Monday, January 2, 2012

some new decor for the new year

I'd been looking for tall, skinny, matching lamps for the console table in the living room
for a long time and had checked outall the usual sources -
department stores, big box stores,HomeGoods, TJ Maxx, and different online sites,
  all to no avail. This weekend, however, I was in Hobby Lobby and while
browsing, I spied these two red lamps. At first, I wasn't sure about them
and almost passed them up.
Then I figured I may as well try them, and if they didn't work, I could always return
them, right?
Well, turns out I love them! I think they look perfect.
Who would've thunk?? 
Living room lamps from Hobby Lobby!
Just goes to show you that you have to think outside the box sometimes.

I love the soft glow they emit at night...
And the deep red color of the shades during the day.
Oh - you see that green and gold pitcher and two matching glasses on the top, 
middle of the console table? I had totally forgotten about them. I found them
tucked away in a cabinet down in the basement. They belonged to my grandmother.
I'm assuming they are for some kind of liquor?
I don't know, but they sure are pretty!
I also found this pretty little baker's rack while I was at Hobby Lobby.
It's much more useful (and prettier) than the painted red wooden chair I previously
had in that same space. It holds a lot of my cookbooks.
I plan on updating that little lampshade. I was thinking of hot-gluing a band of
ribbon along the bottom of the shade, maybe with pom-poms.
Any other (simple) ideas?
I also hate that you can see the lamp cord going across the wall. I have this "thing"
about visible cords. Drives me nuts!

I change the plates on the vertical plate rack all the time, depending on my mood, 
the season, a particular holiday, or heck - simply because it's Friday. 
Or I didn't have hormonal night sweats in my sleep the previous night.
Anyhoo, also at Hobby Lobby, I also found the white and black
monogrammed plates. I wanted four of them to use in a typical place setting, 
but they only had three left with the initial "R".
You can't see it in this photo, but I have one other "R" plate at the top of the rack.
I'll go back to Hobby Lobby in a couple of weeks to see if they have any more of these plates in stock.

Here's to new beginnings...even if it's just some household decor for now.


  1. The lamps are perfect, Melanie! Everything looks great. Love the pop of red in your kitchen items. I love Hobby Lobby! Whenever I visit my aunt and cousin in Michigan, we go there and I've always said if I move back and buy a small little house, I will decorate with thrifted items and Hobby Lobby (the prices are so reasonable). Best wishes to you for a great week, Tammy

  2. Love the new lamps! I love black so I think they are perfect and set off the warm red shades so well. The rack is great and is great to house your cookbooks. That R plate is fabulous and looks especially nice set off by the red plates in the plate rack with it. I will remember your philosophy of 'just because it is Friday' when I keep changing things. For now, I am working on my winter decorations today.

    Hugs from Holland ~

  3. Those red lamps are perfect! Wish we had a Hobby Lobby here!! And I love the rack and the initial plate (I'm a sucker for things with initials on them) - and love the bird plates...and want to go shopping with you!!
    Altho I think we would be fighting - LOL!

    Linda in VA

  4. Those lamps are cute! HL has great home decor stuff. Fortunately the closest one is a bit of a drive from me otherwise I'd always be there!

    Love the little baker's rack. It's perfect in that spot and looks like it offers tons of storage. I think your shade would look cute with some red pompom trim glued to the bottom (but then I think everything looks better with pompom trim)!

    Happy New Year!


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