October are going to be it as far as nice weather goes...for at least another five loong months. Come along and walk with me in this peaceful park...

The colors in nature this time of year are simply breathtaking. The golden grasses even seem to glow.

And then I came upon red grasses. Love.

Hope you enjoyed the walk in my little part of the world.
 How's the weather by you?


  1. Beautiful fall photos, Melanie! It looks much the same here...and I know we are counting down the nice days, too...

  2. I would just stare at that tree all of October.

  3. Mel,

    Your pictures are breathtaking! Wow. I know the colors change much quicker the further north we are in a great area for the beautiful changes.

    Do you walk alone in the park? I know I sound like a Debbie Downer. My son has forest preserves around him that have a nice amount of walkers, hikers and dog walkers...I like that.

    Keep those pics coming. I've been loving the nice temps and cool breezes! :)

    Jane x

  4. I LOVED the walk in your part of the world, Melanie. I do love fall and all the beautiful colors. I wish it would last longer though...winter is a'coming. xo Diana

  5. Wow, that tree is really pretty. I love the color!!

  6. Gorgeous photos, Melanie. Your neighbor's tree is spectacular!


  7. What a beautiful park Melanie. I love seeing you pretty fall colors.

  8. Oh Melanie! What beautiful pictures! The colors, shapes and textures are wonderful.

    Thank you for sharing.


  9. I never tire of seeing fall photos. You live in a beautiful area with lots of gorgeous color!

  10. Oh how lovely. Wish I could walk along with you. We had a dust storm yesterday and then a few minutes of rain that cleared it all away in the afternoon. Seems nice today, so far. :)

  11. That's an amazing walk you have there, Melanie! How I long for colors like that here.

    Thank you for taking us with you and my goodness your neighbor's tree is a Blue Ribbon winner!

  12. What lovely shots ! I especially enjoyed seeing that milk thistle : )

  13. Melanie,
    Such a lovely walk, and your soul must have soared during your colorful outing.
    Doesn't God paint a beautiful landscape. Thank you for taking us with you, I needed an infusion of nature.

    Oh, it is raining here today, but we desperately need it-so not complaints here.

  14. Your neighbours tree has put on a wonderful show hasn't it! So have all the other trees in your area. It seems to be a good year for autumn colour doesn't it. xx

  15. Your fall colors are awesome and your neighbor's tree is absolutely gorgeous!

  16. Hi Melanie :)

    Gosh, it's beautiful where you live! That neighbor tree is gorgeous.

    It's been really wonderful here the last few days and we finally said goodbye to temperatures here in the 80s about 3 weeks ago. YAY! It was raining for a long time, but the last week it's been sunny and in the 60s and I'm loving it. The trees are barely turning, but it's only a matter of time :)


  17. Stunning photos indeed, greetings!


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