Monday, June 4, 2012

new desk - such a deal!

 Saw this painted, solid-wood desk at a shop by my house
and knew it was perfect for the guest room/office.
It didn't have a price tag, so I asked the store owner about the price.
She said $75. I didn't think that was too bad, but then I realized
I had no way of getting it home. If we had to rent a truck at
Home Depot, that would be another $20. And the shop charged $25 for delivery.
Enter mad negotiating skills.

Since I have Phone Phobia, I had my husband call and ask if they'd take
$75 cash - total. The shop owner said the consignee would go down to $65 for the
desk, but that the delivery people still charged $25. 
I told Hubby fine; I really wanted that desk.
We went into the store and there was now a price tag on it of only $55!
We pointed it out to the shop owner and she said she had to honor that price
(you betcha, tootsie!)

 I was all set to hand over $80 but when she wrote up the bill of sale,
she wrote up the desk for $50!
Sooo...I ended up paying only $75 total.

The cats love to perch on the desk and look out the back window.
Should be interesting when I actually start using the desk.

Here's how the room is looking now.
I'm still hunting for:
  • A round rug
  • Blinds (maybe Roman shades?) 
  • Curtains if not using Roman shades

 I also need to start hanging things on the walls - artwork and shelves -
but that will come in good time.



  1. Mel,

    Pretty desk! And a good deal on top of that! Alas, I think you have already lost it to the kitties!! I have phone phobia at times too. I hate even ordering a pizza!

    Linda in VA

  2. I wish I'd happen upon a sweet little desk like that. And for that glorious price! You're guardian angel must have been with you that day.

  3. Hi Melanie, You found a great little desk and it looks perfect in your room. Thanks for stopping by my blog and your very kind comments.
    I'm happy to be a new follower, Mary Alice

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  5. What a steal on the desk! This is a beautiful room! I know you will enjoy working in it. Obviously, it was meant to be your desk!! I really like shutters in a room and a round rug would be perfect!!

  6. A great bargain. It was meant to come home with you. Have you thought about making Roman blinds? They are the most simple of window treatments to make. In fact, I have to do a blog post about mine since I just made the last one for my bedroom. I want to make them for two small windows in my quilt studio next.

    I love your red chair. It all looks cozy in the room and you will love to linger there.

    Hugs from Holland ~


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