Sunday, June 10, 2012

how my garden grows - and being busy

I'm sure not going to start out by showing you my pitiful vegetable garden.
This year, we only planted two tomato plants and two pepper plants ~
and they're still tiny and not bearing any fruit yet.

Instead, I'll show you my pot of herbs ~ cilantro, dill, rosemary, and thyme...

Tiger lilies that are just starting to bloom...

A potted begonia ~ the color is unbelievable...

And, how about this cool succulent planter? I won it from a local nursery!

I have this planter sitting on an old tree stump on the north side of the house.
I took this picture just a few days ago and already these pink flowers have just about doubled.

Here's a comfrey plant ~ which I fondly call The Plant From Hell! My mom was right:
 it grows like crazy. She gave me a tiny cutting last year and this thing is already a monster.
I think I'll dig it out of the spot where I have it now and plant it on the other side
of the house against the neighbor's old, ugly fence that borders our property.
Might make a good cover-up.

Speaking of ugly fences, you can see part of it in this picture.
The neighbor put this fence up before our house was even built, so it's 
over 25 years old! Part of it is even falling over and yet the neighbor does nothing.
It's such an eye-sore. I'm hoping the part that's falling over finally
collapses soon. That way, she'll either have to put it back up (at least it'll be straight!)
or she'll have to replace it.

My butterfly garden, though not in bloom yet ~

South side of our house where the dreaded fence is. I try to "pretty" the area as best as I can.

I love this old window. It's from an old house down the street. It was sitting out by
the garbage can, so I snagged it.

I can't remember the names of these delicate little flowers,
but I've always loved the combination of yellow and purple.

The vines in this planter are growing like mad!

I'd love to show you my patio area, but it's not set up right now.
We have the table and a couple of (new) chairs shoved up against the house,
as ~ surprise ~ the neighbor's mulberry tree that overhangs the patio-side
of our house is dropping mulberries like a hailstorm.
Happens every year and it drives us nuts. I sweep up a ton of mushy mulberries
every day. Walk on the patio and you get mushed mulberries (jam, anyone?)
 all over the bottom of your shoes. Even worse, the mulberries also attract flies.

We're having a party for my mom at our house next Saturday, so we'll be 
power-washing the patio and setting it up properly (and crossing our fingers
that not too many mulberries fall that day!) I'll be sure to take some pictures.

In the meantime, I've also been working on re-doing my living room with 
help from my cousin whose eye for design is incredible.
We went shopping at IKEA the other day and I bought some new stuff.
To be continued!


  1. Hello Melanie;
    What beautiful flowers and plants you have, I do believe your thumb is green!! I always enjoy your posts, and will try your crockpot meal soon.
    Love to you and yours, Nana.

    1. Hi Nana ~

      I've been enjoying and appreciating your sweet comments, but I don't know how to get in touch with you personally. When I click on your name, it brings me to your blog, but there's no posts, nor an email address.

  2. Your garden looks so fun. Love the little touches of not so average you add. I have started to do the same this year. It's so fun and a little crazy. I went to look for something fun at Hobby Lobby just last week and they are putting out Christmas. Grrrr. It isn't even S U M M E R yet. Ok. Off to have a good day. You do the same.

  3. Lots of pretty things growing there in your garden, enough to keep us from noticing the "ugly" fence. It's not that bad. Believe me. In Michigan, I had to look at an old, rusted chain link fence. Now that's ugly! I'm not sure why clematis doesn't do well for you, but the maxim to use is "Heads in the sun, feet in the shade" Does that help? They like the sun, but to have their roots shaded, so most people plant another smaller plant right at the roots.

  4. Beautiful flowers and plants Melanie. Can't wait to see pictures of the party for your mom. I like your decorations in your garden. I even like the old fence. As Robin said, it is better than a rusty chain link fence!

  5. Your plants are all so pretty! I just recently got around to having live plants in my home for the first time...ever!

  6. Your garden is very pretty. Like Susan, I even like the old fence. It gives a brocante feeling. That is why I also love the old window. Adding things like that to a garden give it a special feeling.

    Don't you just love IKEA? I live 5 minutes from one now and never I however do love going and it is always dangerous...probably why I do NOT go. :-) Looking forward to seeing your room done...

    Hugs from Holland ~

  7. Hello Melanie
    you have wonderful plants in your garden.The deco in your garden is very pretty,i like it.great blog!!
    blesings from germany,regina

  8. Melanie, What a gorgeous garden! Love all your plantings and the unexpected touches like the window you rescued from the garbage truck! The little purple/blue flowers look like Lobelia. I have some growing in my planters on my front porch and also love the contrast they provide with other flowers. Thanks for visiting me, so happy to be now following your delightful blog! :-)


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