Thursday, October 15, 2015

some outdoor autumn decor

 Every fall near Halloween, I put this pumpkin-on-a-popsicle-stick somewhere in my decor. It's a must: Phil made it when he was in Kindergarten. I'm so glad I kept it.

I'm still photographing my neighbor's maple tree almost every day. The color change is nothing short of brilliant. Unfortunately, we're supposed to get our first freeze Friday night, with temps going down to 28F! I have a feeling the leaves will start falling off shortly after that.

We got this old ladder free from a neighbor who left it curbside. I dragged it out of the garage the other day and decided to use it on the side of the house for visual height. Found the mini mums at Walmart for under $2 each. 

Now that I'm looking closely at this photo, I'm of the mini pumpkins is missing from that tin container. I'm sure a squirrel was the culprit. My marigolds are still hanging in there but looking straggly, I know.

A little unrelated side note: I am feeling fantastic on this low FODMAP diet that I talked about in my last post. It is amazing how quickly this worked for me. I will talk more about it later in another post. Just wanted to give you an update.


  1. Mel...I love the little pumpkin Phil made...I'm sure it makes you smile. And the ladder in your garden is so darn cute. Please...never paint it, it looks so natural and rustic, the way I like. If the squirrels are getting your pumpkins, spray them with some Pledge. Works like magic.

    Def want to hear about your eating plan/diet.

    Jane x

  2. I'm glad you're feeling well, Melanie. That's such good news. I loved seeing your fall decorations, especially Phil's pumpkin. It's very cute. Your neighbor's tree is beautiful, wow. I hope the leaves last through the freeze. It's going to much cooler where I live too. I'm really looking forward to that. I hope you have a great weekend!

  3. love the ladder ... love the pumpkin Phil made ... love your neighbor's tree.

  4. Love the pumpkin, Melanie. I bet it makes you smile whenever you se it. I seriously have to look into that diet. I need to do something. Glad to hear it's working for you. TGIF.

  5. Your fall decor looks great! I love those old wooden ladders, and you have yours decorated so nicely! :)

  6. Good Morning Melanie, I'm so happy that you have that little pumpkin . . . those are the treasures we hold dear to our hearts. Your curbside find is wonderful and looks great in your garden. I guess that little squirrel wanted to decorate her nest, too, LOL. I'm not familiar with that diet, but if you are feeling amazing . . . it must me perfect for you. We have been doing a low carb diet, because of Steve's diabetes. I had to get strict with him about his health and his last doctor's visit proved to him that even though he isn't getting all the food he loves, his health is truly heading in a positive direction. His doctor was so happy. Steve has lost 38 pounds and he was able to decrease his insulin dosage. Things are looking up :)
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Connie :)

  7. What a sweet little pumpkin, a special piece of art!

    I love the little birds on the first top step of your ladder.

    That tree is beautiful! We see nothing like that down here in s.e. FL so it is a real treat to enjoy this changing of the colors through your blog. Thank you.

    Happy Fall ~ FlowerLady

  8. Your neighbours tree is so beautiful isn't it!! A lovely sign for you to look out on to. I expect that it was the squirrel who stole that pumpkin, they are not above taking anything they take a fancy to! xx

  9. Love the old ladder -- and the pumpkin your son made. What a precious memory and a beautiful reminder of the happy times you had with him.

  10. I am enjoying all the beautiful colors in that maple tree. That's one of the things that I love most about this season. That little pumpkin on the stick is so cute. I still have a few things my daughters made, too, but I wish I'd kept more.

    I really love how you used that ladder. It's decorated beautifully... :)

  11. The mapple tree is mesmerizing! Such beautiful colours!

  12. I love your pumpkin special!! Your ladder looks great. I always like some vertical interest myself and love the way you decorated it!

  13. That little pumpkin is precious.

    I just saw a ladder at another blog used as a beautiful Christmas tree. With a barn full of ladders, you'd think I'd be all set, only most of them are metal. I love the way you used your find.

  14. Your neighbor's tree is stunning! And I love that you've kept your son's kindergarten artwork and use it every year in your holiday decorating.

    Bravo for you that the FODMAP diet is working! Many of the foods on that list are foods that I knew aggravated my condition, but some of them don't seem to affect me at all. Isn't it amazing how a few small dietary changes can make such a difference?!


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