Monday, October 19, 2015

weekend recap and update on FODMAP diet for IBS

Hello! Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Mine was filled with good things ~ a lovely wedding, a library book sale, and a friend's annual Fall Day party. 

 I'm still learning as I go about this FODMAP diet ~ there's a lot to learn, both in reading about this food plan and putting it into practice. But it's all worth it because I am feeling unbelievably better. It's such a relief not to have terrible bloating and stomach pain after every meal, not to mention having to run to the bathroom way too many times every day. And just as a little side note, just from giving up added sugar (no candy, ice cream, or baked goods/desserts) last April and eating a clean, healthy diet plus walking and doing yoga, I've lost another five pounds! (Oh - and Brian lost 10 lbs just from giving up sugar - and he wasn't even particularly overweight. Not fair that men can lose weight that quickly!) I think that makes 10 pounds now that I've lost in a year. I don't own a scale. I go by how my pants fit. I can tell if I've gained or lost a couple of pounds. Anyway, when I was at my friend's Fall Day party, I spied a scale in her bathroom. I weighed myself and my eyes bugged out. I stepped off the scale and back on to make sure I was seeing the correct number. I'm now at the lowest weight I've been since before having children 28 years ago! I almost did a happy dance right there in the bathroom. ;-)

 {a stone's throw from my house, right down the street}

 I wanted to share another resource with those of you who may be interested in the FODMAP diet. It's amazing how many people I've heard from who shared with me that they too, have IBS. It's the FODMAP Life Blog. Here you will find expert advice, health news, resources, foods to avoid, recipes, personal stories, etc.

{neighbor's maple tree which, as of today, is now totally red}

Of course, another biggie with IBS is stress and anxiety. You can be eating all the right foods but if you face a stressful issue (and let's face it ~ that's going to happen) or a situation that causes you anxiety, it can trigger an IBS episode. I'll talk about that at another time.

Here's to your health! 


  1. I would have done the happy dance.

    Glad you are thinner and feeling better.

  2. I'm so glad you're feeling better! And I keep reading about this plan on other blogs too.

    What a lovely table above!

  3. Never heard of FODMAP. For many years I had major bowel issues because I assume I was lactose intolerant just like my dad and Pappaw. There were times I didn't think I'd make it to the bathroom. I can remember it happening as a teenager and well into my 20s. My friends said it's why I stayed so thin. Whatever I ate came right back out again. Somehow after I had kids, it got better. Of course, now I don't eat meat or dairy and do feel better than ever. Every once in a while I'll have major stomach cramps and be in the bathroom for awhile. Not quite sure what causes it but doesn't ever last very long. The cramping I had before was seriously as bad as the pain during childbirth. Glad to hear you are managing your symptoms. I miss the look and feel of Autumn. Just kinda icky here right now. Still warm and a bit humid. Take care, Tammy

  4. Good for you on the weight loss! That's terrific. I understand about men vs women and weight; when we were first married, my husband and I did Weight Watchers together. He had much more weight to lose than I did, granted, but it was hard to see him losing it so fast while I crept along at half a pound (or less) per week. Anyway, I'm glad you're feeling better, that's wonderful to know. I hope you're having a good week so far.

  5. Glad the diet is helping you...and feeling better.

  6. hi ! I have never commented here but I want to share my IBS story. I was diagnosed with IBS in the early 80's. I have years of experience! LO! This past July I thought I was experiencing another IBS episode.
    my main complete was upper abdominal bloating and nausea. No pain. I had a colonoscopy on july 29. Everything was ok with this test. The next day aug 1st the nausea and bloating were over the top. I went into the ER and they did a CT scan and then my world flipped upside down! They found a tumor on the tail of my pancreas!!! I was a healthy 57 yr old lady. I am a widow. My husband died 5 yrs ago from a massive heart attack! My kids both live two hrs away. So here I am fighting for my life! I have 5 chemos so far.
    PLEASE if you have different symptoms from your normal IBS symptoms get a CT scan! Pancreas cancer is a silent killer. By the time the symptoms show themselves the cancer is usually advanced. They rate the scales from 1 to 4. I am a three. two more chemos .... which bring Horrible side effects with horrible mouth sores, fatigue , diarrhea. After I have gone thru 7 chemos total I will head to Indiana university in Indianapolis for surgery. after surgery 3 more chemos. This is one horrible journey. I don't want to scare you but please notice any changes that may appear please get a CT scan of your abdomen. We that suffer from IBS can ignore symptoms and just keep going and think its just IBS. I thought maybe I had an ulcer the day I went into ER. Instead I was hospitalized in the cancer enter immediately. SOO scary!
    I hope I haven't scared you to death but I felt I needed to write and alert you!
    MJ in ft wayne Indiana

  7. I know that you are not following this diet for weight loss, but well done on that. I hope that the diet keeps working well for you. xx

  8. Good news on your diet! It is amazing how we are affected by food, isn't it? I have been on Whole 30 since Oct 1st and the difference in the way I feel is amazing. it takes all sugar, dairy, wheat out of your diet and my achiness is greatly reduced---same things with the gut issues-mine are gone. I haven't weighed myself yet but I bet I am down. xo Diana

  9. Thanks for the another resource Melanie! And congrats on feeling better, that is big news!

  10. I'm trying the same low fodmaps diet as you, tough it's a little difficult to find what I can eat because the French website say very different things and a few words are difficult to translate from English to French, for exemple some cereals like spelt can mean many things in French. I'm going to check the website you say is great.
    I have also lost weight, but for me, it's NOT a good thing.


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