Saturday, March 3, 2012

adding a cheerful touch with spring blooms

 Even though the calendar says March, it is still cold and snowy
here in northern IL.
I was at Trader Joes (don't you just love that store?) the other day
and couldn't resist a bouquet of lovely flowers for just $5.99.
Instead of just lumping them all-together in one big vase,
I decided to take the individual flowers 
and disperse the beauty throughout the house.

I love how this one simple red flower adds 
just the right touch to the white pitcher.

And, how this cluster of yellow flowers plays off the blue and white.

 Yellow and red...such a cheery combination.

Even the bathroom gets a fresh touch.

 "Where flowers bloom, so does hope." (Lady Bird Johnson)


  1. Very pretty! Fresh flowers are always so special. Is the single red flower in your kitchen? It would add the perfect accent there.

    I just went to a tulip farm on Saturday and bought a bouquet of pink tulips. They are only 2 euros here which is less than ordering a cup of coffee out in a cafe.

    Hugs from Holland ~

    1. Yes, the red flower is in my kitchen. Actually, all the flowers are except for the purple ones in the bathroom. Pink I bet they are beautiful!

  2. Melanie I love flowers in the bathroom! Loving all of your sweet blooms xo

  3. Your home is lovely, Melanie. Fresh flowers are my favorite! I'm your newest follower, btw:-)

  4. fresh flowers brighten any room! yours look beautiful!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.

  5. Yes, I love that store and usually go for the plants and flowers! Love the red flower in the white pitcher but they all look lovely where you've placed them.

  6. I never keep an entire bouquet together. I always spread the joy around. :) Hope your week is a good one. Tammy

  7. fresh flowers make any room brighter!! You got your moneys worth!!!


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