Saturday, June 2, 2012

the new painted (but bare) walls

We are finally done cleaning and moving the furniture back into place.
 I decided since we're starting over, why not rearrange things?
Keep in mind ~ these rooms are not nearly finished yet.
I didn't even want to post the pictures because the rooms aren't pretty!

First up is the living room. (Hello, Zippo in the window!)
 The wall color is Cafe Latte from Glidden.
(Note: Some of my paint colors are from Glidden or Martha Stewart Living,
 but I chose Behr brand when I got the paint.)
Instead of having the large sofa on an angle facing the fireplace like it used to be,
I placed it against the long living room wall.
Where the wicker chair is (temporarily), there will be a slipper chair.
I'm still hunting for just the right one. I had a deep red club chair in the living room,
but I moved it into the guest room for now. It took up too much room
in the tiny living room.
Shopping for new curtains, too.

The green pillows on the couch will probably go and I think eventually, 
I will get a new rug. This one's a little dark, especially for the warmer months.
I have no idea what I'm going to hang on the wall above the sofa.

The fireplace wall is now Toasted Oatmeal (Glidden).

The kitchen wall color didn't change much - just a "duskier" shade of blue.
It's called Faded Ink (Martha Stewart Living).
Like the large living room wall, I'm overwhelmed by this large kitchen wall.
One day, we're going to have a big square shape cut out of the wall - like a
pass-through window to the living room - but for now, I gotta decorate it.
I have a collection of hand-painted blue, cream, and brown plates
from Mexico with birds on them, plus a collection of blue and white plates.
I'm thinking of doing some kind of plate collage on this wall.
(That's Clementine under the table.)

I could get as complex as this:

Or do a more traditional arrangement like this:

Decorative plate wall with blue and green plates, from the 2011 Princess Margaret Showhouse

Anyhoo...I've managed to hang one picture in the kitchen on another
kitchen wall. It used to be on the other side of the china cabinet.

Egads, I hate to even show you this photo of the main bath because
it's still ugly. We have picked out a new light fixture, a new toilet,
and porcelain tile for the floor, but we're still waiting on the contractor to write 
up an estimate to install everything. I found the black framed mirror at
HomeGoods in the clearance section (yay!) but we're not hanging it up
until the new light fixture is installed. I'm also shopping for 3 white floating 
shelves for the wall space above the toilet. (IKEA, here I come!)
I forgot the name of this paint color and I can't find the paint chip.
I was going for more of a classic gray, but it turned out to be a gray 
that has blue undertones.

I did find a really cool, colorful towel for this bath at HomeGoods though!

On to the master bedroom. Again, a photo I don't like showing because this
room needs to be totally redone. We've been trying to get rid of the elephant in the
room (AKA, the headboard) but no one wants it! It's a solid oak monstrosity.
It's beautiful - especially at night when you can turn the light on that's underneath 
the top portion and the whole headboard lights up - but it's just way too big for 
our small bedroom. Shopping for new drapes for this room, too.
There's outdated carpeting which will eventually be replaced with hardwood floors.
Paint color on the walls is Heavenly Blue (Martha Stewart Living).
Oh ~ and please ignore the ugly fan by the window. I obviously didn't stage this photo!

The hallway color is the same as the living room color, though it's hard
to tell in this photo. I LOVE my red accent wall!
Glad I took the risk on this one. A dark red is very hard to get just right.
The painter told me it took eight coats of paint!
The color is Red Delicious by Glidden.
Looking for a gold sunburst mirror for this red wall.

Then on to the guest room/office. Another color I am really liking.
This one's Frosted Lemon by Behr.
Miss Clementine had to get into this picture, too. She was following me all around
the house when I took these photos.
As you can see, these windows still need blinds AND curtains.
Lots of work to be done!
Did find a desk today though - an older white, distressed one. It'll be delivered
tomorrow and will go underneath the window to the right.

The only room I didn't show you was the master bath and that's because
it's a rather boring color ~ just a cream (Pip by Martha Stewart Living).
 Since the master bedroom is a bolder shade of blue, I thought it'd be
best for the bathroom wall color to be subdued. And when I saw the name of
the color, I knew it was the right oldest son, Philip who passed away
2+ years nickname for him was Pip.


  1. I love that yellow. I have always loved a warm yellow room. You have made some lovely choices.

  2. I love all your new colors. Isn't it fun to have a fresh new canvas to decorate?

  3. your paint colors are so pleasing, I really like them.
    But I cannot even imagine doing as much as you have done to get to where you are- and I know you will be doing lots more to get it decorated in your great style.
    I think the plate collage will be perfect for that wall.

  4. Everything looks lovely Melanie, and I know how much fun it is to redecorate! I have that same Homegoods towel in my bathroom, only brown. I even found a painting to coordinate with it. Honestly, I wouldn't replace the brown rug, it looks perfect! It if bothers you in summer, roll it up and replace it with a straw mat until the weather cools off. I assume you've tried Craigslist for the elephant in the room? It's so hard to get rid of things like that. They are expensive, high quality items that just no longer have a place in your home. I have a very expensive Stiffel lamp like that, and finally just said "no more" and put it away.

  5. Rearranging things is as fun as mixing and matching of colors. Both, when done creatively, will pose a fresh change to the atmosphere in the house. Also, take good note of the position of the windows, and make full use of them. The secret to a balanced design is light. Keep playing with your imagination!

    -Randell Jeffries


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