Tuesday, June 19, 2012

a party weekend - and that darn fence

 This past Saturday, we had a family party in celebration of my mom's retirement.
We straightened and scrubbed inside, and mowed and swept and power-washed outside.

We got the patio all set up in case anyone wanted to sit outside for awhile - 
despite the 90 degree temps. 
We currently don't have matching patio chairs. We threw away the
matchy-matchy ones last year as they were falling apart ~
and I haven't found what we're looking for (vintage iron) ones yet.
So, in the meantime, cheap, unmatched chairs it is.

Outdoor striped rug is from Wal-Mart.

Remember in my last post, I complained about the neighbor's old, ugly
fence that bordered our property? Some of you said it wasn't that bad.
Well ~ you haven't seen the whole thing.
Take a look at this view where the fence is literally falling over!
In the colder months when the plants aren't there, there is actually
a huge gap underneath the fence. The neighbor can't even let
her dog run free in her yard because of this gap!

Anyway, onto the party girl. Doesn't she look happy and relaxed?
Her little dog, LuLu is so sweet. And, how do you like my quilt?
A very generous friend of ours - an older gentleman from our church -
gave it to my mom, and she gave it to me. This gentleman used
to sleep under this quilt as a child.
I am hoping that when and if I get a twin bed for the spare bedroom/office,
 this quilt will be on the bed.

Some of my lovely family...
From L to R: moi, my aunt by marriage, my mom, and my mom's two sisters (my aunts).

We had a ton of food...Italian beef, Italian sausage, baked beans,
Israeli couscous salad, potato salad, fruit salad, shrimp, chips and salsa,
cookies, ice cream, and sorbet.
Oh - and homemade sangria. Which rocked.
I'm going to make more this coming weekend and I'll be sure to take
a picture - cuz it's so pretty with the fruit floating in it - and post the recipe.


  1. Hi Melanie
    your yard is still very pretty despite the fence and mismatched furniture. Your plants are really lush.
    Yea for your mom retiring. I know you are looking forward to when that time comes for you.

  2. Hi Melanie;
    Wow, what a glorious party for the lucky new retiree! And your yard is so beautiful!! Glad it was a great party, in spite of that rinky-dinky fence! I love your blog, its so homey and comforting. Have a good day. Love and hugs, Nana

  3. I think your yard looks great! I like mismatched. So much more inviting than a set that goes together. I actually have a plastic table with two chairs that looks like iron. Got it here from Ace Hardware. Unfortunately, very hard to keep clean in this environment. Congrats to your mom. You forgot to introduce the little pup she is holding. So cute! Pour me a sangria, please! Have a great rest of the week. Tammy

  4. Congratulations to the retirement girl!! I love your yard. Hopefully when the fence falls, it will not fall on your lovely plants!

  5. That is the cutest little dog! Your tiger lilies are very pretty.

  6. There is your mom looking beautiful as ever! And what a sweet little dog she has.

    Yikes! Okay I give in ... that fence is really falling down. The neighbor needs to at least restake it. Hopefully it will not end up blowing over and ruining any plants on your side. Can you try and put one up on your side to give you privacy and keep it from falling on your side?

    Hugs from Holland ~

  7. What a lovely little oasis!


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